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Prabin Rai
Mob- +974-30905428
Ramada signal, Darwish Holding
Doha, Qatar.

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Skype ID: Pravinkoyu13

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Creative and business-savvy Supply Chain inventory and Communications Professional with 10 years of progressive experience across a broad range of warehouse inventory functions and varied industry segments. Proven ability to combine vision, ingenuity and strong warehouse inventory acumen with well-developed project management and leadership qualities to support go-to-inventory efforts. To contribute outstanding correspondence career skills and strong commitment to be achieved the goal of your organization in management environment.
Looking for challenging institute where I can develop my career, and find an interactive environment to enhance my skills and experience and get a lead position and intelligent future.
Areas of expertise include:-

Ø     Strategic Stock Planning

Ø     Project Management

Ø     Campaign Management

Ø     Stock Reconciliation and Replacement

Ø     Public Speaking & Presentations

Ø     Higher Management Relationship

Ø     Stock Take Management

Ø    Warehouse Inventory Communications

Ø    Team Building & Leadership

Ø    Verbal/Written Communication

Ø    Warehouse Management System (WMS, ERP, EBS…)

Ø    Warehouse SOP and KPI’s


Personal  Profile

Father Name                                                                        :               Lal Kiran Rai

Date of birth                                                                         :               09 Jun 1988

Sex                                                                                         :               Male

Marital status                                                                       :               Single

Passport Number                                                                 :               08270032

Language                                                                              :               English, Nepali, Hindi, (extent)

Driving license                                                                      :               Qatari Driving license (2018-2023)

Excellent Computer skills, Ability to lead the team, Self-confidence, Good behavior, Good team player.


Professional Work History

Company Name                  -Darwish Holding, Doha, Qatar

Work Period                          -Jun 2017 – Present

Designation                           -Inventory Controller (Finance)

Operating System                – Oracle/Orion

Country                                 -Qatar
Depart- Inventory / Finance

Ø  Oversee inventories ‘Preparing, organizing, executing & adjusting ‘

Ø  Monthly committees to discuss ‘Shrinkage, Possible causes, new procedure & plans to control it.

Ø  Random weekly count (by brands) to keep close follow up on stocks.

Ø  Follow up Damaged and discontinued goods on monthly basis to keep stock clean and updated.

Ø  Track and investigate any missing items in order to avoid negative stocks and prevent shrinkage.

Ø  Follow up warehouse and storage areas to ensure the healthy receiving and storing for goods.

Ø  Inventories’ analysis in order to discover the possible shrink causes.

Ø  Follow up credit notes with supplier to close it and remove/write-off all damaged goods.

Ø  Maintain/check Quality Control especially for cosmetic and pharmacy section stock.

Ø  Continuously works with Management to pursue strategies to improve inventory accuracy and increase facility productivity.

Ø  Helps identify training needs and assists in training or coaching staff to improve employees’ inventory management skills

Company Name                  -Abu Issa Holding, Blue Salon, AL shad, Doha

Work Period                          -May 2015 – Jun 2017

Designation                           -Stock Controller (Finance)

Operating System                -ERP Oracle/WMS

Country                                 -Qatar
Depart- Asset / Finance

Ø  Reporting directly to Asset controller supervisor and manager.

Ø  Plans and execute daily inventory or cycle count activity and manages staff, process inventory document.

Ø  Handles all incoming and outgoing correspondence as well as justification for any damage or any discrepancy.

Ø  Posting of manual invoices to the system Using Supply Chain System (ERP).

Ø  Coordinate with FMCG team to inspect any return stock for destruction as per approval.

Ø  Maintain harmonious working relationship with Suppliers/Vendors within the buying parameters set by the business.

Ø  Follow up with QCC team to make sure food stock are kept in best quality and inspect destruction stock.


Company Name                          -MH Al Shaya Group (Logix) Jafza, Jebel Ali FZ, Dubai

Work Period                                -Jun 2012 – May 2015

Designation                                   -Warehouse operative/Inventory assistant (Supply Chain)

Operating System                        -WMS with ILS

Country                                         -UAE
Depart- Inventory Management
Ø  Responsible for planning and controlling all daily operation activity.

Ø  Keep updating to management about warehouse Stock level, condition and inbound, outbound report.

Ø  Selecting space for storage and arranging Put away, Picking, receiving good to be placed in the designated Areas.

Ø  Prepare schedule of cycle count and stock take, Updating cycle count report, stock take report to the Finance manager.

Ø  Supervising the work of junior staff, knowledge of ILS, WMS RF Scanner and conveyor system moving belt system.

Ø  Accurately updating all data into computer and manual recording systems.

Ø  Coordinates with warehouse employees engaged in receiving, tagging, Put away, packing, and shipping inventory such warehouse operation activities.

ü  Achieve star of the month award by MH Al Shaya warehouse in honor of honesty and productive staff.


Company name                  -Laxmi Store (local business)

Designation                           -Store keeper (Operation)

Work Period                          -March 2007 to Jun 2012

Country                                 -Kathmandu, Nepal
Job Responsibilities
Ø  Comprehensive understanding of a store activity (Inbound and outbound).

Ø  Checking stock Expire date & damage while receiving and receive according to bill & invoice/GTN.

Ø  Issue goods as per Invoice/Bill/GTN and maintain LIFO & FIFO system.

Ø  Keep stock take report and necessary inventory report.

Ø  Prepare justification report for any discrepancy and request to adjustment and write-off to damage stock for disposal.

Ø  Receives and inspects all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders; processes and
distributes documentation with purchase orders; reports, documents and tracks damages and
discrepancies on orders received.

Education Qualifications
ü  School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

ü  Computer basic course and advance course completed as well as e-mail internet.

ü  Warehouse management system (WMS,ERP and EBS)

Additional Skills
Ø   Reporting, Good Communication, Planning and organization, Effective Decision Making etc.

Ø    Good Knowledge of Warehouse Management System (WMS/ILS/ERP)

Ø    Good experience of customer service and logistics management system.

I ensure that the above detail is true to the best of my knowledge. I will be responsible for any clarification whenever necessary.

Thank you and looking forward for your favorable reply.


Best Regards
Prabin Rai

Mobile Number: – +97430905428

E-Mail:- [email protected]

Skype: – Pravinkoyu13 (Any Video conference)