Ronald Dagu-ob Welding Inspector

Perth, Australia
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Has 13 years work experience in performing NDE and/or NDT in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Fabrication, Processing and Mining Industries. I I am now seeking for better opportunities in a forward thinking company where I can enhance and further hone my skill set into a new challenging role.

POSITION APPLYING FOR:   WELDING / NDT INSPECTOR (whichever suits my qualifications)


  • Welding Inspection Level 2 (CSWIP 3.1) Certificate No. 81204
  • AINDT Ultrasonic Testing Level II (Welds)
  • AINDT Radiographic Testing Level II (Welds)
  • AINDT Magnetic Particle Testing Level II (Multi Sector)
  • AINDT Penetrant Testing Level II (Multi Sector)
  • In Service Inspection of Pressure Equipment (Qualified)
  • Manual Ultrasonic Testing of Rail Level I



Degree        :  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1990-1996

Colegio de San Agustin – Bacolod City, Philippines

Vocational:  Master Electrician, September 2001 – July 2003

International Correspondence School (ICS)



Company                 : OCEANEERING AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (24 Aug ‘12 – Present)

Position                   : NDT Multidiscipline/ WELDING INSPECTOR 

Jandakot, Western Australia

Projects Assigned:

Roy Hill Bridgework Project (Jan – May 2014) – A bridgework project in a currently developing Roy Hill Mine in Port Hedland, WA wherein a 900mm-Ø x 20mm x 19M Pile Casing is buried 35meters into the ground to support the concrete pile during pouring and on its entire life service.

Specific Task Performed:

  • Verification of welding procedures and welder qualifications.
  • Verification of materials /consumable and Test certificates.
  • Monitors supply of welding consumables, welders tools and PPE’s.
  • Coordinate with the Client Project Manager and/or Site Supervisor regarding daily activities and priorities.
  • Supervision of welders and monitor of welding conditions and implementation of the approved WPS during welding activities and welder qualification test piece preparations.
  • Conduct Visual Inspection after welding and perform 100% MUT of weld in accordance with AS1554.1.
  • Maintains weld and material traceability.
  • Prepares NDT request and compile weld inspection reports.

Fortescue River Gas Pipeline (Sept 2014 – Mar 2015) – A 270km 16” diameter gas pipeline extending from Onslow, WA to FMG’s Solomon Hub operations in WA Pilbara Region.

Specific Task Performed:

  • Coordinate with the client QA/QC Supervisor and/or Welding Inspector regarding daily welding activities and priorities for testing.
  • Ensure all required daily NDT activities are performed and completed as per NDT request.
  • Performs Visual Inspection on completed welds as requested by the clients.
  • Performs Radiography of the mainline welds utilising a pipeline crawler and Radiography on Tie-in welds utilising a 250 – 300KV X-ray generators.
  • Processing and interpretation of radiographic films as per AS2885.2 T1 and feedback results to client.
  • Performs 100% MUT and MPI on golden welds, MUT confirmation/verification and UT thickness spot test on areas suspected of excessive grinding due to arc strike removal as requested.
  • Prepare and compile daily inspection reports.

QCLNG Pipeline (Aug 2012 – Oct 2013) – A 530km 42” diameter gas pipeline extending from Chinchilla to Curtis Island in Gladstone, QLD.

Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Coordinate with the Client NDT Coordinator regarding job priorities and obtain NDT request for day’s        task.
  • 100% Manual Ultrasonic Testing of Transition butt weld joints (23.5/14.1mm, 21/18mm, 18/14.1mm or 21/14.1mm WT x 42-in Ø) on Gas Collection Header and Export Pipeline project in accordance with AS2885.2 Tier 1.
  • Perform MUT on welds for verification / confirmation (as per AUT scan results).
  • Perform MUT before excavation of repair area, perform MPI on the excavated areas to ensure complete defect removal and 100% MUT on the repaired areas in accordance with DNV-OS-F101 Table 6
  • MUT and MT lamination check on pipe ends after cut and rebeveled.

Other Tasks Performed (Jandakot Workshop / Perth Metro):

  • Carry out day-to-day NDT Inspection around Perth Metro or Regional Areas as requested by the clients.
  • UT/PT compliance testing on Corrosion Resistance Alloy (CRA) welds in accordance with DNV-OS-F101 as requested by the client.
  • MT/PT compliance Testing of welds and various products.
  • UT Compliance testing of pipe butt welds and bevel preparation in accordance to API, ASME, AWS, DNV & Australian Standards (AS)
  • Radiography, film interpretations, darkroom maintenance and film archiving.
  • Periodic Calibration of UT Machines, RT equipments and update of records
  • Review and sign NDT reports (NATA signatory on UT, RT, MT and PT)
  • Assisted in the corrosion mapping of Marlin A Platform at Bass Strait, Victoria sub-sea pipeline utilising Neptune scanner.
  • Assist in the development of the maturity and technical skills of junior personnel.

Company                 : BUREAU VERITAS AIRS PTY LTD (27 May ‘08 – 07 Sept ’12)

Position                    : SR NDT TECHNICIAN – Multidiscipline

Canning Vale/Henderson/Kalgoorlie Branch, WA (12 Apr ‘10 – August 2012)

Singleton Branch, NSW (27 May ‘08 – 11 Apr ’10)

Projects Assigned :

Newmont Gold Mine Paste Piping (May – Aug 2011) – A 12mm WT x 6” diameter pipeline buried vertically 120 – 130 meters in the ground at numerous nominated locations in Tanami Region, NT.

Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Night shift Welding Inspector /NDT Technician.
  • Verification of materials /consumable Test certificates.
  • Coordinate with the client Site Supervisor regarding daily activities and priorities.
  • Monitor of welding conditions and implementation of the approved WPS during welding activities.
  • Perform Visual Inspection of the welded joint after welding.
  • Perform 100% Manual UT of the completed butt weld and 100% MPI on Fillet Weld of collar ring in accordance with AS4041/AS4037.

Sydney Water Desalination Project (August – December 2009) – A Desalination Plant Construction located in Kurnell, South of Sydney, NSW that includes underground and underwater pipelines installation

Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Coordinate with the Shift Supervisor for daily welding activities and job priorities.
  • Phased Array UT inspection on butt weld (On-Shore & Off-Shore) in compliance to AS1554.1.
  • Interpret scan data and feedback results to client supervisor.

Other Tasks Performed (Singleton, Kalgoorlie and Perth Branch):

  • Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspection as per AS3788.
  • Phased Array UT inspection of Dragline Swing Shafts to evaluate for the presence of cracking.
  • Shaftest Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing of pins, bolts, steering ball studs, plunger tubes of Mining Heavy Equipment/Machines (such as Caterpillar Haul Trucks, Excavators, Loader, Dozer, Grader etc.) to evaluate for the presence of cracking.
  • UT/RT/MT/PT compliance testing on welds in accordance to ASME BPV, B31, AWS  & AS Codes.
  • Compliance UT Testing of rail butt welds.
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Train wheels to evaluate for the presence of cracking.
  • Eddy Current Testing on welds and nominated parts of equipment/structure and Plant gears to evaluate for the presence of cracking.
  • Radiographic Testing on wire ropes to determine and monitor broken inner strands.
  • Periodic Calibration of UT Machines and update of records
  • Assisted Site Representatives with day-to-day inspections and technical/quality issues
  • Assisted in the development and review of company’s technical procedures.
  • Assisted in the development of the maturity and technical skills of junior personnel.


Company : NATIONAL PIPE COMPANY PTY LTD (30 Nov ’03 – 29 Nov ’07) – A pipe manufacturing company joint venture with Sumitomo Metal Industry producing longitudinal and Helical Seam-welded pipe with its plant based in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, employing a thousand workers composed of Arab, Filipino and other nationalities.

Position : QUALITY CONTROL STAFF (May – Nov ’07)

  • Monitoring and testing of production materials, finished products and its delivery, and related after sales services.
  • Preservation of quality of stored goods and production materials.
  • Compliance to manufacturing and welding procedure specifications.

Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Reported to Asst. QC Manager and/or Sr. Chief QC Staff.
  • Compilation and preparation of pipe monitoring records as required by QA Standard and customer pipe card requirement.
  • Encouraged the line-leaders to perform corrective and preventive actions for better quality based on defects being reported.
  • Processing and controlling of notice of non-conforming coil (NNC), notice of non-conforming welding materials (NNWM), notice of non-conforming product (NNP), notice of discrepancy (NOD) including the verification of disposition.
  • Review, verification and evaluation of Destructive Test for raw materials and finished products (e.g. Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, and Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test).
  • Produce Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) as per required by customer.
  • Technical study thru QA instruction for welding materials and product processing, inspection and testing.
  • Identification and recommendation of solution to quality problems, forming and welding.
  • Daily inspection reports (i.e. coil inspection results, ultrasonic testing, primary visual, x-ray, hydrostatic pressure testing, final inspection, welding repair and residual stress testing procedure reports) and maintains and updates records and files.

Company                 : NATIONAL PIPE COMPANY PTY LTD (Nov ’03 – May ’07)

Position                   : VISUAL INSPECTOR / NDT TECHNICIAN – Multidiscipline

Certified By: MR. Leonardo L. Alarcon   – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092799

MR. Liberato B. Sadaran   – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092800

Specific Tasks Performed:  (VT II, UT II, RT II, PT II)

  • Primary visual inspection on pipe’s inside/outside welds, identify and record the details and quantity of defects found on each pipe.
  • Coordinate with the Pipe Making group regarding visual flaws and defects found during rolling or forming processes so that necessary adjustment be made to prevent further imperfection and to improve pipe quality.
  • Whole length final visual and dimensional inspection.
  • Set-up/calibrate automatic ultrasonic testing equipment (Kraut Kramer USIP-20 and SNUP-17) and perform 100% scanning of weld seam and base metal of spiral welded pipe during rolling in accordance with the API 5L specification and customer additional requirements.
  • Identify indications and give immediate information and advice to Pipe Making group for appropriate adjustment during mill rolling operation.
  • Calibrate Ultrasonic Testing (UT) equipments and perform manual ultrasonic testing on bottom and top coil end of pipe skelp end weld (also known as T-Cross), whole length manual UT scanning of weld of longitudinal welded pipe prior to cold expansion.
  • Issue Notice of Non-conforming Product (NNP) for pipe with excessive indications such as incomplete or lack of penetration, lack of sidewall fusion, cracks, and other unacceptable subsurface defects detected in both weld and parent metal.
  • Set-up X-Ray exposure setting for various pipe sizes & wall thickness.
  • Radiographic Film interpretation and its corresponding disposition during Radiographic Testing.
  • X-Ray shooting on pipe ends and other defective and suspected portions indicated by Visual inspection, Manual and Automatic Ultrasonic testing equipment markings.
  • 100% Penetrant Testing on pipe ends’ bevel surfaces.

Other Tasks Performed (Helical Pipe Mill Modification)

  • Assisted Mechanical group in the modification of End Facer Machine in increasing its capacity from 65-in to 80-in Diameter pipe.
  • Assisted Electrical group in rewiring, repair and installation of electrical devices, and other electrical activities during the modification period of HPM Plant.


Company                 : SEMIRARA MINING COMPANY (20 Mar ’99 – 31 Mar ’03) – Formerly known as Semirara Coal Corporation. A coal-mining firm with its mine site based in Semirara Island, Philippines employing a thousand workers

Position                   : PRODUCT HANDLING SHIFT FOREMAN
Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Reported to Product Department Head.
  • Responsible for the supervision of staff (Product Supervisors; Shiploader Operators, Vessel Spotters, Reclaimer Operators, Stockpile Samplers, Stacker Operators, Bucketwheel Operators and Heavy-equipment Operators).
  • Exercised decision-making and recommendatory powers in the general supervision of all product-handling activities.
  • Formulated and monitored monthly work program for product-handling activities.
  • Ensured provision of logistical support to all product-handling field personnel in terms of adequate and proper tools, materials and supplies, conventional equipment, radio communication, and safety paraphernalia.
  • Coordinated with the Mechanical and Electrical personnel regarding preventive maintenance schedule and/or unplanned but required repairs for any product-handling equipment.
  • Supervised the coal-shiploading operation and determined appropriate action during breakdowns and delays.



  •  Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) Course (14 – 16 Nov ’13)

Undertaken at IFAP Fremantle – OMTC within the OPITO approved course

ID # 125167 Card # 00365700161113188394

  • CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspection – Steel (WIS5 Course) (23 – 27 Sept ’13)

TWI (Australia) Pty Ltd

Certificate # 13/WIS5AU/088

  • Industrial Radiography & Radiation Safety (April 11 ~ 15,  2011)

TAFE Central, Subiaco, WA

  • Manual Ultrasonic Testing of Rail Level I (March 14 ~ 18,  2011)

Conducted By: David Cowan and Roy Nancarrow

Bureau Veritas – Warabrook, NSW, Australia

  • Statement of Attainment in Nondestructive Testing to AINDT Certification

UT 2, RT 2, MT 2 & PT 2 Online Course 2nd Semester 2010 (Course 17432)

Conducted By: Ken Nichols and Peter Marr

TAFE Hunter Institute, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

  • In Service Inspection of pressure Equipment (June 7 ~ 18,  2010)

Conducted By: Bob Jensen

TAFE Central, Subiaco, WA, Australia

  • Phased Array Basic Introduction Course (May 18 ~ 22,  2009)

Conducted By: Andrew King

Bureau Veritas –  Warabrook, NSW, Australia

  • Radiography Safety License (June 19~20, 2008)

Conducted By: David Cowan

Bureau Veritas – Warabrook, NSW, Australia

  • Magnetic Particle Testing, ASNT MT Level II (June 16~18, 2008)

Conducted By: David Cowan

Bureau Veritas – Warabrook, NSW, Australia

  • Radiographic Testing & Film Interpretation, ASNT RT Level II (Oct. 20 ~ 31, 2007)

Conducted by: Liberato B. Sadaran – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092800

National Pipe Co., Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Ultrasonic Testing, ASNT UT Level II (Aug.18 ~ 28, 2007)

Conducted by: Leonardo L. Alarcon – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092799

National Pipe Co., Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Principles of Ultrasonic Testing (May 31, 2007)

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Presented by: Zaki Al Zaki – Senior Instructor, Saudi Aramco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Visual Testing, ASNT VT Level II (Nov. 5 ~ 14, 2006)

Conducted by: Leonardo L. Alarcon – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092799

National Pipe Co., Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Penetrant Testing, PT Level II (Oct.15 ~ 24, 2006)

Conducted by: Leonardo L. Alarcon – ASNT Level III, Cert. No. 0092799

National Pipe Co., Ltd., Philippines

  • Supervising for Safety (July 13 ~ 14, 2001)

Conducted by: Engr. Arnel P. Jadormio, Sr. Safety Engineer

Semirara Mining Corp., Philippines


MEETINGS / PRESENTATION ATTENDED:   (Part of Company’s Employee Development Training sponsored by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Saudi Arabian Section & NACE)

  • Step-wise Cracking Causes & Detection (November 25, 2007 – 1.5Hrs)

Sheraton Dammam Hotel, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Presented by: Mohammad A. Abu Four, Saudi Arabian Section Treasurer

  • ToFD Implementation in Capital Project (October 29, 2007 – 1.5Hrs)

Sheraton Dammam Hotel, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Speaker: Ghazzay Al Subaii, Inspection Technology Engr., Technology Dept. Saudi Aramco

  • Fast Corrosion Detection and Screening with SLOFEC (September 10, 2007 – 1.5Hrs)

Sheraton Dammam Hotel, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Presented by: Andreas Boenisch, Managing Director Innospection Ltd.