Rhandy Daragosa Mechanical Engineer




Registered Mechanical Engineer

License #: 0077261

(63) 947 412 3749

[email protected]





Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data:


Name                           :           Rhandy Canada Daragosa

Home Address            :           Suba Argao Cebu



Work Experiences:


§  Maintenance Plant Engineer

September 2016-2018


Saudi Arabia


§  TRS Field Technician 1


Weatherford International Drilling



§  Maintenance Technician







Educational Background:


Tertiary Education


2006-2011                   University of Cebu                                                      Cebu City

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Certificates and Trainings:

Loss Control Management -KSA                                                                  2018
Safety of the Philippines Inc.-Member                                                          2018
§  First Aid and Fire Fighting -KSA                                                                  2017

§  Oil Spill Control                                                                                             2017

§  Reduce Maintenance Increase Life Training Seminar                                   2017

§  BASIC TRAINING (SOLAS)                                                                       2016

§  Operational Technical Training -Singapore                                                   2014

§  Weatherford Competency Level 1 Theory –Brunei                                       2014

§  Technical Safety Training (High Risk Level)                                                2013

§  (World Safety Organization) WSO                                                                2014

§  BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training)          2012

§  Preventive Maintenance & Proper Care Technical Symposium                    2011

§  Exxon Mobile SHC Lubricant & Specialties                                                  2011

§  Occupational Safety & health standard                                                          2011





Engr. Willy Anthony

Maintenance Manager

El Khayyat Red Bricks MNFG Company -KSA

Contact no:  0545934618

Email: [email protected]


Martin Cook

Operation Manager

Weatherford International

Email: [email protected]


Rico Layson

El-Khayyat Red Bricks MNFG

Contact No: +966-54-467-3572

Email N0: [email protected]












I.            COMPANY:  EL KHAYYAT MNFG COMPANY -Power Plant Section

(24-Sept-2016 –01-October-2018)


POSITION:   Maintenance Plant Engineer




*Perform inspecting the plant, Rotating & stationary equipment Maintains inspection instruments, tools, and equipment in proper working conditions, prepares site inspection of mechanical Equipment’s reports

*Responsible in make in sure the Running condition of 50 MW Diesel Power plant in case it is needed to run and also responsible for PMS report and Job Order

* Responsible for making sure all hydraulic system is working well, check for possible leaking on the cylinder the fitting and all the system

*Responsible of making Job Order of a certain Preventive maintenance Services boiler and chiller, Air Compressor

*Inspect machines to ensure they are in good running conditions to perform inspections in all mechanical equipment on the plant and make an assessment daily and make the recommendation based on the assessment.

*Monitored and prepared Spare part list to be purchased of every Machine for sure the availability of the spare in the time for the Preventive maintenance job or time of machine breakage

*Responsible of Making Preventive Maintenance Services Spreadsheet of all equipment and identity the scheduling of all parts for maintenance or inspection by daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and others

*Making Work Order on each equipment based on the Daily inspection of the machine and based on the Scheduled Maintenance and also responsible for making sure the availability of the spare to be used,

*In charge in Monitoring Equipment Lubrication by gathering all reports by the oiler and making sure all the equipment has been lubricated base on each Schedule.

*Involve in Mechanical troubleshooting and repair in all rotating Mechanical equipment

* Involve in repair and Maintenance Boiler Chiller, Air compressor, Motor, Conveyor, Crusher, Mixer and another Mechanical machine.


II.            COMPANY:  Weatherford International Drilling (2013-2016)

POSITION:   TRS Field Technician 1



*Operate Rotating Equipment Power Tong 16-25k ,24-50k,7.6-30k, 5.5-15k, both offshore and onshore operation

*Operate Weatherford Jampro which attached to the Power tong while doing make and breaking up Casing or tubing monitored and ensured correct torque value applied to the connection

*Perform Preventive Maintenance in all Weatherford Equipment Like Power Tong, Diesel and Electric Power Unit, and Handling equipment at work area within client’s time specification in compliance with Weatherford Tubular Running

*Running and supervise casing job and conductor 36 “,30” 20”, 18.625”, 13.375”, 13.875”,10 ¾”, 9.625”, 7” liner both offshore and onshore operation

*Running Tubing Pipe for completion dual string and upper and lower completion job with Jam Pro Computer and also* including pulled out on hole job.

*In charge in inventory and double checks all handling gear and equipment for Trs job.

*Function test power Tong and Diesel and Electric Power Unit before load out to the rig site and do checklist, MIR and PD.

*Responsible for maintenance, rig up and rig down the handling gear and equipment and prepare the manifest list for back lading to worksite once the job done completed.

*Do job report at rig site complete all documents required together with job ticket sign by company representative, and submitted to the operations office.



*Responsible for maintenance, rig up and rig down the handling gear and equipment and prepare the manifest list for back lading to worksite once the job done completed.








*Create maintenance strategies procedure and method, ensure to carrying out routine scheduled preventive maintenance works to be able to respond to equipment faults

*Ensure there was continues cover of the machinery or parts and component availability in case of breakdown

*Diagnosed machine breakdown problem and decide to replace with new parts and making sure all equipment are working correctly.


*Checked and inspected daily, plant Equipment and Auxiliary like Motors, pump, Blower, Fans, Chiller, Compressor, Heat Exchanger, Water and air Piping, Water Treatment facilities.

*Trouble shoots Motors, Motors Alignment, Chain Coupling & Bearing Alignment Pump, Fan and Blower Boiler, Chillers, and Compressor.


*Prepare a requisition order of all spare parts and materials needed in our plant Mechanical or Electrical parts and make inventory on such spare parts. Make a job order in such spare need to fabricate in our machine shop and coordinate to the machinist to discuss the job order.

*Prepare a work order on such, plant equipment and auxiliary need to undergo preventive maintenance as far as their actual condition and time schedule are concern based on the manual and discuss it the plant mechanics.

*Prepare accomplish report after the preventive maintenance done include the repair accomplish in such equipment, parts to be replace and the status on the machine if is ready for the operation.

*Discuss the work order for the Schedule Preventive Maintenance to the Mechanics in the plant and gives work assignment based on their skills.

*Manage the whole preventive maintenance operation to insure the right equipment which repair is on the list on the work order and to insure to comply the time limit of the maintenance to avoid delay of mill production operation.

*Inspected the equipment and auxiliary which listed on the work order undergoing preventive maintenance are properly repair by the mechanics and technician.




50 MW Diesel Power Plant

Completing Apprenticeship program for a total of 320.00 hours in a Mechanical Maintenance and Engine Room operator