Rico Fulio Aircraft mechanic / Cabin mechanic

Aircraft mechanic / Cabin mechanic


Position                      AIRCRAFT MECHANIC/CABIN MECHANIC


Experience                 More than 9 years


Aircraft Technician specializing in Cabin and airframe in Fokker service Asia.                        Extensive experience in aircraft maintenance.

Demonstrated skills and knowledge in the areas of aircraft maintenance for almost all kinds of narrow bodied aircrafts, as well as small aircrafts.                                                                      CAAP Airframe and Power Plant License # 11887

PEL 107348-AMT


Aircraft Handled       A-380                         ATR

FOKKER 100             FOKKER 70

FOKKER 50               BOEING 737-200

DORNIER 328-100    LET 410 UVP-E

CESSNA-207             C-130H


Language                   Tagalog/English



Professional Experience


AIRCRAFT MECHANIC / Feb 2015 up to Present

AAA Dornier Technology Inc.

Clark International Airport Inc.

Clarkfield Pampanga Philippines 2009

Assigned in Fokker Service Asia, Singapore as Aircraft Mechanic

·         Performs troubleshooting on A-380 passenger seats such as hard recline and hard push batons and performs replacement of hinges on tray tables.

·         Performs A, C, D check and Heavy Maintenance check of fokker100,Fokker 70,ATR,Boeing737-200.

·         Remove and install of Passenger seat including Pilot and co-pilot seat.

·         Remove and install of lavatory and galleys.

·         Remove and install of side bin and overhead bin.

·         Remove and install of sidewall and ceiling panels

·         Inspection of expiry date of slide raft, Seat belts, life vest (infant and adult) and fire extinguisher

·         Remove and install of insulation blanket for corrosion check.

·         inspection of corrosion of seat track, structure beam on wet area such as lavatory and galley area.

·         Remove and install of floor boards, Remove, lay down and trimming carpets

·         Clean, inspect and apply corrosion preventive control (CPC)

·         Performing removal – installation of panels, inspection plates, installation of sealant in the accordance with maintenance manual.

·         Removal – installation of leading edge panel and application of corrosion preventive compounds.

·         Removal – installation of fuel tank panels and check.

·         Servicing hydraulic fluid skydrol LD4

·         Removal and installation of leading edge

·         Performed removal installation of inspection panel on flight control surface such as wings, elevator, and rudder

·         Performed functional test, rigging as per Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) and other operational test in accordance with the established standard to ensure airworthiness of the aircraft.



Dornier Technology Inc, Hangar 2224 CSEZ Clark Field Pampanga

Mechanic / October 2005 – October 2012

·         Inspect, repair and maintain aircraft and components both interior and exterior

·         Prepare and adhere to a timely schedule for inspection and repair work

·         Inspect the electrical systems to determine any replacement or repair using inspection tools and equipments

·         Check cracks and leak in the aircraft engine and fix it

·         Detect and fix malfunction in the turbine blades

·         Inspect and repair landing gear, fuselage, control cables, tail and propeller assembly

·         Read the aircraft maintenance manuals to understand the malfunction, and to determine a scope of repair or replacement

·         Test the wear and damaged components to analyze repair or replacement

·         Maintain the log book to enter repair, maintenance and replacements details

·         Lubricate all the mechanical components for smooth functioning

·         Performs pre-flight by following the pre-flight checklist to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft. Ensure that there’s no open discrepancy prior releasing the aircraft for departure

·         Performs post-flight by following the post-flight checklist

·         Performs transit inspection; daily check inspection; weekly check inspection for cabin on various types of aircraft such as DO328-100, LET410, B737-200

·         Performs “A” “B” “C” check inspection, and also CPCP inspections


Bonanza Air Services Inc. / Zamboanga City International Airport

General Aviation, Canelar Zamboanga City

Aircraft Mechanic / October 2003 – January 2005

·         Pre-flight Inspection

·         Routine Maintenance

·         Refuelling

·         Rigging

·         Performed every 25, 50, 75, 100 hrs. of flight

·         Maintain anti-corrosion

·         Trouble shooting and other maintenance work



Zamboanga International Airport

General Aviation, Canelar Zamboanga City

OJT Aircraft Mechanic / September 2002 to August 2003

·         Assist in every flight of the aircraft

·         Pre-flight inspection before night

·         Maintain Anti-Corrosion preventive maintenance

·         Remove and replace of pilot, co-pilot flight seat

·         Servicing of landing shock struts

·         Routine maintenance

·         Performed marshalling

·         Performed every 25, 50, 75, 100 hrs. of flight inspection

·         Cleaning fuel filter, spark plug, oil check

·         Performed annual inspection





Assistant Aircraft Mechanic (O.J.T.) / April 23 – July 23, 1997

Mactan Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

·         Servicing of Hydraulic fluid to reservoir

·         Servicing of MLG and NLG tires

·         Compressor washing

·         Checking excess waste which can cause corrosion to aircraft flooring

·         Other routine maintenance



Duties and Responsibilities (Cabin Mechanic):

·         Performs transit inspection; daily check inspection; weekly check inspection for cabin on various types of aircraft such as DO328-100, LET410, B737-200

·         Performs removal and installation of Gallery equipment

·         Assisting on Removal and Installation of Lavatory Faucet

·          Removal and Installation of Ceiling Lights and Side Wall Lights

·         Meets all aircraft as assigned, carry out removal and installation of cabin components, rectification of cabin defects in accordance with aircraft CMM, AMM

·         Troubleshooting of passenger seats

·         After aircraft departure, ensures that all unused serviceable and unserviceable items are return to stores with the correct label attached

·         Carrying out work in compliance with company, health and safety procedures and regulations

·         Completing all paperwork in an accurate and timely manner, in accordance with company requirements

·         Behaving in a manner that reflects a professional approach when dealing with customers

·         Reporting defects immediately to the superior

·         To keep aircraft in peak operating condition, aircraft and equipments mechanics




Educational Background


Associate in Aircraft Maintenance Technician 1997

Zamboanga Institute of Aviation and Technology


march 2015 to present Aircraft mechanic / Cabin mechanic at AAA Dornier technology Inc.
oct 2005 to oct 2012 Aircraft mechanic at Dornier technology Inc.