ROSELL M. CASTRO Cost Control officer



Blk 48, Lot 20 PUD Site, Escopa 3, Project 4  Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mobile No.: +63 9052568931
Email Add: [email protected]





·         Corporate Accounting and Bookkeeping

·         Journal Entries and General Ledgers

·         Accounts Payable and GL

·         Analysis of accounts

·         Reporting

·         Purchasing

·         Payroll using paymaster




Position:                           Cost Control Officer

Duration:                          January 2018 – Present

Company:                         Euro Towers International Inc.

Company Industry:             Real Estate

Address:                           3F, Vivaldi Residences, 628 Edsa cor. Aurora Blvd., Cubao

Department:                     Accounting



Duties and Responsibilities:



·         Verify all RFP before endorsing it to the Director.

·         Coordinates with project staff regarding payments to contractors.

·         Measure progress & performance to ensure that items are tracking with the project plan.

·         Prepares weekly and monthly cost report per project detailing actual and forecasted expenditures.

·         Coordinates with project staff & accounting officer with regards to closure or completion of contract.



·         Ensures proper recording and charging of project cost.

·         Updates supplier’s ledger reflecting the details of approved contracts, purchase order and check vouchers.

·         Maintains numerical file of purchase order & material cost per unit.

·         Maintains a monitoring budget report in which project cost are compared with actual costs as incurred.

·         Monitors deviation in terms of quantity and amount.

·         Provides data for ABP presentation of the CDG Director.




Position:                           Accounting Assistant

Duration:                          August 2016 – July 2017

Company:                         South Sea Development Corporation

Company Industry:             Logistics

Address:                           Unit 406 – 407, Toyama Bldg., Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Department:                     Accounting


Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Prepare vouchers payable (VP) for affiliates

·         Monitors depot funds daily

·         Check liquidations of funds from depot

·         Request depot fund replenishment

·         Monitors depot utilities

·         Ensures all employee advances/charges are accounted for

·         Prepares exception report

·         Records depot expenses

·         Quickbooks (Accounting system used)




Position:                           Accountant

Duration:                          March 2016 – July 2016

Company:                         Landmark Marina Hotel

Company Industry:             Hospitality

Address:                           Koror, Palau

Department:                     Accounting


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Prepares payment for suppliers and make sure they are paid before due dates

·         Prepares schedule of payable monthly

·         Prepares billing statement for clients

·         Prepares schedule of receivables monthly

·         Follow up payment from clients

·         Prepares daily report (for cash sales & daily expenses)

·         Prepares payroll for the Hotel Staff

·         Prepares Income Statement

·         Do bank transactions (Encashments & balance transfer)

·         Petty cash custodian

·         In charge in purchasing of Hotel & restaurant’s supplies




Position:                           Accounting Officer

Duration:                          November 2015 – March 2016

Company:                         South Sea Development Corporation

Company Industry:             Logistics

Address:                           Unit 406 – 407, Toyama Bldg., Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Department:                     Accounting


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Checks voucher payable (VP)

·         Prepares check voucher (CV) and checks

·         Safe keep check until endorsed to cashier

·         Ensures encashment of checks & proper distribution to depots

·         Reports daily on check issuances

·         Monitors budget on construction

·         Checks reports

·         Petty cash custodian

·         Release cash reimbursement of employees

·         Quickbooks (Accounting system used)



Position:                           Accounting Staff

Duration:                          May 2007 – November 2015

Company:                         Ultra Insulated Panel Systems Corporation

Company Industry:             Manufacturing

Address:                           Unit 7C DN Corporate Center,1388 Quezon Ave.,Quezon City

Department:                     Finance and Administration



Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Process payment for suppliers.

·         Prepares & process payment for customer’s rebate.

·         Prepares & process payment installer’s payroll and progress billing for sub contractors.

·         Process payment for sub contractor’s reimbursements.

·         Prepares check payment vouchers and cash vouchers for employees reimbursements, advances & replenishments.

·         Journal Entries

·         Liquidation of advances from suppliers and employees.

·         Petty Cash custodian.

·         Release cash reimbursement of employees



·         ACCPAC (Data entry to accounting system)

·         Bank Reconciliation

·         Analysis of accounts

·         Lapsing Schedule (of company’s assets)

·         Maintains Trial Balance, GL Listing, Income Statement and Balance sheet (generated from ACCPAC)

·         Monthly accruals of prepaid insurance and taxes.





Highest Education


Education Level:                 Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Major:                              Operations & Supply Chain Management

Inclusive Dates:                 2017 – Present

Units Earned:                     33 Units

Units Left:                         9 units

School/University:              University of the East – Manila

Address:                           CM Recto Avenue, Quezon City





Education Level:                 College Graduate

Education Field:                  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Course:                            Financial and Management Accounting

Inclusive Dates:                 2003 – 2007

School/University:              COLLEGE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TARLAC

Address:                           F. Tañedo St., Tarlac City



High School

School           :                  TARLAC NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL
Inclusive Dates:                 1998 – 2002
Address         :                  Tarlac City, Philippines

School:                             BALIBAGO SEGUNDO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Inclusive Date :                  1992 – 1998
Achievement:                     Valedictorian
Address  :                         Balibago Segundo, Tarlac City, Philippines


Age:                                33

Date of Birth:                    October 20,1985

Gender:                            Female

Civil Status:                       Single

Height:                             165.8 cm (5’5”)

Weight:                            58 kg.

Nationality:                       Filipino




Ms. Marilou Seacor              College Professor
College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac

Cel.No.: +632 917-400-4981
Relationship: College Professor


Shiena Lyn Atienza              Accounting Supervisor (CPA)
Ultra Insulated Panel Systems Corporation
Tel.No.: +632 2367 – 8335

Cel No.: +632 906-353-2375
Relationship: Former Supervisor


Jose Villanueva Jr.              Audit Specialist

South Sea Development Corporation

Tel No.: 0922 879 5916