Rosalie Corrales Sales Associates

Dubai, UAE

Maximize my team leading and sales experience in a challenging environment, guiding by example and utilizing vast experience in directing a team towards its objective within the deadlines and thus achieving the corporate goals.

Planet Nutrition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
July 2010 – December 2016

Duties & Responsibilities:
*  Mediate between sales team and management to address complaints and dissatisfaction from both parties

*  Supervise sales associates and handle change requests by customers, as well as check that goods are in good condition

*  Acquainted with sales items and procedures in the department in order to provide accurate information to clients that can     enhance sales transactions

*  Develop sales strategies to reach new customers and also grab the attention of already existing ones to boost sales in the department

*  Train members of the sales team in order to make them better sales associates

*  Have a positive approach to sales strategies and motivate sales associates to keep their heads up in both good and bad moments in the sales department

*  Supervise opening and closing of the store at the appropriate time.


Planet Nutrition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 2002 – July 2010

Duties & Responsibilities:
* Ensure all products are price tagged and bar-coded before display

* Ensure all stock administration are recorded on the system in time, accurately and correctly categorized and laid out and displayed according to standard layout

*  Contribute to sales within the store through exceptional customer service and retail experience

*  Understand the customer’s need and close the deal and give accurate and current information about the product for all inquiries

*  Ensure correct rotation of stock on shelves and assist in accurate stock counts as per store requirements

*  Ensure awareness and vigilance at all times of security in the store without any negligence.

*  Ensure the highest standards of housekeeping standards and grooming etiquettes are maintained in store at all times

*  Increase the customer database by adding new customers to the mailing list

*  Understand the returns policy and ensure effective implementation

*  Operate as a cashier and be consistently accurate in money handling

Key Skills and Competencies
* Comprehensive knowledge of sales techniques and best business practices.
* Providing insights into consumer behavior.
* Able to work in fast-paced environment.
* Maintaining high visibility and energy levels on the shop floor.
* Extensive sales software knowledge.
* Ability to sit, stand and walk around for long periods.
* Computer proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.
* Enthusiastic attitude in person and over the telephone.
* Natural ability to communicate with others.
* Ability to interact effectively at all levels of an organization.
* Can easily make connections with various kinds of people.
* Displaying a professional and unbiased manner at all times.
* Can bend, twist, and stand to perform job functions.
* Able to adapt to the immediate or unforeseen challenges.
* Detail orientated and consistently accurate.
* Can quickly learn new processes.
Deira City Center Service Leadership Awardee
Dubai, United Arab Emirates     –  August 2004
Planet Nutrition Costumer Service Excellence
Dubai, United Arab Emirates     –   October 2002
Seminars Attended
EAS Product Specialist by Sports One
Dubai, United Arab Emirates      –    August 2002
Moducare Training Seminar by Planet Nutrition
Dubai, United Arab Emirates     –    March 2002



1985 - 1989 HIgh School Graduate at Roosevelt College Marikina Philippines


January, 2002 - December, 2016 Sales Associates at Planet Nutrition