Rajkaran Singh Student

Regina, Canada
Fluent englishhave done Food Safety course(Know danger associated with food)matureOrganizedProblem SolverProfessionalwell-versed technologically

Rajkaran Singh

3829 Green Moss Bay, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4V 1P7
Phone: 1-306-515-1034  Fax: 1-306-515-1034  E-Mail: [email protected]

Respectful freshman student at the University of Regina. Seeking to harden and practice real-world skills as well as aid your organization.

Coachman Motor Inn(2016-2017)
–  Worked at the front/main desk at the Coachman Inn Motel, only during daytimes on weekends

–  Typically retrieved keys in the morning from vacating customers and asked them about their stay

–  Marked down which rooms were available and which were not

–  Reported any problems or issues to the owner of the motel unless provided the necessary resources to diffuse the situation

–  Vacuumed/Dusted the main office and kept it tidy and organized

–  Volunteered at Extendicare several times and worked alongside senior citizens

–  Assisted in overseeing and executing games like bingo

–  Moved around chairs/tables in order to set up events and provided water cups to those who were thirsty

Elementary School and High School(2005-2017)
Completed grades 1-8 at Henry Braun Elementary School and graduated with the highest grade point average among males. Completed grades 9-12 at Campbell Collegiate and earned a graduation scholarship with an average exceeding 90%.

Completed my first two semesters of University enrolled in a Bachelor of Science for Psychology. Received grades deemed adequate to be placed on the Dean’s list. Looking to continue University for the next 3 years and then pursue medicine.

I am extremely fluent in English as I was born in Regina and have been raised here for the span of my entire life. I understand the danger associated with food and how you handle it as I have completed the Food Safety course in grade 11. I am professional, mature, and great at managing my time and sticking to a schedule. In situations of difficulty, I am resourceful and a good problem solver. I work equally well or even better when I am under pressure during an activity. I am well versed technologically as I spend much of my days on a computer doing homework and leisure activities. Finally, I am a sociable individual who is always looking to improve at things when I can.