Rodney Sanchez Ponlaroche Factory Worker

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factory workerHousekeeperKitchen StewardSECURITY GUARDwaiter

Sir,M’m whatever the Positions that I’m applying for My Resume Content I’m Credible to all Of my Skills that endorse to you.May God Bless U All


Waiter-1980-1986-6 years SecurityGuard 2008-Dec.9-2016-8 years FactoryWorker in Japan-1995-2001-6years Factory Worker,Housekeeper,Waiter,SecurityGuard at Liceo De Cagayan University-1st sem. only--1979-1980----University Of The East-1987=1989-2nd year College

My Priority Job Is FactoryWorker 2nd Housekeeper

1995-2001-6years in Japan FactoryWorker at University Of The East-1987-1989

Factoryworker 2nd Housekeeper