Riza A. Destriza Officer

clean and willing to learn what kind of work will given.Know how to speak englishwrite

Personal Information

Name – Riza A. Destriza

Age     – 24

Birth Date- November 21, 1992

Birth Place- Cavite, Manila

Religion- Roman Catholic

Gender- Female

Status- Single

Nationality- Filipino

Father – Reynaldo Z. Destriza

Occupation- Farmer

Mother – Deceased


Educational Background;

College-          BASBA major in (                                   Human Resource                                   Developement                                         Management) 2014-                               2017.

High School – Consolacion National                            High School. 2006-                                  2010.

Elementary School- Consolacion                                 Elementary School,                               2000-2006.


– Know how to speak english and write.

– Willing to learn and undergo of any kind of work.

-Have a good moral values.

– Willing to cumunicate people.





2010-2014 BSBA(major in HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPEMENT MANAGEMENT) at Saint Thomas Aquinas College


July 15,2015- Febuary 20, 2017 Loan Officer at NWTF(MICROFINANCE)
April 29,2017- April 29, 2019 Domestic Helper at Ghaled Aldossary