Rovita Abigania Baltero Administrative Assistant

Administrative Management


Dec. 1997 - July 2018 Administrative Assistant at Columban College


Dec 1997 - July 2018 Administrative Assistant at East Asia Regional Council of Schools

Report directly to the Exec. Director. Act as a program coordinator to regional conference. Function as a general office manager, keeping timelines., know the files in dwpth & maintain the aporopriate levels of cobfidentiality re personal matters & other matters as deemed approoriate. Prepares agenda and packets dor the board meetings. Assist with the oreparation of office calendar. Maintain personnel records. Make travel arrangements fir the Exec. Director. Do other duties as assign by the management.

1988 - 1991 Receptionist/Clerical Asst. at Sam's Amusement Ent.

Assist the Executive Asst. on all clerical work. Welcomes visitors in seeing our General Manager. Assist the Vice President whenever she is on duty. Records incoming/outgoing transactions. Answers telephone calls

1980 - 1982 Secretary/Cashier at Christ The King High School

Do clerical job as maybe assign by the principal. Responsible in preparing examination test paper by typing in stencil. Assist & welcomes parents concern. Accept & records student’ monthky tuition.