phillip pablico veterinarian


Dear Sir/Madam

I am a diploma holder in veterinary medicine from the school of veterinary medicine in Philippines. I obtained in diploma in the year 2009 and since then i have 5 years experience in the veterinary services. My experience amount to spaying neutering bone pinning wound repair entropion amputation laparotomy cesarean section and other minor surgery and for large animal are breeding/mating (artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis),milking,calf rearing,detecting animal health and estrous detection fencing feeding, pasture management,shedding,shed set up and hygiene. i am also government registered certified (VBAIT) village based artificial insemination technician in (PCC) Philippine Carabao Center.

My resume that highlights my ability/knowledge/expertise in small and large animal handling and veterinary service and healthcare is enclosed. During my current job elite veterinary clinic in Saudi, I was able to succeed,save money and time and improve my skills in small and large animal practice.

i am capable of contributing of almost to the work place and assure honestly and loyalty, have an ear to listen and follow the instruction very well. ability to communicate and asset people. have a self motivation, fast learner,willing to share and apply my skills and most of all willing to contribute my maximum to your company and the same time willing to gather more experience through hard work.


2014 to 2017 veterinary nurse at elite art company
2010 to 213 veterinarian 1 at government sector