Rolan Jordan Perez Auto Painter

auto paiter

Rolan Jordan Perez

Capitol Site Cebu City

Sitio Ipil – Ipil

Email       : [email protected]



Position  Desired  :   Auto  Painter  / Auto Detailer

Objective :

Automotive paint technology and repair major/minor damage and major paint problems, ensure the proper quality in refinishing.


Employment  Information:


1.  Company      :  Wallan  Maintenance  Co.

Address        :  KSA  Riyadh

Position        :  Auto  Painter

Date              : August 22, 2012 to June 22, 2016


Duties & Responsibilities :

A. Fast Track Repair


Repair Process                                                         Surfacer Application

*Inspection estimation                                                     . Surfacer: Apply an etch primer if needed

*Planning booking                                                                  for a warranty repair

*Acutual repair                                                                     . Apply 2-3 coats of surfacer

. Cleaning decreasing                                                . Flash off in between coats, until matt

. Sanding                                                                    . Spray outside in

. Decreasing

. Masking                                                                   Drying, Infra Red

. Priming                                                                    . Infra Red Drying or

. Topcoat application                                                . Force drying at 140 F/60 C degree

. Detailing

*Delivery, hand over                                                   Colour Check

Dismantling                                                      . Check for the identification plate colour

Cleaning & Degreasing                                     code: Toyota 1E7

. Waterbourne Degreaser                                        . Swatch no: 2

. Solventborne Degreaser                                        . Pick the right variant

. Mix the formulation in the required

quality and quantity







































.  P120                                                                      Sanding

. P220                                                                        . Sand the repair areas with:

. P320                                                                           . P320-P400-P500

. Make sure that the polyester  body filler            . Abrade the res of the panels with a grey

goes on bare metal                                                   pad, P1500


Degreasing & Cleaning                                    Degreasing & Cleaning

. Degrease: Solventborne Degreaser                      . final degreasing and cleaning before

. Cleaning: Airblow                                                    topcoat application

. Do not degrease any polyester product                      . Waterbourne degreaser

with a waterborne degreaser                                       . Solventborne degreaser

. Cleaning: Airblow or Tack Rag

Body Filler Application

. Apply the body filler with the                                Basecoat Application

appropriate tools:                                                    . Basecoat application

. Putty knives                                                        . Do not forget the 1 bar mistcoat for

. Rubber squeezy                                                     900+, as that will give you the final color

. Do Not                                                                       . Blow dry, 900+ only

. Stir the per-oxide hardener into the

body filler                                                             Clearcoat Applicatiin

. Apply body fillers over  paint                             . Two (2) coats of clearcoat application

. Bake the body filler too high                               . For silvers etc, only apply one (1) coat of

<158 F / 70 C degree                                               clear on the end of the panel if possible

. Apply the body filler with big ridges                     This  will avoid:

. Possible darkening

Sanding Body Filler                                                 . Color change due to the clearcoat

. Sand with P120- P180-P280-P320, use a                                    working as a lens

guide coat to see pinholes and scratches

. Finally feather edge with P320 –P400                         Drying

. Infra red drying or

Masking & Degreasing                                           . Force drying at 140 F/60 C degree

. Mask the to be primed areas

. Degrease with Solventborne Degreaser

. Cleaning: Airblow

. Do not degrease any polyester product

with a waterborne degreaser









Materials Used:

Double Action
Wood Sanding
Spray Gun
Air Gum
2.  Company: Honda Cars Inc.

Address   : Near of SM Mall Cebu City

Position   : Auto Detailer

Date         : June 16, 2005 to August 11, 2012

Duties & Responsilities:

.  Clean and refurbishes new and used automobiles, performing any combination of

Following duties: washes vehicle exterior to clean cars, using cleaning solution, water,

Cloths and brushes.

. Apply wax to auto body and wipe or buffs surfaces and preserve shine, using cloth or

Buffing machine.

. Vacuum interior of vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris, using vacuum cleaner.

.  Clean upholstery, rugs and other surfaces using cleaning agents, applicators and cleaning


.   Apply revitalizers and preservatives to vinyl or leather surfaces and treats fabrics with

Spot and stain resistant chemicals to preserve and protect interior components.

.   Clean engine and engine compartment with steam cleaning equipment and various

Cleaning agents to remove grease and grime.

.   Apply special purpose cleaners to remove foreign materials which do not respond to

Normal cleaning procedures, utilizing experience and following recommendations of

Products manufacturer.

.  Paints engine components and related parts, using spray gun or aerosol and masking


.  Apply paint to chipped body surfaces of vehicle, using container of touchup paint.

.  Apply dyes and reconditioning chemical to vinyl tops of vehicle to restore color and condition.

Materials Used:

. Buffing Machine                     . Al Mor All Chemicals

. Rubbing Compond                 . Magic Towel

. Wax                                          . Tooth Brush

. All Purpose Chemicals           . Vaccuum

Education :

.   1995 – 1999 :  Ramon Duterte Memorial National School

.   1989 –  1995 :   Guadalupe Elementary School

Special Skills :

.  Driving

.  Internet Surfing, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft & Power Point

Personal Profile :

Date of Birth :  November 23, 1978                    Weight       : 60 kg

Birthplace      :  Cebu City                                     Language  : tagalog,English,Arabic

Sex                  :  Male                                             Height        : 5”1

Civil Status     :  Single                                          Passport #. : ECO 195978

Religion           :  Roman Catholic

Character Reference :

Jay Aligado

Parts man

Wallan Maintenance Co.

KSA Riyadh


Michael De Guzman

Auto Painter

Wallan Maintenance Co.

KSA Riyadh



Jimmy Nuyda

Auto Painter

Wallan Maintenance Co.

KSA Riyadh





1995 - 1999 Graduated at Ramon Duterte Memorial National High School


1989 - 1995 graduated at Guadalupe Elementary School



August 22, 2012 / June 22, 2016 Auto Painter at Wallan Maintenance Co.