Núria de Jesus Psychology

Angola Núria De Jesus
can speak english and PortugueseGood with computersi am good with kids. Can cleantranslate

I am looking to working at any conpany, that can get me a working permit and will take me to canada.


I am a smart, young lady wishing to change my life. Africa isn’t good especially Angola.


2016/2019 Level 6, psychology. Advanced Diploma at Triumphant College

This is a college recognised and accredited on the NQA ( namibia qualification authorities. I will be graduating on the 16th of May 2019.

2015/2015 Office administration at CITI

Was a 3 month course. Where i learned how to properly work with computers. Database, excel, word etc


2018/2018 Counsellor at Windhoek Central Primary School

Was the best 3 months of my life. Learned so much. Dealing with different people, tribes. Kids have alot of problems too.

2016/2017 Saler at Olympia Swimming Pool

Worked at a kiosk by a very busy pool, for all summer. When open, which was Saturdays and Sundays and on special events

2018/2018 Casher at Ocean Pharmacy

Git this job beore working on the primary school. Had to leave because of school.

2013/2019 Babysitter at Self

Get called to babysit neighbour’s kids, family kids and get payed

2015/2015 Translator at Miguel shuttle

Worked as a translator for a transport company that also provided translation for customers from Angola mostly that would come for medical treatments.