Perolina T. Bugna Nursing Aid

Data wncoder

Dear Sir / Madam :

I am miss Perolina T. Bugna, I am 46 yrs.old but still young lookin and capable of doing my job. I live in Philippines Negros Occidental Province.

I am really interested and willing to apply for the job you offer in your site. And to pursue my dreams to work of what courses I taken. And to impart my ability to work in other country and to countryman.

I really thank you and  appreciate your kindness and sincerity about what the job you offer in your site.

Respectfully yours,

Perolina T  Bugna


2008-2009. Massage therapy at TESDA

Combination of shatsu

1998-1999 Nursing aid at Tantocsing Hospital, Novena Singapore

Know how to take care of the comatose patients.


1994-1996 Data encoder. at Roberto Panes

Encoding file’s, time cards, deduction.etc.