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United Arab Emirates
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Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
 Residential Address: Al Jaffiliya, Dubai -UAE
 Mobile: +971 523358761
 Date of Birth: 29 December 1988
 Nationality: Indian
 Marital Status Married
 Personal mail ID: [email protected]
 Passport H4817089 valid till 2019
 To expose the best of my ability and to intake the best from the corporate world and make myself to be a part in each and every testing and business process.
 3.10 years of experience in Healthcare testing which includes experience in Membership, Claims, Provider and Payer domains
 Effective communication skills and record for coordination between globally located teams
 Thorough Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC/STLC), involved in various phases like Requirements, Analysis/Design, Development and Testing Test Plans, Test Strategy, Scenario identification, Test case preparation, RTM, Test execution, Defect Management, QA Exit document/ Signoff, Build verification, Smoke, Production Verification Testing, Lessons learned, and Metrics for Daily status reporting to measure testing effectiveness
 Possess hands on experience in EDI transactions like 837, 835, 834, ICD-9/ICD-10 codes testing, ITS claims processing, Membership and applications like Facets, WGS Claims, EDIFECS, and SBC
 Exposure to HealthCare domain – regulatory compliances like ICD10, HIX, 4010, 5010 and Clearinghouse
 Good analytical skills and experienced in supporting business processes
 Hands-on experience with Defect Management tools like Rational Clear Quest and test management tool like Rational Quality Manager tool, HP ALM,
 Experienced in web testing service using SOAP UI tool.
 Dedicated, enthusiastic and project-oriented team player, with excellent communication, interpersonal, time management, multitasking and presentation skills
Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
 Client interaction for new and maintenance projects
 Understanding requirements and design effectively
 Understanding and escalating change needs
 Well organized and detail oriented
 Meet team, project and group objectives while maintaining a sound technical focus
 Ability to execute analytical & programming skills, to deliver accurate deliverable on schedule
 “Spot award” for the month of July 2013
 “Associate of the month” December 2013 and “Associate of the quarter” of 2014
 “Pillar of the month” award for the month of Feb 2014
 “Great job speeding through Hard Work Boulevard with a GREEN light! Success was achieved last night as we pushed our first large release of 2015 into production – one of the smoothest to date! So once again, congratulations on another job, very well done. Each and every one of you continues to take every challenge thrown at us in stride; it is through your innovative mindsets that we are continually able to push as much into production for the business as possible. This team’s high-performance capabilities is a tribute to all of you, both personally and professionally”- Client appreciation received.
 “These were very good issues your team has brought up – This is what I suggest Great work! Thank you!”- Client appreciations. CAREER PROFILE:
 Worked as Associate-Projects with Cognizant Technology Solutions
Client/Account Name
Programmer Analyst Trainee
December 2012
March 2012
4 Months
Programmer Analyst
April 2013
February 2015
22 Months
Programmer Analyst
March 2015
December 2015
9 Months
January 2016
21st October 2016
10 Months
Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
MTech Biotechnology @ Kumaraguru College of Technology (2010-2012).
BTech Biotechnology @ Bharathidasan Institute of Technology (2006-2010).
Technical Certifications
 ISTQB software testing-Internal Certification
 AHM-Health care Certification
 Software Level 0-Internal Certification
Training Undergone
 Manual Testing
 Automation Testing Basics
 EDI claims
Trainings Conducted
 Facets Membership, Claims module
 EDI Transactions
 Summary of Benefit Coverage
Technical Skills
Operating Systems
Windows 98, XP.
Testing concepts
Testing levels,testing types.
Quality Center, IBM Rational Clear Quest, Rational Quality Management, SOAP UI
Functional Testing
Mainframe testing, web portal, EDI, ITS Claims processing, Facets claims, Membership testing.
Domain Skills:
 Vast Knowledge on Payer System processing
Functional Skills:
 Requirement Management
 Knowledge Management
 Configuration Management
 Test & Defect Management
Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
Behavioral Skills:
 Effective Communication
 Client Focus
 Managing Change
 Execution Excellence
Project# 1:
Client: US based Healthcare client-BCBSNC QA.
Duration: March 2015- October 2016
Client Description:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is a fully taxed, not-for-profit company that has served its customers since 1933 by offering health insurance at a competitive price and serving the people of North Carolina by supporting community organizations, programs and events that promote good health. BCBSNC offers the largest provider network of any health insurer in North Carolina. The network size gives us a competitive advantage in the North Carolina health care marketplace.
Role: Overall as a Tester, Team Lead, TDC (Test Delivery Centre) Management Role.
1.1 Project – UCD (Uniform Coverage Document)
Role: SIT (Functional and Regression Testing) – Team Member
Team Size: 4
Project Description:
Beginning in September 2012, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) required all health insurance issuers offering health insurance coverage to provide applicants, enrollees and policyholders or certificate holders with an accurate summary of benefits and coverage. Federal law requires this document (Uniform Coverage Documents) so consumers will find it easier to compare policies and understand their coverage.
This project will leverage existing applications and technology in order to provide the 3 new documents (Glossary of Health Insurance and Medical Terms, Summary of Coverage and Coverage Examples) which will be triggered at point of sale, enrollment and renewal.
1.2 Project- ITS claims
Role: SIT (Functional and Regression Testing) – Team Lead
Team Size-2
Project Description:
The Inter-plan Teleprocessing System (ITS) was created to aid in the processing and payment of claims sent from a HOST Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan (the provider of services) to a subscriber’s
Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
HOME Plan (the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Plan that maintains the subscriber’s contract). ITS currently supports Institutional Inpatient, Institutional Outpatient and Professional claims.
 The HOME Plan is the plan that holds the patient’s benefits and eligibility
 The HOST Plan is the local plan in the state where services were rendered and where the provider is located
1.3 Project- Enterprise service testing
Role: SIT (Functional and Regression Testing) – Team Lead
Team Size-4
Project Description:
Enterprise service team mainly deals with Members, Provider, Group and benefit packages in Both FACETS and LEGACY system and ensure Interface process completes its flow through calls and reaches the consumer with the appropriate output through SOAP UI Testing tool
Roles and Responsibility:
 Gathering the Testing Requirement from clients by interacting during the walkthrough
 Implementing their expectation in Test plans, Test scenario Design and Test case Design
 Perform Regression Testing to make sure that existing functionality is working fine
 Coordinating with other teams and implementing the Test Execution in a smoother way
 Defect Retesting is done on a need basis, to make sure that final deliverable as defect free
 At the Test closure stage, Interact with clients to make sure that the project is Quality assurance
1.3 Project- Web Application testing
Role: SIT (Functional and Regression Testing)
Team Size-4
Project Description:
The Project was based on three different applications which includes Employer portal, Member portal, Broker portal. Usability testing, Compatibility and Database testing were performed. Mobile testing was performed in both native apps and web apps.
Roles and Responsibility:
 In the planning and preparation phases, analysing, reviewing and assessing requirements and design specifications.
 Assisted to set up the test environments or assist system administration and network management staff in doing so.
 As test execution begins, Implementation of tests in the test environment were done.
 Involved in tester execution and logging the tests, evaluating the results and documentation of problems found.
Preethi Ravi [email protected]
+971 523358761
 Monitored the testing and the test environment, often using tools and gather performance metrics.
 Involved in reviewing each other’s work, including test specifications, defect reports and test results throughout the testing life cycle.
Project# 2:
Client: US based Healthcare client- WellPoint.
Duration: April 2013- Feb 2015
Role: SIT & UAT (Functional and Regression Testing) – Team Member and for two projects played a role as a Test lead.
Team Size: 15
Projects Handled: Benefit Testing, NY End to End Testing, 2015 National Migration, NY Encounter Feed and various SSCR’s.
Client Description:
WellPoint is one of the nation’s largest US health benefits companies, with nearly 36 million members in its affiliated health plans and nearly 68 million individuals served through its subsidiaries. WellPoint was formed in 1992 to operate Blue Cross of California’s managed care business. In 1993, Blue Cross of California spun off its managed care business into a separate publicly traded entity, WellPoint Health Networks Inc. In 1996, Blue Cross of California completed the conversion of all its business to for-profit status, resulting in a restructuring that designated WellPoint Health Networks Inc. as the parent organization.
Anthem, Inc. grew out of two Indianapolis-based corporations formed in 1944 and 1946 as mutual insurance companies. Those two companies were created to provide health insurance to residents of Indiana as Blue Cross of Indiana and Blue Shield of Indiana. They eventually merged to form Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana. In October 2001, Anthem demutualized and conducted an initial public offering of common stock
Project Description:
Performing UAT & SIT functional testing and make the product defect free. The team is responsible
For gathering requirement to Test closure.
Roles and Responsibility:
 Gathering the Testing Requirement from clients by interacting during the walkthrough
 Implementing their expectation in Test plans, Test scenario Design and Test case Design
 Perform Regression Testing to make sure that existing functionality is working fine
 Coordinating with other teams and implementing the Test Execution in a smoother way
 Defect Retesting is done on a need basis, to make sure that final deliverable as defect free
 At the Test closure stage, Interact with clients to make sure that the project is Quality Assured


2010-2012 M. Tech at Kumaraguru College of Teachnology


2012-2016 Test Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions