Ria Mitchelle Cadavillo Cuevas Serving Customer

Computer LiterateCreativeSpeaks English

I am a responsible crew in my recent work. I do all the tasks that have been given to me by my managers with all my best. I do my work properly even without giving me orders and they have been given me certificates of recognition many times like “Best in Counter”, “Best in Runner”(assembling products), and had been given the award as “Crew of the Month” two times. I never had bad record since i have been hired. I can do multitasking and i handled customers with kindness. I have dedication to my work that is why i have been working to my recent job for 4 years.


2013-2015 4 National Certificate (NC2) Passer including Food and Beverages, Housekeeping, Front Office and Massage Therapy at St. Augustine School Of Nursing


2014-2018 Service Crew/Cashier at Global Ventures Food Industries

Customer Service Representative with 4 years Experience.