Reggie C. Libres Room Attendant

Philippines, Olongapo City

Reggie Libres
Olongapo City, Philippines
639386970456 • [email protected]

Personal statement

I am Reggie C. Libres, 41 years old. I am willing to work in your place because I am desperate to work for an esteemed corporation such as your, but because I’m just desperate. For the sake of my family financial problem,please hire me. I’m sure I must have at least one redeeming quality that makes me slightly qualified for any position. I already have passport cause I would like to work for you. Thank you for your consideration… or for atleast pretending to review my CV.

Reggie C. Libres

Work Experience

Room Attendant, Hillside Guest House
01/1998 – Present
Responsibilities & Achievements
As a Room Attendant, in charge of entertaining customer politely with courtesy of a good service and cleaning the rooms comfortably and with ease.

Mr. Pitter Tiu
1998 – 2021
Room Attendant , Waiter , Housekeeper, Cooking (High School Graduate)
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1991-1992 High School Graduate at Olongapo City National High School


01/1998 up to present Room Attendant at Hillside Hotel