Samantha Elaine Del Rosario Project Accountant/HR Adimisitrator

Manila, Philippines
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Inthelm Inc. (Helmword Ltd.)

HR Administrator/Accountant            – Oct. 9, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2015

Job Responsibilities:

–          Handles resume screening, recruitment and orientation

–          Set up interviews and issue relevant correspondence

–          Administer HR-related documentation, such as contracts of employment

–          Records and maintains all human resource files and documents

–          Serves as the point person for employees’ issues and inquiries, including but not limited to benefits and company policies

–          General Accounting support functions

–          Payroll


AWI (Ability with Innovations, Dubai) – Manila Office

Financial Analyst                                      – Sept. 17, 2012 – May 2013

Job Responsibilities:

–          General Accounting support functions

–          Detailed Project Review and Analysis

–          Profitability Reporting

–          Cost Analysis

–          Detailed Project Reporting

–          Supporting the Development of Financial Statements

–          General Ledger Journal Entries

–          Other duties as assigned



DATEM Construction Inc.

Project Cost Accountant                       – Jan. 2003 – Oct. 2011

Job Responsibilities:

responsible for the recording, analyzing, summarizing and classifying transaction and events of the project cost/expenses incurred in a certain phase of work.


Basic Tasks:

–          process accounts payable voucher (all suppliers/ subcontractor/ utilities/ others)

–           process check vouchers for all payments

–          prepare monthly cost report (for project manager)

–          prepare cash position

–          prepare closing out of advances to suppliers, employees and other accounts pertaining to the project.

–          prepare journal vouchers (JV -daily store issuance slip/TM/TRP)

–          prepare journal vouchers (JV – adjustment/cancellation/bank recon.)

–          analyzes inventory account per book vs. per warehouse report

–           analyzes profit and loss statement and balance sheet accounts.

–          conduct physical inventory every 6th month of the year

–          familiarize self with the nature of the project contract and provision embodied which are vital to the project costing.

–          coordinates and monitor the warehouseman on the timely submission of the documents to the head office (DRR/DSIS/TM/TRP, etc.) as well as on time recording of the said documents to the system.

–          coordinates and monitor the timekeepers on the weekly recording of payroll cost distribution to the system.

–          coordinates closely with the project cost engineer regarding subcontractors billing and other matters affecting project costing.


Projects Handled or involved with:

–          One Shangri-la Place Project

–          Twin Oaks Place

–          MDC 100 Project

–          Trace Computer College Project

–          Mind Museum Project

–          St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global Project

–          New Sinai Project

–          Sta. Elena Project

–          Notre Dame Project

–          Trace Elementary Project




Document Controller – 2000 – 2003

Job Responsibilities:


Maintains and manages all important documents either for a particular project or whole organization and assures that it is easily accessible and stored.  Maintains and examines related files to release blueprints, drawings, and engineering documents to manufacturing and other operating departments.


Basic Tasks:

–          Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure, including technical documents, drawings, and commercial correspondence.

–          Input document data into standard registers ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date.

–          Generate the various document control reports as required.

–          Typing of site documents, and follow up of all the site needs.

–          Makes sure that controlled copies of latest approved documents and drawings are given to the appropriate staff, subcontractors and suppliers as applicable.

–          Maintain updated records of all approved documents and drawings and their distribution clearly.

–          Maintain the documents and drawings in the Document Control Office under safe custody without any damage or deterioration with easy traceability.

–          Maintain the files and control logs as required by the project.


Projects Handled or involved with:


–          TIC Project

–          Greenbelt Redevelopment Project



Executive Secretary & Project Secretary – Sept. 1997 – 1999

Job Responsibilities:

–          Provide administrative and clerical support to departments or individuals

–          Schedule meetings and arrange conference rooms

–          Alert managers about cancelations and new meetings

–          Manage travel and schedule

–          Handle information sheets

–          Prepare correspondence and stuff mail into envelopes

–          Arrange outgoing mail and packages to be picked up

–          Manage spreadsheets

–          Greet and receive visitors

–          Prepare confidential and sensitive documents

–          Coordinates office management activities

–          Determine matters of top priority and handle accordingly

–          Maintain hard copy and electronic filing system