Regina D. Sison Psychometrician / School Counselor

Philippines Regina D. Sison, RPm

Regina D. Sison, RPm

1162(E) Rosario St. Pandacan, Manila

· +639323806593  / +639277892867

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To achieve fulfilling career, this will utilize and enhance my skills. I am seeking improvement for the company and myself where I can share my abilities with the service and quality of performance they deserve.


·         Computer Literate

§  Microsoft Excel

§  Microsoft Word

§  Microsoft PowerPoint

§  Microsoft Publisher

§  Internet savvy

·         Able to speak Filipino and English languages

·         Highly motivated and willing to learn

·         Fast learner and can easily adapt to a new environment work place

·         Can administer, score and interpret psychological tests

·         A multi-task person



·         Licensure for Teachers

·         Licensure for Psychometrician



June 2011 – May 2015
National Teachers College

MAED major in Guidance and Counseling
June 2006 – October 2006
National Teachers College

Professional Education (18 units)

June 1996 – April 2001
Far Eastern University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

June 1992 – March 1996

Paco Catholic School

June 1986 – March 1992

Paco Catholic School


April 1, 2014 – Present

Adamson University

Ermita, Manila

Basic Education Department Psychometrician

Duties and responsibilities:

Developmental Testing

Ø  Administers, scores and interpret developmental testing to all levels.

Ø  Prepares psychological reports for particular tests.

Ø  Scheduling dates and types of test to be administered to each level

Ø  Assigned as Testing Coordinator in Developmental testing conducted by Department of Education.

Guidance Counselor

Ø  Perform counseling pupils with special needs or problems and upon referral by class advisers.

Ø  Tasks to do initial and routine interviews

Ø  Performs career counseling

Ø  Performs other related functions with the knowledge of the Guidance Head

Resource Coordination

Ø  Perform school campaign

Ø  Assist in job fair in College department

Ø  Administers University Entrance Examination


Ø  Screens documents of student applicants

Ø  Schedules entrance examination

Ø  Administers and scores entrance examination

Ø  Act as liaison officer for scholars granted by the Department of Education

Ø  Obtain the enrollment procedures


March 1, 2008 – March 30, 2014

Parañaque Risen Christ School

Moonwalk Parañaque City

Guidance Counselor /Psychometrician

Duties and responsibilities:

Ø  Prepares an annual program of the Guidance office.

Ø  Formulates and implements Guidance and Counseling program according to the needs of the pupils.

Ø  Takes charge of the screening of student and teacher applicants and conducts necessary tests.

Ø  Maintains and updates students’ cumulative records to serve as tool for counseling and other future references.

Ø  Counsels students who have specific needs and problems.

Ø  Attends to cases referred to the office and confers with teachers and parents regarding the case.

Ø  Plans and coordinates the administration of standardized testing program.

Ø  Administer and score varied psychological tests to students and interpret it to the parents, teachers, coordinator and school head.

Ø    Issues recommendation of good moral character of students.

Ø    Perform other related functions that may be assigned by the School Head.

Ø  Assigned in filing of students records such as their cumulative records, form 137 and other related documents.

Ø   Assigned in Teaching Character Education subject in Grade 6 level.


August 13, 2001 – February 15, 2008

Paco Catholic School

1521 Paz Street Paco, Manila

Grade School Psychometrician

Duties and responsibilities:

Test Administration

Ø  Establishes rapport with test-taker to allay fears and build confidence.

Ø  Provides detailed instructions and clarifies areas of confusion by responding to routine questions.

Ø  Administers aptitude test, academic tests, personality test, intelligence test and proficiency test, and motor ability test.

Test Scoring and Reporting

Ø  Scores test manually, with use of key.

Ø  Records total number of correct and incorrect answers and converts to these raw scores.

Ø  Plots results on graph to ascertain deviation from norm, if appropriate.

Ø  Makes preliminary interpretation of results, if appropriate for particular type of test.

Ø  Reports results, as appropriate, to party such as test-taker’s instructor, academic advisory, or Guidance Counselor.

Resource Coordination

Ø  Manages operation of testing center or unity by scheduling dates and types of tests to be administered (this may include reviewing records from past years to determine number of test-takers and anticipating amount of space and time to accommodate them).

Ø  Takes inventory of supplies such as test, answer cards, scratch paper, and pencils.

Ø  Makes requisition of office supplies as needed.

Ø  Maintains a library of tests, specimen sets, manuals, descriptive books, etc. and keeps current information modification.

Ø  Acts as liaison to staff by preparing and disseminating information concerning test available and schedule of tests.

Ø  Meets with students, residents or clients, individually or in groups, to give information on programs and resources available and necessary requirements such as: requirements to enter school or program, careers or goals attainable through program enrollment and application and interpretation of psychometric instruments.

Clerical Duties

Ø  Maintains files on students, residents and clients, which includes test results.

Ø  Obtain other client information for file by contacting past schools for educational background.

Ø  Accepts and accounts for money collected for testing fees.

Ø  Prepares monthly or annual reports on testing activity.

Ø  Types correspondence for administrative superiors.

Ø  Screens incoming mail.

Guidance Counselor

Ø  Perform counseling pupils with special needs or problems and upon referral by class advisers.

Ø  Performs other related functions with the knowledge of the Guidance Coordinator.


April 25, 1998  –  Labor and Employment

August 6, 1998

Philippine Seven Corporation

San Antonio Branch Sucat

Part Time Store Assistant

Duties and responsibilities:

Ø  Partly responsible for the sales operation of the store:

o   Merchandising.

o   Cashiering.

o   Maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

o   Customer Assistance with quality.



November 1999         Department of Labor and Employment – NCR (120 hours)


December 5, 2015                 Take Charge of Your Life

April 24, 2015                       Mastering Practical English Communication

January 30, 2015                  Cognitive Behavior Therapy

November 24-25, 2014         Building Solidarity for the Development of sons

and daughters of OFWs

February 28, 2014                 A Parenting Seminar on the Love Languages of Teens

February 14, 2014                 National-U and the Guidance Counselor: A Commitment to                                                                      serve the Counseling Profession

November 16, 2011               National U: In the Pursuit of Helping the Filipino Guidance

Counselors Achieve Excellence in Counseling

July 28 & 29, 2011                Capability Enhancement Training on Overseas Employment


March 19, 2011                     Handling Problems in Various Situation

February 13, 2009                 Work Values and Attitudes

October 10, 2007                  Handling Underachievers

November 26 &27, 2007       Discovering your inner self, Leadership and Counseling

August , 2006                                    Managing Students Under Crisis

October 19 – 21, 2006                      ADHD Society of the Philippines

November 2006                     Brain Gym

December 6, 2006                 New High School Psychological Test

August 19, 2005                    Media and Child Psychiatry : Working  Together

August 12, 2005                    MAPSA General Assembly 2005 of  Guidance Counselors

June 18, 2004                                    Managing Homosexual Behavior among Students

February 19, 2004                 Seminar on Adolescence

December 6, 2003                 MAPSA HRD Commission Seminar/ Workshop for

Academic Non-Teaching and Non- Academic Personnel

November 21, 2002               Psychological Test Interpretations

September 6 – 7, 2002          Classroom Test Construction

December 6, 2001                 Managing Behavioral Problems

December 3 – 4, 1999           Psychological Association of the Philippines  Junior Affiliate

October 4, 1999                     Sensitivity Training

Jan – March 1999                  Special Child Seminar

(10 Consecutive Sundays)



Birthday                      :           December 22, 1979

Status                          :           Married

Spouse’ Name             :           Michael Bien I. Sison

Children Names          :           Matthew Reinier D. Sison

:           Micah Renei D. Sison

Religion                       :           Roman Catholic