Rebekah Hemming Food Scientist



Rebekah Hemming MSc, BSc (Hons)

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A highly personable and organised Spirits quality lab technician with 2 years laboratory experience in a drinks production company. Works effectively as an individual, taking responsibility in the laboratory on shift work, as well as working as a team and working alongside the shop floor. After 2 years in a laboratory role in the Whisky industry, I am keen to further my career in the Food & Drinks Industry, by undertaking new challenges and moving to Canada.




Spirit Quality Lab Technician

John Dewars & Sons Ltd. – Glasgow (August 2016 – Dec 2018)


The laboratory is the main lab for Bacardi UK Operations and is essential in maintaining quality across the Bacardi portfolio, key duties range on a day to day to suit the business needs:


·         Working with bulk spirit supply, bottling and blending departments to ensure products meet legal specifications before transport to designated markets.

·         Testing new packaging/corks/ products through accelerated ageing and sensory testing.

·         Working closely with the quality department on complaints from distributors and customers, as well as any issues that have arisen on the bottling line.

·         Testing samples sent from internal and external distilleries to ensure they meet specifications before going onto further stages.

·         Participation in DAPS (Distillers’ Analytes Proficiency Scheme- UKAS Accredited) and Aquacheck proficiency scheme.

·         Preparing and updating SOP’s on a regular basis

·         Support Master Blender through setting up sensory testing on a daily basis as well as taking part in the nosing panel every day.


Customer Service and Shift Runner

ASDA – Bearsden (November 2012 –August 2016)


I had many roles in my part time job at Asda, which ranged from customer service to running a shift. When I ran a shift I ensured that queues moved quickly and were at the level that the store manager wanted to help maximise profits. Through my role in customer service I developed better communication skills and negotiating skills to help keep customers happy and complaints to a minimum.






Las Ramblas – Bearsden (Jan 2011-November 2012)

Worked as a host in a busy tapas restaurant. In this role I managed large sections: taking orders, food runner and helping behind the bar.



Rose & Grants Café (Aug 2010 – May 2012)

Small café in which I served food and drinks to the customers as well as preparing coffees behind the counter. Small café but only two people would serve at the time, helped me to work under pressure.




Glasgow Caledonian University – MSc with Merit International Marketing – September 2015-2016

Key Modules included:


·         Consumer Behaviour

·         Brand Value, Inception to delivery

·         Personal and professional development

·         Contemporary Issues for Business and Society

·         Social Marketing*


Individual Project:

Social Marketing module entailed designing a campaign for Alzheimer’s Scotland on addressing the stigma that is attached to dementia which was then presented to Alzheimer’s Scotland board members as well as members from the NHS.


Glasgow Caledonian University – 2.1 BSc (Hons) Food Bioscience – September 2012 – June 2015 Glasgow Caledonian University

Key Modules included:


·         Food Commodities

·         New Product Development

·         Chemistry

·         Food Toxicology

·         Microbiology


Attained – Certificates

REHIS – The Food Hygiene certificate

REHIS – The HACCP certificate




·       Smart Serve Accredited – e190104510017RS

·         Sat exam and awaiting results  for “General certificate in Distilling” (IBD) in November 2018


Aug 2011/June 2015 Food Science BSc at Glasgow Caledonian University


Aug 2016 /Dec 2018 Spirit Quality Assurance Technician at John Dewars & Sons Ltd. (Bacardi)