Rose Anne Naval Nurse




Direct Line: 09393767481(smart) / 0554298593

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Home Address: Brgy. Sta. Lutgarda, Cabusao, Camarines

PRC license #: 0555562

PNA #: 055564

Rose Anne Cabañog Naval, R.N.


To work in an institution that offers professional advancement and help me develop my  potential towards becoming a productive individual.
To utilize my learning for further development of my knowledge in my chosen career.
To become a part of the institutions growth.
To gain new skills necessary for the enhancement of my own ability and personality.
To become an effective and competent employee in the field of work where I belong.


Age:             31 years old

Date of Birth:        August 9, 1987

Place of Birth:            Quezon City General Hospital

Gender:        Female

Citizenship:        Filipino

Religion:        Roman Catholic

Status:                            Single

Height:                5’1”

Weight:        48kgs.


Passport #:         P0745072B

Date of Issue:         February 20, 2019

Date of Expiry:    February 19, 2029

Place of Issue:     PE Riyadh


Antenatal Ward Staff Nurse II                      April 1, 2015-present
Prince Sultan Military Medical City            1,200 Bed Capacity

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Duties and Responsibilities:

Attends to endorsement to every patient and General Handover
Assess patient and documents patients general condition
Bed making and  rendering bedside care
Administering medications as per Doctor’s order
Attends and assist Doctor’s during rounds
Assist Doctor’s during Dinoprostine  or Misoprostol insertion or administration
Assisting Doctor’s in Vaginal examination to assess patients cervix’s effacement and dilatation
Commencing and monitoring CTG (CardioTocoGraph) tracing
Deliver excellent nursing care, monitors, maintains standards of care within the hospital policies and procedures.
Assist in planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care.
Identify and act on changes in patient condition, making safe, timely decisions appropriate to the situation.
Assist team leaders and members in liaising between healthcare professionals, doctors and allied healthcare professionals to ensure appropriate medical care is provided to all patients.
Ensure that appropriate consent is obtained and maintained for patients undergoing relevant medical treatment.
Ensure the safe administration and management of medication.
Advocate on behalf of their patients to ensure quality healthcare services are provided.
Maintain and protect the safety, confidentiality and dignity of patients and families.
Manage a clean, safe and tidy unit.
Maintain privacy and confidentiality of all patient related information in relation to service provision and healthcare treatments and services.

Maternity ICU Nurse                              March 17, 2013-August 17, 2014
Tripoli Medical Center                1,500 Bed Capacity

Tripoli, Libya

Duties and Responsibilities:

Attends to endorsement per patient
Assess and document various clinical conditions and vital signs of the patient.
Assist Obstetricians and Gynecologists in various procedures related to delivery, postpartum C-section, newborn care etc.
Administers prescribed medications such as Oral, SC, IV routes and record changes and response of the patient.
Ensuring clients safety especially patients with eclampsia
Administering antihypertensive medications such as Hydralazine and Labetalol for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia patients.
Administering of maintenance dose of Magnesium Sulfate per Doctor’s order
Administration of Insulin for patients with Gestational Diabetes as per patients RBS results
Maintain skill and knowledge in using various medical devices such as Electronic fetal monitors, defibrillators, Suction pumps and other Gynae unit instruments.
Specimen collection and send to the laboratory for the test, record the results accurately.
Conduct nursing interventions like wound drainage, catheterization and medication administration to delegated patient within the scope of practice.
Bed side nursing care to assigned stable patients in the ICU unit based on basic assessment and evaluating the outcomes.
Make intake and output chart after monitoring the fluid and electrolyte balance.
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in case of emergency situation.

Psychiatric ward Staff Nurse                  November 8, 2011-December 31, 2012
National Center for Mental Health          4,200 Bed Capacity

Mandaluyong City

Functions and Responsibilities:

Patients (new, weak, restrained, with suicidal/homicidal tendencies)
Prepare and receive reports (oral/written)
Census of Patients (actual count every shift and monthly written report)
Medicines, equipment and supplies, fire extinguishers
Unattended referrals
Nursing Care of Newly Admitted Patients
Takes T.P.R., weight and height
Gives bath if possible
Observe, record and report injuries, mark peculiarities
Check hazards, sharp instruments
Observe, record and reporting patient’s behavior
Introduce patient to personnel and other patients in the unit
Orient patient to the Unit:
Schedule of Meals
Comfort Rooms
Ward rules and regulations:
Visiting hours
Letters of the patients
Use of the telephone by patients and personnel
Takes care of the patient’s personal belongings and valuables
Daily routine in the care of patients
Personal hygiene (bath, hair, nails, etc.)
Meals: Time and Place
Sleep and rest
Preparation and Administration of Drugs
Other medications (i.e. vitamins, anti-helminthic)
Nursing care of patient’s receiving
Electroconvulsive therapy
ECG, BMR, G.I. series, FBS
Nursing care of patients with common behavioral problems
Withdrawn patients
Apprehending disturbed patients (assaultive, and over-active patients)
With suicidal/homicidal attempts
Patients whose behavior has sexual connotations
Patients with feeding problems
Patients who are hallucinating or delusional
Patients who are incontinent



Suction Machine, IV fluids machine, Portable Incubator, Newborn Warmer, CTG machine, ECG Machine, Crash Cart(Defibrillator), Glucometer, BP machines, Pulse Oximeter, Checking and Replacement of Oxygen Tank
Adequate knowledge in Nursing Care and Basic Nursing Procedures;
Computer Literate (MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint)


Bikol, Filipino. English and Arabic


SAUDI Prometrics Passer    Saudi Commission For Health Specialties

Registration Number (15-R-N-0019523)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tertiary            Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of Nueva Caceres

City of Naga



Secondary            University of Nueva Caceres

City of Naga


Elementary            ColegiodelSantisimo Rosario

Libmanan, Camarines Sur




May 9, 2018            Neonatal Resuscitation Program

PSMMC, CPR Education Centre

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

July 26, 2017            Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Saudi Heart Association

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

May 16-18, 2016        Saudi Health Exhibition & Conferences

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

October 07, 2015                 Neonatal Resuscitation Program

PSMMC CPR Education Centre

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

April 15, 2015                          Basic Cardiac Life Support Provider

Saudi Heart Association

PSMMC CPR Education Centre

July2-23, 2012        Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing Course

Pag-Asa Hall, National Center for Mental Health

Mandaluyong City

April 25, 2012         “Early Detection and Prevention of Suicide”

Pag-Asa Hall, National Center for Mental Health

Mandaluyong City

September 7, 8 & 9, 2010    Basic Intravenous Therapy Training Course

Auditorium, Bicol Medical Center

Naga City




Sister Manal Al-Amri

Head Nurse-Obs-Gynae

Prince Sultan Miltary Medical City

Riyadh, KSA

Sister Nejood Al-Obathani

Charge Nurse-Obs-Gynae

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Riyadh, KSA

Mrs. Gerlie A. Abello, RM, RN

Maternity Department Supervisor

Tripoli Medical Center

Tripoli, Libya


Sister Fathia Ali Kazuz

Maternity Department Head

Tripoli Medical Center

Tripoli, Libya



Rose Anne C. Naval, RN