Priyanka Ravindra Trader and Associate Portfolio Manager


Priyanka Ravindra
7 Ardouin, Gatineau QC J8Y5B8 . email: [email protected] . phone: 1 613 804 8882


University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Master’s in Economics
Sept 2014-Aug 2015
Cumulative GPA: 9.42/10
Major Research Paper: Extension of Shapley Index for organizations

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Level 3 Candidate
Jul 2013 – Present

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Bachelor’s in Mathematics
Sept 2006 – May 2010
Dean’s list 2006 & Trek Excellence Scholarship

Exponent Investment Management, Ottawa, ON
Trader and Associate Portfolio Manager
Oct 2015 – Nov 2018

• Designed, developed and implemented an equity block trading system in VBA to buy and allocate positions based on investment mandate, cash balances, foreign exchange reserves and tax efficiency
• Manage block trades and trade allocation. Executed an average of 8 trades a month each valued approximately at 3 million CAD using the above system
• Designed, developed and implemented a block covered call system in VBA to buy positions based on investment mandate and sell calls on existing and new positions
• Manage block options trading – covered calls and short puts. Executed 10 trades a day at two custodians
• Assisted the organization in achieving a growth rate of 30% per annum for Assets Under Management (AUM)
• Assist in reviewing portfolios and manage rebalancing
• Collaborated in designing the client on boarding portal with a team of developers
• Oversee new account openings (registered, non-registered, corporate & estate)
• Oversee client accounts by coordinating with custodians – NBCN and Credential
• Performance reporting on all mandates by developing composite lists
• Support Financial Planning – personal, corporations and trusts
• Client Servicing
• Support Research
• Support Marketing
• Support HR
• Support Compliance – yearly audits
• Support Billings and Accounting

Campus Support, Vancouver, BC
Marketing Analyst
Jul 2012 – Apr 2014
• Designed, developed and implemented a tracking system to align and consolidate PPC, SEO and Web portal results with campus budgets. Past conversion metrics such as leads to enrolments ratio and enrolments to starts ratio were used as a baseline to predict required leads on a daily basis for a 4 month window. Variance to budget and ending trend for over 80 programs in 32 campuses identified key areas for improvement
• The new system increased targeting efficiency and led to an increase in lead quality by a minimum of 20% for each of the 32 campuses. In several cases, targeting efficiency increased by more than 40%
• Studied population and location demographics to determine the most efficient location for upcoming campuses based on income levels, education and population density; FSA’s within a 15 mile radius of each potential location were analyzed to determine the profitability of the new venture.
• Generated and analyzed reports in all aspects of performance, costs and conversions for upper management, with emphasis on PPC (Google, Facebook and Bing) and SEO efforts
• Assisted the VP of Marketing in the preparation of the yearly marketing budget
• Designed, developed and implemented a work-order system to automate the flow of information to third-party marketing channels
• Conducted third-party work-order audits to ensure compliance with private education marketing standards
• Managed and resolved technical difficulties with the Customer Relation Management (CRM) system for all end users

Room 8 Design, Vancouver, BC
Accounting Consultant
Jun 2012 – Apr 2014
• Managed AR, AP, GST/HST and PST returns for the import and sale of high-end Italian kitchens
• Managed in-house payroll, T4 creation and assisted in year end
• Reorganized the accounting system and reduced time to sales tax filing by 90 days

Bocci Design and Manufacturing, Vancouver, BC
Operations Accountant/Inventory Analyst
Jan 2011 – Jun 2012
• Designed, developed and implemented the company’s first inventory system to facilitate future forecasts. The new system tracked input inventory and identified critical time frames for reorder based on current sales and product transfers to our Berlin and American warehouse. Efforts led to strong inventory control and increase in operational efficiency by guaranteeing sufficient supply to meet increased demand for high-end chandeliers
• Managed Accounts Receivable and warehouse dispatches to North America, South America, Asia and Australia for over 250 dealer networks
• Managed Accounts Payable, purchasing of raw materials and tracked input inventory at our glass blowing studios located in Vancouver and Portland.
• Coordinated production and shipping of custom and standard designs to various markets
• Analyzed and assisted in the preparation of financial statements, year end, HST/GST and VAT returns

National Bank Financial,Vancouver, BC
Part-time Student Computer/ Administrator Operator
Jul 2009-Feb 2010
Managed the Bill Good Marketing database and facilitated the distribution of financial letters to clients and prospects


University of Ottawa Economics Department , Ottawa, ON
Economics Teaching Assistant for Econometrics 3151 (Undergraduate level)
Jun 2015-Aug 2015
• Conducted STATA tutorials focused on regressions, dummy variables and tests of significance
• Invigilated and graded examinations and assignments

University of British Columbia Mathematics Department, Vancouver, BC
Mathematics Teaching & Research Assistant
Sept 2007- Jul 2010
• Assisted Dr. Ailana Fraser as a research assistant by providing weekly presentations in Differential Equations
• Conducted tutorials, graded assignments and examinations for undergraduate level mathematics courses
TA Assignments include:
1. Sep-Dec 2007 – MATH 180 (Differential Calculus) – Marker
2. Jan-Apr 2008 – MATH 152 (Linear Systems) – Marker
3. July-Aug 2008 – MATH 105 (Integral Calculus) – Marker and Tutor
4. Sep-Dec 2008 – MATH 221 (Matrix Algebra) – Marker
5. June-July 2009 – MATH 257 (Partial Differential Equations) – Marker and Tutor
6. Jan-Apr 2010 – MATH 101 (Integral Calculus) – Marker


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Oct 2008 – Aug 2009
• Participated in one-to-one meetings with the elderly residents through the Beauty Group program
• Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences: Graded a math contest aimed at promoting mathematical skills among children from grades 5 to 8


• Mac and Windows operating systems
• Proficiency in MS Office , Excel(VBA), Google Adwords & Analytics, QuickBooks, Account Edge, New Views (Dos and Windows), ADP and Ceridian payroll solutions
• Proficiency in STATA (advanced), Latex and General Algebraic Modelling Systems (GAMS)
• Proficiency with financial planning software – Vision Systems
• Proficiency with portfolio management software – Ndex Systems
• Experience with Java programming and software development


Completed coursework at the Master’s level:
• Core requirements: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics
• Elective requirements: Public Economics, Economic Development and Applied General Equilibrium
• Major Research Paper (Supervisor Prof. Roland Pongou): The Shapley value is a unique compensation scheme that distributes the total surplus generated by a coalition of workers. We extend this concept to an environment where workers can choose to contribute a different quantity of hours from a finite list of two or more alternatives and uniquely characterize the new value using three axioms: symmetry, efficiency and strong monotonicity.