Salvador Justo Forklift Operator at Panda Retail Company – Savola Group

Region II - Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Age-38 years old

Date of birth-March-22-1980

Place of birth-flora apayao


Height-158 cm

Weight-65 kg


Religion-christian catholic

Dialect spoken-Engilsh,Tagalog,Arabic,

Skills-computer literate,driving,forklift operator

Person to be contacted in case of emergency

Name-Sharlyn mae justo

Address-san guillermo isabela

Contact No; 09655784337

Education Background;

Vocational; technical education and skills development authority

Work Expirience

1. Position:  warehouse supervisor

Duration:june 20-2012 to june 20-2018

Company: Savola group azizia panda

Location: Saudi Arabia


Mr; Hisham Alowa

Regional Manager

Contact Detials:966543458980