Pablo P. Gerada Drug Rehabilitation Consultan

Iloilo City, Philippines

Pablo P. Gerada

Jalaud Norte, Zarraga

Iloilo, 5004 / Cel#.09123789076

[email protected]







l  A dynamic trained psychologist for illegal drug dependent users for guidance and counseling. The main task is to re-establishing self-confidence and new hopes for the clients that will make them transcend from the bondage of addiction.

l  A college Faculty/Professor offering a wealth of knowledge in the development and implementation of educational technology tools and applications in the classroom.

l  Personable education Professional driven to inspire students to achive personal and academic success.

l  Motivating and talented faculty/ professor drive to inspire students to pursue academic and personal excellence, strives to create a challenging and engaging learning enviroment in which studets become life-long scholars and learners.



Ø  Accmplished researcher in Theology/Religious Studies

Ø  Inspiring Lecturer

Ø  Engaging Public Speaker

Ø  Committed to cultivating students leadership

Ø  Innovative Thinker

Ø  Natural leader



n Contributing Author to “The Filpino Popular Religiosity in the Light of Augustines’ Christology” delvered during the 6th Colloqium on Students and Faculty Researches of the Graduate School Department at the University of San Agustin-Iloilo.


Work Experienced:


Psychologist/Team Leader                                                                                                                                                    08/2016- Current

Iloilo City Gov’t                                                                                                                                                         Iloilo City


l  Confronted and moved with compassion helping the clients to get out from the misery of their life condition.

l  Allowing the various aid of intervention as part of the process to help the client realizes the importance of the City Government Program on drug rehabilitation.



Faculty/Professor                                                                                                                                          06/2013 – 04/2016

University of san Agustin                                                                                                                                           Iloilo


l  Challenged and motivated students through in depth lectures and discussions.

l  Inspired students to translate the academic interests into the real world by taking

positive actions.

l  Maintained a teaching load to 24-27 undergraduate courses ech semester.




Faculty/Professor                                                                                                                                          06/2013 – 10/2013

University of Iloilo                                                                                                                                         Iloilo


l  Empasized the importance of academic, honesty with students and instructed them on proper citation of reseach sources.

l  Stablished course websites to make updated handouts and other resources

available to students at all times.



Religious and Seminary Formation                                                                                     5/2003 – 10/2012

OAD Tabor Hill, Talamban, Cebu City                                                                                                                      Cebu


l  Enhanced in the Community Organizing particul to children, youth, and adults recipients.





Master’s Degree:                   M.A. Religious Studies                                                          2006-2012

University of San Agustin                                                                                                                              Iloilo, Philippines


l  Presenter/Speaker Writing Thesis approved, last March 2014, during the 6th Colloquium on Students and faculty Researches held at the president’s conference room, (PCR).

l  Presenter/Speaker during the celebration of Augustinian Week celebration: symposium series “On Truth” held at the College of Law lecture room of the University San Agustin.

l  Presenter/Speaker 1st Iloilo Philsophical Association Conference, on December 2013 held at St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary, Jaro Iloilo.



Theological and Canonical Study: Theology                                                          2006-2010

Sta. Monica Institute of Religious Studies                                                                             Cebu, Philippines


l  President Student Body Organization,                                                                            2009-2010

l  Over-all Committee Chairman, Inter – Religious Sports Fest,    2009-2010




Bachelor of Arts: AB Philosophy                                                                               2004-2006

University of San Jose-Recoletos                                                                                                       Cebu, Philippines


l  Awareness on Reproductive Health Law, seminar for College Students and University Faculty., 2005-2006

l  Member : Philosophical Society, University of San jose – Recoletos, 2004-2006


Civic Affiliation                                                   2014 up to present

l  Secretary: Jalaud Norte Farmers Association

l  Member: Farmers Association of the Municipality of Zarraga


Skills and Talents                                                                                                                                          2004 up to present


l  Musical Stage Director on various promotional talents in Cebu and Iloilo

l  Musical Trainor on various choir groups in Iloilo, Cebu, Ormoc, Naval and Indonesia

l  Musical coach on various pop and classical contests in Iloilo and Cebu


Seminar and Trainings Conducted                                                                                     2013 up to present


l  Motivational Speaker: Goldilocks Employees in Western Visayas.

l  Resource Speaker: HIV quarterly in-put and meeting, Holiday Inn, Iloilo City

l  Recollection Master: Knights of Columbus, Btac. Nuevo Iloilo

l  Recollection Master: Catechist Annual Recollection, Oton Parish Iloio

l  Recollection Master: Parish Organization of St. Monica Parish, Oton Iloilo

l  Recollection Master: Various Section of the University of San Agustin Iloilo students


Character References


1. Rev. Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA             University President  2012- Current

Universty of San Agustin, Iloilo


2. Atty. Florecita Gelvezon                                       Lawyer/Accountant                  1984-Current

Gelvezon, Law & Accounting

Firm Iloilo, City


3. Hon. Michael B. Gorrecita                                   Municipal Mayor                              2012-Current

Municipality of