Queenie Biron Registered Nurse


▪ To obtain a position where I can maximize my organizational and interpersonal skills, and knowledge that will allow me to grow personally and professionally.
▪ To enhance my career, offer and share my knowledge and skills to serve humanity in return for the excellent trainings and experiences, personal advancement and professional growth.
▪ To look for a Registered Nurse position where extensive healthcare experience and skills will be fully utilized to provide quality health care to patients and maximize the effectiveness of healthcare facility.

Professional Regulation Association of Nursing Service
Commission (PRC) Administrators of the Philippines
Manila City, Philippines Manila City, Philippines
License # 0633658 Card # 10-058117
Valid Until: 11/04/2022

Asian Hospital and Medical Center PNA #: 2018-021771 Muntinlupa City, Philippines


University of Perpetual Help System – DALTA
Las Pinas City, Philippines
SY: 2006 – 2010
· Secondary Education Saint Vincent de Paul Montessori
and Science High School
Laguna, Philippines
SY: 2002 – 2006
· Primary Education Saint Vincent de Paul Montessori
and Science High School
Laguna, Philippines
SY: 1996 – 2002

Asian Hospital and Medical Center is a tertiary hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious accrediting body for health care organizations.
Asian Hospital is a part of the Metro Pacific Hospital Group, a group of hospitals managed by the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), the local unit of the First Pacific Group headed by Manuel V. Pangilinan.
With 289-bed capacity, the hospital has a total floor area of 44,147 square meters and stands on a 17,250-square meter campus which houses the Main Hospital and the Medical Office Building (MOB). It has 1,041 employees and 1,000 medical staff; all trained to provide high quality and compassionate patient care. Over 500 doctors hold their clinics at the MOB, which has 145 clinics and offices.

November 06, 2018 – June 30, 2019 RESOURCE NURSE, PEDIATRIC
2205 Civic Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
1780 Metro Manila, Philippines

The Pediatric Resource Nurse serves as the Senior Staff Nurse that oversees the whole unit that ensures continuity of care through communication with appropriate hospital and medical staff, and assist the nursing team in achieving the hospital’s mission, vision, core values, and the patient-centered total healing environment culture in all aspects of work. In the absence of the Assistant Manager, the Resource Nurse coordinates with Nurse Supervisor or Shift Supervisor on-duty, or whoever is available.

Staff Management…
• Makes an appropriate schedule by equal distribution of staff according to level of competency and submits it on time. To properly allocates staff and their corresponding schedule per shift.
• Adjust staffing patterns according to census and plans on proper nurse patient ratio according to level of acuity of care.
• Reports to Assistant Manager staff attendance and punctuality.
Staff Development…
• Aids effective communication in the unit by posting announcements the communication board.
• Consistently coaches, mentors and acts on situational leadership.
• Ensures that role modeling is consistently applied.
• Calendars staff evaluation in coordination with the staff educators.

Workplace Management…
• Maintains efficient operation of the unit by adhering to department policies, procedures, collaborates with its revisions and counsel staff on how to adhere to it. To have a standardized system within the unit.
• Enhances effective communication of the unit by initiating at least one unit meeting per month, follows up on timely submission of minutes, and posts it in the communication board. To update the staff of the unit’s performance and to reinforce the Program of the Institution.
• Ensures that every shift huddle is being done and documented to facilitate cascade of informations.
• Accountable to appropriate and reasonable delegation of task to staff and makes a timely follow-up. To entrust responsibility to Nurses of all ranks.
• Observes safety of patients and unit personnel.
• Ensures good housekeeping of the unit.
• Efficiently monitors medical equipment and supply use to meet patient needs.
• Coordinates transfer of patients to other Nursing Unit and to the Shift Supervisor to facilitate appropriate bed management.
• Manipulates medical equipment in the General Nursing Unit depending on area of exposure such as the infusion pumps, feeding pumps and PCA pumps.
• Monitors adherence to policies such as family conferences, bio-ethics referrals, changes in scores of fall risk monitoring etc. To ensure patient’s status are being referred for proper screening and evaluation.
• Monitors completion of chart and documents it in the quality monitoring tool to ensure that all pertinent data are documented.
• Monitors safekeeping of on hand High Alert Medications and Narcotics. To ensure such medications are being administered safely.
• Ensures that the physical setting or total environment of the unit contribute to a safe, efficient patient care. To help in delivering an atmosphere suitable for rest and recuperation.
Customer Service Management and Quality Improvement…
• Facilitates on the smooth flow of unit operations, immediately attends to patient concerns and ensures feedback is acted on. To immediately respond to patient’s inquiries and proper escalation if needed.
• Schedules incidents needing root cause analysis (RCA), oversees and evaluates quality improvement projects. To prevent repetition of such noted events.
• Assists in the development of quality indicators for patient care in their respective unit and facilitates development, implementation and evaluation of solutions to opportunities for improvement.

• Reports/documents timely unit incidences, plan on intervention as approved by the Department Manager and evaluate solutions. To readily remedy variances and incidences occurred in the Unit.
• Conducts and participates in committee meetings and facilitates active staff participation. To update the staff of the unit performance and to reinforce the Institutions Program/Policies.
• Adheres with the six (6) IPSG standards for patient safety.
Other Responsibilities…
• Acts as safety officer of the unit, ensuring a safe environment including access to evacuate areas, and during exigencies, reassures patient and family of situation. To ensure unit security at all times.
• Responds to emergencies, mass casualty incidents, codes and deaths in order to ensure and coordinate appropriate nursing response. To deliver urgent care.
• Delivers patient care at bedside when needed. To augment staffing.
• Maintains constant clinical exposure through actual intervention, coordination of patient care, role modeling, consulting, problem-solving. To ensure patients safety and proper referral system.
• Participates in Magnet, Quality Improvement and Safety-related activities. To provide quality care to all patients.
• Performs all other duties as assigned by the Assistant Manager.
• In the absence of the Assistant Manager, the Supervisor on duty will visit all patients for discharge. To oversee the units performance.

August 17, 2015 – November 06, 2018 PEDIATRIC STAFF NURSE
2205 Civic Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
1780 Metro Manila, Philippines

The Pediatric Staff Nurse demonstrates comprehensive and accurate knowledge and skills in providing excellent and quality care that is responsive to individual and group circumstances and environment. He/she coordinates and implements patient care specific to the diagnosis and age of the patient population served on the assigned units and ensures that standard of care is provided in an efficient and safe manner, consistent with the hospital policies and procedures. He/she demonstrates performance consistent with the mission, philosophy and goals of the unit and organization; remains flexible to changing systems; is expected to demonstrate quality and effectiveness in work habits and clinical practice; and treats staff, zphysicians, patients and families with consideration and respect.

Patient admission…
▪ Exhibits compliance on admission (direct/ER) whether medical management or preparation for surgery including accurate orientation (physical set-up/hospital policies) and posting of diagnostic test.
▪ Validates demographics and verifies allergies.
▪ Collaborates with team members in informing necessary department and attending physician of admission at real time.
Patient assessment and diagnosis…
▪ Conducts accurate comprehensive assessment of the patient from head-to-toe including the vital signs and health screening activities to accurately diagnose the patient.
Patient planning…
▪ Formulates nursing care plan by documenting accurate patient assessment and identified nursing diagnosis, plan objectives, therapeutic interventions done (independent and collaborative), and measurable expected outcome.
Patient clinical intervention…
▪ Monitors and perform basic clinical nursing skills which are validated by Staff Educator, Charge Nurse, Resource Nurse or other Nursing Supervisors. Refer to competency guidelines for patient care staff nurse.
Patient education…
▪ All patients were given all the right and appropriate instructions and rationale about the procedure and related educational materials including home instructions.
▪ Utilizes effective communication strategies by using Procedure-Expectations-Reassurance-Understanding (PERU) in explaining nursing procedures that are appropriate to the developmental stage of the patient.
▪ All patients were given all the rights and appropriate instructions and rationale about the procedure and related educational materials including home instructions.
Therapeutic coaching and counselling…
▪ All patients were thoroughly evaluated, were given follow-up schedules for check-up and were re-evaluated on time.
▪ Assisted the patient in regaining a sense of control and active participation in recovery.
Patient discharge and follow-up…
▪ Initial assessment and re-assessment notes and/or discharge instructions were furnished on time.
▪ Coordinates and reviews process and systems to facilitate quality and smooth flow of discharge process.

April 25, 2011 – May 25, 2015 OPS REPORTING ANALYST
AIG Shared Services – Business Processing, Inc.
G/F iHub2 Building, North Bridgeway Avenue, Northgate
Cyberzone, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781

▪ Review auditable Worker’s Compensation bills from medical providers and make appropriate pricing recommendations based on policies, state guidelines, provider contracts, adjuster instructions and other relevant factors.
▪ Validate certain billed procedure codes by reviewing content of medical reports and documentation, and recommend an appropriate code if necessary.
▪ Collaborate with internal and external partners to ensure that all bills are appropriately entered and priced in the system.
▪ Demonstrate willingness to ensure that customer needs (both internal and external) are met, manage expectations and establish goals with the customer in mind, and follow up on customer needs and monitor satisfaction.
▪ Nurse Code Reviewer are tasked to validate certain billed procedure codes by reviewing content of medical reports and documentation, and recommend an appropriate code if necessary.
▪ Review/analyze the medical documentation submitted and determine if it meets the level of care/service billed.
▪ Interprets, analyzes, compares, and differentiates data and information from two or more sources.

▪ 04/2019 Leadership Toolkit
▪ 03/2019 Nurse Supervisor Training Program
▪ 09/2018 Charge Nurse Training
▪ 08/2018 Wound Care
▪ 01/2018 Advance Life Support
▪ 05/2017 Lactation Management Training
▪ 03/2017 Essential Pain Management Workshop
▪ 03/2017 Bbraun Infusomat Training
▪ 12/2016 2016 Annual Skills Validation
▪ 09/2016 JCIA Frontliner
▪ 04/05/2016 Assertive Communication Workshop
▪ 23/02/2016 Fluids and Electrolytes Management in Elderly Patients
▪ 16/02/2016 Infusion Therapy for Children
▪ 09/02/2016 Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Patient with Dengue
▪ 12/11/2016 Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
▪ 11/11/2015 Basic EKG Interpretation
▪ 28/09/2015 Infusomat Space P Basic Handling and Operation Training
▪ 15/09/2015 Safety Culture Program 2 “Facility Management and Safety”
▪ 14/09/2015 Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
▪ 11/09/2015 ABC’s of Customer Service
▪ 09/09/2015 Safety Culture Program 1 “Occupational Safety and Health”
▪ 08/09/2015 Hospital Orientation Program
▪ 01/09/2015 Basic Competency Program
▪ 19/08/2015 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
▪ 06/03/2015 Standards of Professional Care in Intravenous Therapy
▪ 05/03/2015 Fluid Management in Major Burn Injuries
▪ 07/2015 Care for the Injured and Sick
▪ 07/2010 Home Nursing: Mother and Baby Care
▪ 07/2010 Disaster Nursing
▪ 07/2010 Orientation on Red Cross Movement and Basics of
International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
▪ 07/2010 Standard First Aid Training
▪ 01/2010 Seminar on: “Ethico-Legal Aspect of Professional Nursing
and Updates in Medical-Surgical Nursing”
▪ 09/2009 Nursing Updates: Challenging Ideas in Psychiatric Nursing
▪ 09/2009 2009 International Nursing Lecture Seminar Entitled:
“Clients Safety, Security and Privacy Requirements in Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice: A Seminar Workshop for Nursing Students and New Professionals”

▪ Date of Birth : April 11, 1989
▪ Place of Birth : Lumban, Laguna
▪ Age : 30 years old
▪ Civil Status : Single
▪ Nationality : Filipino
▪ Religion : Born Again Christian
▪ Height : 150 cm
▪ Weight : 48 kg

▪ Good time management skills, flexible on shifting schedules.
▪ Excellent understanding of medical terminology and transcription.
▪ Good communication skills (written and oral).
▪ Able to operate Special Medical Equipment/Machines: Defibrillator, Nebulizer, Hospira Infusion Pump, Bbraun Infusion Pump, Suction Apparatus, Thermoscan, Cardiac Monitor, Syringe Pump, CBG machine, Oxygen apparatus, PCA pump.

• Neuro: Epilepsy, Benign Febrile Convulsion, Complex Febrile Convulsion, Bacterial Meningitis, Hydrocephalus, post-craniotomy, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder
• Gastro: Acute Gastroenteritis, Non-Ulcerative Dyspepsia, Ileus, GERD, Typhoid Fever, Intussusception, Amoebiasis, Functional constipation
• Cardio: Kawasaki disease, Tetralogy of Fallot, Ventricular Septal Defect, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Congenital Heart Defect
• Respi: Pneumonia, Bronchial Asthma in Acute Exacerbation, Tuberculosis, Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infection, Bronchiolitis
• Urinary: Urinary Tract Infection, Acute Glomerulonephritis, Acute Pyelonephritis
• Infectious: Measles, Varicella, Systemic Viral Illness, Acute Viral Illness, MRSA
• Skin: Steven Johnsons Syndrome, Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome, Atopic Dermatitis, Cellulitis, Hand Foot Mouth Disease
• Onco: Leukemia (ALL & AML), Teratoma, Wilms Tumor, Neuroblastoma, Hepatoblastoma

• Hema: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), Anemia, Thalassemia, Dengue Fever Syndrome
• Surgery: Acute Appendicitis, Lacerated Wounds, Burns
• ENT: Acute Tonsillopharyngitis, Laryngomalacia, Tracheostomy patient, Otitis Media and Externa, Lymphadenitis
• Ortho: Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, Fractures

Asian Hospital and Medical Center Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Resource Nurse Nurse Supervisor
Laguna, Philippines Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Contact #: 0945-503-5379 Contact #: 0977-825-9046

Asian Hospital and Medical Center Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Resource Nurse Resource Nurse
Muntinlupa City, Philippines Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Contact #: 0927-837–3421 Contact #: 0995-928-0153

I hereby certify that the above informations are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.

Nurse Applicant