Sabbir  Hossain

355 Gerrard Street East, Apt. 315

Toronto ON, M5A 2G5

Cell Phone Number: (647) 704-9425

Email: [email protected]


Objective: To secure a Full Time Position where I may develop my skills and experiences.

Summary of Qualifications

•       Acquired leadership, critical thinking, punctuality, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, and public speaking skills

•       Previous experience performing customer service duties including food service, promotional marketing, project management and fundraising

•       Proven ability to lift over 30 pounds on a consistent basis

•       Certified in Quality Improvement by Institute for Healthcare Improvement, WHMIS, AODA, EHS by Ryerson University, Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C as of October 2017 by the Canadian Red Cross, and full G Class license holder

•       Skilled in computer usage, R programming, Basic SQL, ARENA simulation software, Matlab, AutoCAD Solidworks, MS Access, MS Project, Visio, Excel, PowerPoint and Word processing

•       Fluent in English and Bengali



2018-Present        Oxford Learning Centre                                                              Junior Consultant


•          Studied current KPI and completed surveying, interviewing, job shadowing, facility layout, time studies of employees

•          Assessed and analyzed the performance gap in business workflow processes and stakeholder ownership levels to develop solutions

•          Outlined problem areas of employee and customer communication, employee turnover rate, and productivity

•          Recommended solutions to increase efficiency, admin workflow up to 50%, for better organization, and eliminated a safety hazard

•          ‎Presented change management findings and implementation plan for continuous improvement to franchise service operations team


2017-Present       Gemalto Canada                                   Capstone Design Project Member

•          Analyzed non-value-added processes and wastes contributing to the following areas, material ordering, equipment procurement, bottlenecks, human resource acquisitions and training

•          Led and managed surveying initiatives, interviews, process mapping, job shadowing employees of various levels of management and time studies of manufacturing processes

•          Discovered inadequate training standards, lacking sufficient tools to identify preventative maintenance scheduling and issues communicating priorities resulting to at least $63,700 in operational losses

•          Designed procedures and trained employees to complete maintenance logs to identify root causes of machine idle and downtime

•          Proposed investment in hardware and software to monitor and record machine status, production output, and duration of machine down/idle time for future analysis


2016-2017         Harcourts Ltd.                                    Ergonomics & Design Improvement

Project Member


•          Visited the garments factory site every week, observed workers daily duties, took measurements using video and pictures, surveyed workers by questionnaire, checklists, interviews, recorded environment noise, light and sound levels to identify problem areas

•          Made recommendations to improve process flow, facility layout, worker posture, workstation redesign, quality of garments, procedures, performance, employee wellbeing, job demand, noise, light, and sound pollution

•          Modeled workstation and worker posture and studied ergonomic loads and strains using RULA, JACK, and 4D WATBAK software

•          Submitted and presented findings to the company, resulting in immediate cost savings of $4,282 and lowered absenteeism reduction percentage by 58%



Ryerson University Facilities Management and Development                 Promotional Lead


•          Informed Ryerson community members about services offered by the department and the procedure to notify the department about an issue of concern on campus

•          Trained and advised new promotional team members regarding payroll, marketing approach, and the delivery of their advertising pitch

•          Offered general information and gave directions to community members regarding Ryerson University services and layout

•       Assembled booth, signage, display, information cards and other promotional materials


2015-2017           Ryerson University Annual Fund Alumni Office       Tele Fundraiser (Caller)


•          Updated Ryerson University alumni information on file, such as mailing address, phone number, email address, and employment details via phone

•          Informed alumni about upcoming events, alumni benefits and discounts program, program specific fundraising campaign

•          Raised funding for student awards, scholarships, and different departments

•          Built rapport with alumni for a continued positive relationship with Ryerson University after graduating

•          Wrote personalized thank you cards to alumni, that have donated to a specific fundraising campaign causes or programs


2008-2012               Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute                O.S.S.D. Achieved


2013-2018               Ryerson University                                                         Graduation Set

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering                                     June 2018


References available on request


Sabbir  Hossain

355 Gerrard Street East, Apt. 315

Toronto ON, M5A 2G5

Cell Phone Number: (647) 704-9425

Email: [email protected]



References:     Laura Ogumka

Facilities Database Coordinator (Former)

Facilities Management and Development, Ryerson University

285 Victoria Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3

Work Tel: (416) 979-5000 ext. 553474

Personal Tel: (416) 843-5663

Email: [email protected]


Richard Dean

Marketing Supervisor

Facilities Management and Development Department

Ryerson University

285 Victoria Street, VIC-800

Work Tel: 416 979 5091

Personal Tel: (647) 463-4878

Email: [email protected]


Jonathan Chan

Manager, Annual Giving and Donor Stewardship (Former)

Ryerson University

350 Victoria Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3

Work Tel: (613) 788-5022

Personal Tel: (416) 823-3781

Email: [email protected]


James Nguyen

Supervisor, Annual Giving and Donor Stewardship (Former)

Ryerson University

350 Victoria Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3

Work Tel: (416) 979-5000 ext. 7898

Personal Tel: (647) 740-1289

Email: [email protected]


September 2013 to June 2018 Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University