Roniel D. Abag bachelor of industrial technology magor in instrumentation

batangas state university philippines
and i alsoand thermocouple and rtd sensorscalibration of instrument such as pressure gaugefabricate and install of cable tray and glanding termination and bending anf installation of tube fitting.transmitter

Work experience:

instrument technician : calibration and installation of instrument likes pressure gauge,transmitter,and thermocouple sensors.

Electrical technician: installation and fabricating of support lightings and cable trays.and glancing termination of device such as jb box and panels.

Instrument fitter: bending of tube.fittings and installation of instrument and their perspective tube and pipe connector.


june 2011/april 2015 bachelor degree in intrumentation and control at batangas state university

I’m a very ten player in my co workers and very hard work in my job and a quality in my work


nov 2015/may 2016 electrical technician at AG&p

Installing and fabricating of cable tray and support .and glanding termination.and cable pulling

july 2015/nov 2015 instrument fitter at AG&P

Installing and bending tube fittings of the instrument.