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Seeking a position in a rapidly expanding telecommunications company where technical knowledge and skills can be applied to enhance the company operations.


I am an experienced professional with over 25 years of excellent knowledge in the field of telecommunications systems.  Vast knowledge and experience in switching, fiber optic and copper cabling architecture. Set effective priorities to achieve immediate and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines. Highly developed interpersonal and personnel management skills as a result of having dealt with a diversity of professionals and staff members.


Title: Telephone Services, Assistant Manager                                                         02/2018-PRESENT



·         Assisting the manager in our daily task

·         Coordinating with other departments under the instruction of the manager

·         Compiling all reports that have to be checked on a daily basis

·         Maintain communication with all the personnel in the annex (ISP and OSP)



Title: Telephone Services, Assistant Manager                                                         01/2017-02/2018

Centerra-Parsons Pacific LLC, Diego Garcia


·         Assisting the manager in our daily task

·         Coordinating with other departments under the instruction of the manager

·         Compiling all reports that have to be checked on a daily basis

·         Maintain communication with all the personnel in the annex (ISP and OSP)


Title:  Telephone Services Supervisor                                                                 04/2007-01/2017

Centerra-Parsons Pacific LLC, Diego Garcia


·         Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Base Telephone Exchange and Outside Plant Infrastructures.

·         Supervised the daily operation of the End Office Switch, preventive maintenance, and other related equipment interfacing with End Office Switch (EOS).

·         Maintained spare parts for the DMS-100 telephone switch.

·         Ensured the procurement of direct materials for performance such as critical spare parts, bench stocks / consumable items and direct cost materials.

·         Maintained and monitors the database record for the spare parts for the inside plant and outside plant.

·         Supervise the inside plant (ISP) maintenance / repairs of fiber multiplexer / DSX terminals, T1 circuits, and other networks interface to the EOS, maintain system office record and Defense Switch Network (DSN) logbooks.

·         Coordinated with the customers in support of (T1) trunk troubleshooting, repairs and quality checks.

·         Provided technical support and information to switch technician in technical aspects of the DSN EOS switch.

·         Supervised for the maintenance of the Outside Plant infrastructures (aerial cables, telephone maintenance holes and telephone pedestals).

·         Worked as network administration for CAIRS call billing system management and provides report to the Base Communications Office (BCO-N2) as required by the contract.

Ensured all newly assigned personnel were trained with all equipment assigned to the department.
Title:  Premise Switch Technician                                                                              04/2002-02/2007

DG21, Diego Garcia


·         Responsible for the operation and administration of Nortel DMS-100 telephone switch and programs.

·         Maintained the Meridian SL-100 Switching system, implemented translation changes, updates additions and deletions for trunk routing, customer service orders and patch implementation.

·         Maintained, troubleshoot and performed maintenance service on the SL-100.

·          Performed preventive maintenance on the other system, repairs printers, switchboard and other related equipment interfacing with the system.

·         Installed and maintained Fiber Mux/DSX terminals, T1 Circuits, crash phone network, system office records and Defense Switch Network logbooks.

·         Coordinated with NCTAMS Diego Garcia, Fort Buckner Technical Control Facilities and NCTAMS EOS Guam, for trunk troubleshooting, repair and quality checks.

·         Analyzed switch alarms using switch logs and diagnostic test and reports.

·         Maintained information database on switch tables, telephone subscriber, trunks, and revision messages (included fiber optic and metallic cable transmission systems, placed, spliced and tested fiber optic and category 5 cable within various buildings, Maintain database record of switch spare parts.

·         Responsible for the administration of CAIRS database programs, assist frame technician in responding telephone complaints, and dispatching installer/repairman.


Title:  Main Distribution Frame (MDF)/Records/Telephone Trouble Desk Tech/              08/1999-12/2002

Outside Plant/Fiber Optic Tech Supervisor

DG21, Diego Garcia


Responsible for the telephone maintenance and the repair of telephone instruments, receives and logs telephone trouble calls, dispatches repair personnel for system check-out and repairs.
Coordinated with outside plant (OSP) technicians for cable troubleshooting and installation of new lines.
Performed maintenance on the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), blower fan, filters, stationary batteries, chargers and inverters, prepare and dispatch work request to outside plant technicians.
Kept records and track man-hours on all IDIQ and Minor Service Work Orders.
Title: Lead man, OSP (Outside Plant)                                                                             01/1997-08/1999

BJS, Diego Garcia


Responsible for the day-to-day planning, assigning, directing and reviewing the work of the telephone technicians, and telephone cable splicer, installs, operates, maintains and repairs inside plant and outside plants fiber optics and copper cables.
Proficient with the use of multi-meters, toners, clickers butt set, Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) and cable locator.
Maintains, test, repairs telephone instruments, installs service wires inside and outside the buildings, ensures cable and line assignments are identified and tagged.
Maintained liaison with telephone shop supply in all matters pertaining stocks of spare parts and maintains assigned vehicles, tool and test service equipment.
Ensured components and instruments are available for service.
·         Installs, troubleshoots, and repairs telecommunications equipment, data/voice/CATV cabling including computer, telephone copper and fiber optic cable, and installs/programs and moves telephones.

·         Responds to telephone trouble desk calls, repairs and resolves telecommunication problems. On call 24/7.

·         Maintain documents and secures all telecom closets/equipment rooms to include labelling telephone or cabling equipment.

·         Performs a wide range of services, from basic repairs to full installation.

·         Utilizes customer service skills to ensure phone systems are configured and programmed according to customer needs.

·         Performs tests and inspections on cable communication systems to ensure circuit and system quality.

·         Coordinates and supervises team member activities in the construction, installation, and recovery of cable and wire communications systems and auxiliary equipment.

·         Coordinates remote trunking operations with Switching Central Office personnel.

·         Interprets and updates line route maps and overlays.

·         Checks and performs maintenance on wire and cable systems and associated communications equipment.

·         Ensures PMCS and maintenance functions are performed in accordance with published schedules.

·         This profession has some inherent dangers, such as working in confined spaces and sometimes extreme weather.

·         Coordinates with the lead man on matters concerning splicing practices and procedures.

·         Communicates with BCO and supervisor on workload status in order to meet designated goals.

·         Maintains customer rapport by listening to and resolving concerns and answering questions.

·         Promotes a safe work environment in all areas by practicing good housekeeping and adhering to codes, standards, and legal regulations.

Coordinates team logistic requirements.

Diploma, Central Luzon Institute of Technology, Olongapo City, PI, Electronics Service Technician, 1986


BICSI ITS Installer 1, Tampa, FL, 07/2014

Fiber Optic Installer, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 08/2012

SL 100, ISDN Maintenance, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 04/2003

SL 100, Nortel Switch, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 06/2002

Category 5 UTP.LAN Installation and Certification, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 10/1999

Fiber Optic Connectorization and Splicing, Diego Garcia, BIOT 10/1999

Hazardous Waste Management/Operation Basic Course, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 02/1999

Respiratory Technician Refresher Training, Diego Garcia, BIOT, 02/1999