Richie Lonzaga Mechanical Engineer

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Experienced with MATLAB coding languageExpert in FEA analysis through SOLIDWORKS Simulation and ANSYsExpert in Microsoft Office with a focus on ExcelExpert in SOLIDOW0RKS CAD Design

Richie Lonzaga

85-166 Lualualei, Hmstd. Rd.

Waianae, Hawaii, 96792


[email protected]


2014 -2018 Mechanical Engineering Degree, Math Minor at Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Arizona

2010 - 2014 High School Degree at Saint Louis Schools

Honolulu, Hawaii


2016 Helper, Engineering Assistant at Welding and Industrial Trades Construction WITZ, Kapolei, HI

• Trained under a Mechanical Engineer with a Professional Engineering License,
• Exposed to Mechanical Engineering blueprints,
• Office work experience,
• Construction and masonry experience,
• Experience working as a civilian worker on a military base (Transportation Worker
Identification Credential),
• Experience working in an oil refinery, power plant, and other industrial areas,

2017 Online Sales, General Marketing at Follet Educational Products, Service and Technology, Flagstaff, AZ

• Customer Service Experience,
• Adept at keeping inventory and stocking shelves,
• Experience communicating with customers in person and via a Cisco multi-line
phone system,

2017-2018 Composite Worker at Novakinetics Defense Systems, Flagstaff, AZ

• Experienced in the fabrication of fiberglass and carbon fiber body panels,
• Experienced in prep work and painting of fiberglass and carbon fiber pieces,

2017-2018 Team Member at Society of Automotive Engineers: Mini Baja Competition, Flagstaff, AZ

• Manufacture of an all-terrain motor vehicle,
• Machine Shop Trained: experience with safely operating diverse machinery
including lathes, mills, and benders,
• Experience with several types of welding including stick welding, TIG welding and
MIG welding,