Oscar T. Diongco Food Processing Consultant


Birthday                                               :               January 8, 1948


Birthplace                                           :               Platero, Biñan, Laguna


Home Address                                  :               CRC Biñan Homes, Platero, Biñan, Laguna 4024


Mobile Number                               :               0917-5018324


Status                                                   :               Married with 3 daughters (graduates already)




Elementary                        :               Platero Elementary School

Platero, Biñan, Laguna


Secondary                           :               Lake Shore Educational Institution

Biñan, Laguna




1979 M.S. Food Science at University of the Philippines
1971 B.S. Agricultural Chemistry at University of the Philippies


1976-1982 Part Time Instructor at University of Sto. Tomas

Teaches Food Technology subjects like Meat Processing, Food Engineering, Fruits and Vegetables Processing, and Food Analysis to 3rd and 4th year students.

1972-1983 Instructor at University of the Phiippines

The position is responsible for teaching Dairy Science 135, which is about manufacturing of soft cheese, hard cheese, fresh milk, yogurt and ice cream. At the same handles the UPLB Dairy Processing Plant wherein the products are sold locally. Every year, the position is included to teach as Food and Agricultural Organization Trainer for participants coming from different Asian countries like India, Myanmar, Thailand and etc.

1984 Production Manager at Alban Jeddah

The position is responsible for the production of dairy products like Laban, yogurt, fresh milk in tetra pack and ice cream.

1985-1986 R & D Manager at Purefoods

The position handles the development, testing and actual implementation of the trial run and first commercial run emulsion-based products like hotdog, salami, meat loaf etc. Hotdog comprises 90% of the total production and during that time, the company produces 30 tons of hotdogs per day. The department also sets the margin for every developed most often based on the available materials in the inventory but maintaining the parameters for the product and also the margin. The least cost formulation program has been implemented to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

1986-1990 Manufacturing Manager at International Flavors and Fragrances

The position is responsible to the production of food and non-food flavors to be supplied to different companies. It oversees also the buying of other ingredients locally and importing base chemicals from the IFF companies worldwide.

The position also initiates the improvement of the production set-up to make it more efficient, less expensive, less labor dependent and safe to employees. The section recommends and implements improvement on the process as long as the specifications of the concerned products are met.

1990-1994 R & D Manager at Magnolia

Responsible for administering 5 staff / officers working on a product development, formulation improvement, material substitution, packaging, process of dairy products like ice cream in containers, popsicles, ice cream bars etc. This department works on flavour of the month of the ice cream and the listing is one year in and trainings. The company received 1 Grand Gold Medal and 2 Gold Medals. The recognition was given in Amsterdam.

1990-1994 Manufacturing Manager at Red Ribbon

Responsible for the daily products required by the stores. Raw materials required are exploded to be given to the Purchasing Department not to have out-of-stocks ingredients. I also initiated the acquisition of a machine called “Mondomix Aerator” for mixing different cake formulations, which require different levels of air. The machine is faster, requires only 2-3 people, air level required are achieved electronically versus ordinary cake mixer, which requires one person per mixer. The volume output of the machine is 5-7 times bigger.

1996-2008 Plant Manager / R & D Manager at Goldilocks Food Processing Plant

In-charge of the food processing plant wherein products for the food shop are manufactured and delivered to stores on a daily basis. The plant is treated as a source of revenue or a business unit. The plant has monthly sales revenue of Php 17 – 18M per month with a net profit starting from 5% then 7%, 8%, 9% at 2001, the net profit is 10.4%, Engineering, QAD, Production and Administration Staff reports to the Plant Manager.

In-charge of the product development, process improvement, formulation improvement, quality improvement for the food shop division of the company. From the short-lived products, the product shelf life from 3 days to 1 week then to months and recently, the department introduced the retortable pouch concept, which has a shelf life of 1 year. Products launched are Lechon Paksiw, Bopis, Laing and Dinuguan and soon, new products are expected to be launched on the first quarter of 2008 like Meatless Laing, Kare-kare paste and Dinuguan sauce mix. The staffs aside from sending them to officers went to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia to expand their knowledge technically. Involved also on store development for food shop-cake shops together with marketing and store operations.

2008-2013 Sales Consultant at Baker's Fair & Food Mart Inc.

Advises the company on how to improve their daily sales for their 24 stores. Conduct monthly seminars and monitor the progress.

2014-2016 Product Development Consultant at Kai-Anya Foods, Inc.

Train R&D officers on how to develop and improve their existing new products. Help them to establish processes and equipment set-up designed for small production.