Rexhep Movement control team IBS-CMM


MCT Cargo Ducoment Specialist/ CONTAINER COORDINATOR
• Managed receiving, and distribution of warehouse trucks, arranged and coordinated incoming orders from the head office.
• Coordinate day to day operations of transportation carriers of in gate out gate and update, support daily and monthly management report highlighting performance and service. IBS CMM (Integrated Booking System Container Management Module)
• Transportation System. Responsible for receiving, all Transportation Movement Requests (TMR) for the personnel and equipment transiting, originating, terminating, and assigned MCT Area of responsibility.

Heavy Equipment MAINTENANCE Mechanic
Jan-2015-Present BECHTEL ENKA-Kosovo
• Working at BechtelEnka Journeyman Mechanic and at the Shop equipment’s
• I have great experience on repairing, maintaining and servicing vehicles and equipment’s, such as Trucks, Excavators, Damper, Dozer, Greder, Bauer, Tamrok and other civilian vehicles.
• Direct and participate in the repair and maintenance of all type of internal combustion engines and accessories
• Perform non-structural welding on vehicles and equipment’s, normally attached to vehicle
• Diagnose functions and repair diesel and gasoline powered engine, automatic electronic transmissions and axles drive shafts, differentials, suspension and steering systems.
• Hydraulic/ air/ anti-lock brake system, fuel systems, lubrication systems, exhaust systems, hydraulic systems.
• Performed preventive and maintenance of Heavy-Duty Equipments
• Diesel and gas engines
• Air Conditions repariring or replacing parts on alle types.


2005-2010 Mng at Up prishtin