Rommel B. de la Cruz Professor

Nevada, Carson City

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Rommel Bebero de la Cruz
Address: 100 A.T. Apt. C Reyes St. Apartment Unit C. Mandaluyong, Philippines
Contact Numbers: Cell No. 09164185340 and Telephone No. 4776802
e-mail address: [email protected]/[email protected], [email protected]
Date of Birth : July 20, 1971
Age : 44

Language 1 2 3 4
English + + +
Tagalog + + +
Spanish + +
Hiligaynon +
French +
Japanese +
Arabic +
1- self-study 2- semiformal study 3 – formal study 4 – advanced study
The table shows my interest in language learning, and how I am pursuing it.
Doctor of Philosophy in English Studies: Language
University of the Philippines, Diliman
2003 2nd Semester – 2010 Summer

Doctor of Education in Educational Management
Philippine Women’s University
1998 2nd Semester – 2001 Summer

Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling
Philippine Normal University
1993 2nd Semester – 1996 2nd Semester

Bachelor of Arts in Education: Teaching English
Philippine Normal University
1993 – 1995

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Minor in English)
Adamson University
1987 – 1991

Extramural European Language Course
University of the Philippines, Diliman
1. Basic Spanish 2 June 2004 – August 2004
2. Basic Spanish 3 October 2004 – December 2004
3. Basic Spanish 4 June 2005 – August 2005
4. Basic Spanish 5 January 2006 – March 2006
5. Basic French 1January 2005 – March 2005
6. Basic French 2 September 2006 – November 2006

English International Language Test System (EILTS)
Professional Civil Service Examination
Language Proficiency Examination in Spanish
Language Proficiency Examination in Hiligaynon (A Local Language)
Adamson University Scholarship 2nd Semester 1988
Adamson Chronicle Scholarship 1st Semester 1989 – 1991
Jose Rizal College Faculty Scholarship 1996 – 1997
Jose University Faculty Scholarship 1998 – 2001
Jose Rizal University Faculty Scholarship 2002-


Philippine Association of English Language, Linguistics, and Literature Teachers (PAELLLT) – Consultant
Philippine Center for Teachers’ Continuing Education (PCTCE), Inc. – Consultant
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Philippines – Member
Teaching English as a Second Languagge (TESOL), Asia – Member
Teacher Training and Education (Online)- Member
English as a Lingua Franca (Online)- Member
English Language and Literature (Online) – Member
ELT Professionals Around the World (Online)- Member
TESOL International Association (Online) – Member
TEFL Institute (Online) – Member
ESL Excellence (Online) – Member
National Council of Teachers of English (Online) – Member
British Teaching Opportunities Association (Online) – Member
Systemic Functional Linguistics, Text Analysis, and Stylistics International Organization (Online) – Member
Corpus Linguistics (Online) – Member
Critical Discourse Analysis (Online) – Member
International Association of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (Online) – Member
Association of Guidance Counselors in the Philippines (Online) – Member
Jose Rizal University – Collegiate Faculty Club, 2005-2006 (JRC-CFC) (vice-President)


“Global Business and Consumers in a Networked World” at Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference, Penang, Malaysia, 2-5 December 2015. PAPER PRESENTER
Session Topic “Applying Concepts and Theories on Literary Criticism in Teaching Philippine Literature” at National Conference in Teaching English Literature 2014. JRU Auditorium, November 28, 2014. LECTURER-SPEAKER
“Nexus of K+12, ASEAN 2015 and International Opportunities” at 3rd National Tesol Conference, 2014. Silliman University, Dumaguete, 19-22 November 2014. PAPER-PRESENTER-LECTURER

“Mentoring Skills,” T-51 Tower Building, Jose Rizal University, 25 July 2014. PARTICIPANT

“Literary Stylistics and Pragmatics” during the Certificate Program in Teaching Literature on the theme Certificate in Teaching World Literature across Grade Levels, Cultures, & Disciplines. Sta. Catalina Center for Spirituality, Baguio City – 17-23 May 2014. LECTURER-SPEAKER
“Introduction to Semiotics in Literature” during the Certificate Program in Teaching Literature on the theme Certificate in Teaching World Literature across Grade Levels, Cultures, & Disciplines. Sta. Catalina Center for Spirituality, Baguio City – 17-23 May 2014. LECTURER-SPEAKER
“Behavioral Interviewing Skills,” T-51, Tower Building, Jose Rizal University, 22 April 2014. PARTICIPANT

“Vowel Phonemic Awareness of ESL Speakers in JRU Basic Education Division” during the 10TH ASIAN EFL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL TESOL CONFERENCE on the theme Global Trends in Language Learning and Teaching. DLSU, Manila, 30 January 2014-1 February 2014. PAPER PRESENTER
“Process-Oriented Approach in Teaching Academic Listening and Writing” during 2ND NATIONAL SEMINAR – WORKSHOP IN TEACHING READING AND ENGLISH AS A SECOND/FOREIGN LANGUAGE on the theme Back to the Basic: Approaches in Teaching Reading & ESL/EFL that Work – A Paradigm Shift from Pedagogy to Androgogy. CME Auditorium, UST, Manila, 6-8 December 2013. LECTURER-SPEAKER

“Physical Manipulation Approach in Teaching of English Vowels: Phonemic Awareness-Based Approach” during the 2ND NATIONAL TESOL CONVENTION on the theme. Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City, 26-28 September 2013. PAPER PRESENTER

“Developing the Teachers’ and Learners’ Critical Thinking Skills” during the 1ST NATIONAL TEACHERS’ CONFERENCE. CME Auditorium, UST, Manila, 20 September 2013. LECTURER-SPEAKER

“Practical Project Management,” Tower Lounge, Jose Rizal University, 11-13 September 2013. PARTICIPANT

“Outcome-Based Education Training (Syllabus Making),” Tower Lounge Building, Jose Rizal University, 23 May 2013. PARTICIPANT

“Making Effective Classroom Presentation,” Tower Lounge Building, Jose Rizal University, 24 January 2013. PARTICIPANT

“Behavioral Interviewing Skills,” Room T-51, Tower Building, JRU. 22 April 2014. PARTICIPANT

“Developing High-Order Thinking Skills Questions,” G-63, Jose Rizal University, 13 December 2012. PARTICIPANT

“Teaching Viewing as a Macro Skill: A Critical Application” during the 1ST NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN TEACHING ENGLISH AND LITERATURE. JRU Audio-Visual Room, Mandaluyong City, 8 December 2012. LECTURER-SPEAKER

“Approaches in Teaching English as a Second Language ESL: From Tradition to Innovation” during 1ST NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN TEACHING ENGLISH AND LITERATURE. JRU Audio-Visual Room, Mandaluyong City, 6 December 2012. LECTURER-SPEAKER

“Academic Advising,” Tower Lounge Building, Jose Riza University, 3 December 2012. PARTICIPANT

“5 Whys Seminar for Quality Circles,” Tower Lounge Building, Jose Rizal University, 23 November 2012. PARTICIPANT

“Essentials and Complexities in Thesis Writing,” Tower Lounge, Jose Rizal University, 11 August 2012. PARTICIPANT

“Orientation and Team Building for Department Chairs,” Tower Lounge Building, 18 July 2012. PARTICIPANT

“Assessment of Learning,” G-63, Building G, 12 July 2012. PARTICIPANT

“Smarter Way to Write a Research Paper for Journal Publication,” JRU, 8th of July 2011 (Resource Speaker)
“Curriculum Review and Development,” JRU, 15th March 2011.
Conference of Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning (ASAIHL), 16-19 April 2010, Taipe, Taiwan
Research Forum: “Research 101: Practical Kit for Non-Researchers,” JRU, 26th of October 2009 (Lecturer for the Sub-Theme “Language of Research”)
Research Forum: “Educational Research Towards Quality Innovation,” JRU, 16th of May 2009 (Panel Member)
Academy of International Business Conference, 6th to 9th of December 2007, China, Guangzhou (Paper Presenter)
Language and Communication Conference, NIDA, 19th to 21th of October 2005 Bangkok, Thailand, (Paper Presenter)
Seminar: “How to respond to a paper call,” 22th of July 2005, Graduate School JRU (Lecturer)
Conference of Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning (ASAIHL), 14-17 2004 January, Hong Kong (Paper Presenter, Chair for sub-theme presentation)
2nd Regional Research Conference for Higher Education Institutions in the National Capital Region, 2th of April 2003, DLSU (Presenter-Speaker)
2nd National Research Congress on Building Excellence, Expertise and Eminence in Today’s Educational Delivery System, 23th of April 2003, UST (Paper Presenter)
Regional Conference of Association of Southeast Asian Institutions in Higher Learning, November 2002 in Bangkok, Thailand Presenter-Speaker)
Regional Conference of Association of Southeast Asian Institutions in Higher Learning, June 2002, Singapore (Presenter-Speaker)
Customer Segmentation and Target Marketing (PCCI-JRU Graduate) Summer 2002
Seminar on Classroom Management (JRU-Facilitator) 2nd Semester 2001-2002
Values Orientation of Filipino Youth (Lecturer – TUP) 2nd Semester 2002
Workshop on Teacher Empowerment (ABUEVA-JRC)
2nd Semester 1997
Intervention Strategies for Students with Behavioral Problems, Summer 1996
Strategies on Teaching Social Studies Subjects (ABUEVA-JRC)2nd Semester 1995
Seminar on Parenting (PNU –Facilitator)
1st Semester 1995
The Role of Guidance Center in the School (PNU) December 1993
Job Hunt (Facilitator – Cora Doloroso Career Centre) July 1993
Regional Conference of Young Editors Guild of the Philippines(CEGP) Summer 1990


eQQui International
440 N. Wolfe Rd. #252 Sunnyvale CA, 94085 USA

Jose Rizal University
Professor and University Researcher

Jose Rizal University
Chairperson, Department of Languages and Literature

Jose Rizal University
Editor-in-Chief of Business, Education, and Law Journal

Jose Rizal University
Language Faculty in Graduate School and College
2006 –present

Far Eastern University
Lecturer in Institute of Arts and Sciences, Psychology
2005 2nd Semester

Jose Rizal University
College Faculty in English
2001- present

Jose Rizal College
College Faculty in English and Psychology

Jose Rizal College
High School Faculty in English and Social Studies Subjects
Coach-Trainor, JRC-High School Team in the Battle of the Brains RPN TV Channel 9
1994, 1996
Industrial Personnel Administrative Management System (IPAMS) Administrative Staff
September 1993 – February 1994

Cora Doloroso Career Centre (CDCC)
Career Counselor
January – March 1993

Island Broadcasting Corporation IBC TV Channel 13
April 1992 – November 1992

Adamson Chronicle Publication
Office Manager

AREAS OF RESEARCH INTEREST: Educational Politics, Functional Systemic Linguistics, Pragmatics, Critical Discourse Analysis


“Producing an Ethnic Discourse Knowledge: The Tasadays of the Philippine Press,” published in Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol.41, No.1, January-June 2015.

“Promoting Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao: Selling Violence in Sports, Subverting a Marketing Culture” presented at Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Conference – “Global Business and Consumers in a Networked World.” Penang, Malaysia, 3-5 December 2015.

“Dictation as a Grammar Teaching Technique” (Action Research) SY 2013-14, in collaboration with Meliezza de Gracia and Eleanor Robles

“Vowel Phonemic Awareness of the JRU Basic Education Honor Students and Selected Faculty” completed May 28, 2013. Accepted for paper presentation in ESEA, Malaysia, November 2013 and TESOL Asia-English as a Foreign Language Journal Conference, DLSU, January 30, 2014-February 1, 2014. To be published in EFL Journal December 2014 issue.)
“Invention in Apologist Rhetorical Acts: An Educating Religious-Legal Speech” (for publication Business, Education and Education Journal, March 2012)
“Heeding the Voices of the Past: Experiencing and Learning Its Lessons on Knowledge Economy” (for publication Business, Education and Education Journal, October, 2010)
“Knowledge Economy and RP,” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet June 22, 2010)
“Heeding the Voices of the Past: Experiencing and Learning Its Lessons on Knowledge Economy,” ASAIHL, Taiwan, April 2010
“Silence please” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet December 7, 2008)
“Language and cultural change” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet October 12, 2008)
“Human memory in the digitalized world” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) September 7, 2008)
“Producing and Reproducing a Discourse: Tasadays of the Philippine Press” (PhD English Studied: Language Dissertation)
“Searching for Filipino Identity as Consumer in Mobile Phone Advert” presented at AIB Conference, Guangzhou, China
“Jose Rizal University Revised English Curriculum and A Proposed language Program”
“How much do we know about Tagalog expression Ina-ano?” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) September 23, 2006)
“Gossiping and Voyeurism with Pinoy Big Brother” (A Discourse Analysis Paper)
“A Garci conversation in 360-degree spin” (A Paper on Pragmatics)
“Online News Delivery Actively Changing Our World” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) September 18, 2005)
“The Fuss About English” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) May 22, 2005)
“Finding Our “Humaness” in Asian Literature” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) August 14, 2005)
“Understanding The Interview English of Larry King of CNN and Gene Orejana of ABS-CBN” (Accepted for presentation at The 10th Conference on English in South-East: A Decade of Growth. Held at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, 12-14 December 2005.)
“The Mental Theory and Speechs Acts of Two Children, accepted for paper presentation at Language and Communication Conference,” NIDA Bangkok, Thailand, 19-21 October 2005 and Pan Korea English Teachers Association Conference “Learner Variables and Treatment in EFL Acquisition”, Busan, Korea, October 8, 2005
“The Indirect Speech Acts of Two Parents and Children” -accepted for poster presentation at Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Thesalonikii University, Greece, May 2005
“Vicarous Counseling Approach: The Role of University in Pursuing Regional Peace in Asia” (presented in ASAIHL conference, Lingnan Unversity, Hong Kong January 2004)
“FPJ: An Icon, A Sign or A Symbol” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) January 23, 2005)
“FPJ: A Metaphor” (Manila Bulletin [a national broadsheet) March 20, 2005)
“Systemic Functional Analysis of Selected Dissertations: The Academic Language of a Filipino Scholar”
“Political Culture of the Faculty of Institute of Arts and Sciences of Far Eastern University: Enhancing Political Culture, Preserving the Culture of Learning, SY 2002-2003” (Published in the Journal of Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHIL) Regional Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, November 2002)
“Political Culture of Private High School Teachers in Manila: An Implication to Lifelong Learning” (Published in the Journal of ASAIHIL Regional Conference in Singapore at Nanyang University, June 2002 and JRU BEL.)
“A Critique on the UP published researches ‘A Preliminary Study of Tagalog of Rizal,’ and ‘Ay Hao: Tagalog Dialect of Rizal’”
“Developmental Program for Political Culture of High School Teachers Summer 2002”
“Political Culture of State Universities in Metro Manila” [Published in Philippine Women University Graduate Journal]
“Vicarious Group Counseling Approach: Its Effects on Socio-Emotional Adjustment, Self-Concept Formation and Values Orientation of Freshmen High School Students of Jose Rizal College” [Published in Jose Rizal University Business, Education and Law (BEL) Journal]
“Factors of Course Preference Among Graduate Students of Philippine Normal University” (Group Research)
“Guidance Center: In Magnified Vista” (Feature news published in Adamson Chronicle)
“Mystery of Language” (Historical feature published in Adamson Chronicle)
“Cross and Sickle” (Short story published in Adamson Chronicle)
“One Night Without God” (Short story published in Adamson Chronicle)
“Krudong Pula” (Short story published in Adamson Chronicle)


Rene Belecina, Ph.D.
Math Professor
Philippine Normal University
Lot 1 Block 8 Bo. Sta Maria
Pedro Gil, Paco, Manila, Philippines
Mobile Phone No.09193466273 and e-mail [email protected]

Frank G. Flores, Ph.D.
Professional Lecturer V College of Arts and Letters
University of the Philippines
3 King David, Kingspoint
Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone No. 937-86-31

Dr. Eduardo Garrovillas
Chairman of Marketing Department
Graduate School Faculty
Jose Rizal University
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Software Engineer Ronaldo Buenaflor
Senior Software Analyst
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