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Sameh Guirguis

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September 2014 –

June 2018



Bachelor of Applied Science Mechanical Biomedical Engineering
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

·      4th year student

Engineering                 THERMODYNAMICS:

·      Developed basic understanding regarding the operation of power plants and energy generation.

·      Developed knowledge on how devices, such as turbines and compressors, affect fluid properties flowing in a cycle.


·      Familiarized with various linkages operations and machine components. HEAT TRANSFER:

·      Developed problem solving skills, studied principles of heat transfer and derived various properties.


·      Expanded understanding with regards to different types of materials and their mechanical and biological properties.


·      Ability to simulate mechanical and electrical systems mathematically with the use of MatLab.


·      Basic knowledge of fundamental electronic components and circuits.

·      Experienced using Arduino microprocessor and software. MACHINE DESIGN:

·      Designed mechanical gear box with associated components and conducted failure analysis on the system.


·      Built good problem solving through calculating various properties of a flowing fluid.


Computer                    MICROSOFT

·      Excellent knowledge in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint


·      Advanced skills in programming languages including C and MATLAB

·      Used CAD/design tools such as SolidWorks.


Communication                ·    Fluent in English, French and Arabic (reading, writing and oral).

·      Successfully presented a number of presentations at school, which conveyed a clear message.

·      Skilled in writing technical reports as well as informal memos.

Soft Skills                          ·    Work delegation.

·      Time Management.

·      Conflict resolution.

·      Critical thinking.


Leadership                        ·    Peer mentored various groups for multiple school subjects, increasing their academic performance.

·      Organized activities for a junior youth convention for more than 150 youth members.

·      Captain of the basketball team in high school for 3 years (2008-2011).

Project Experience

Tractor trailer system project

The goal was to limit the distance between a tractor and trailer using a spring to avoid collisions. Transfer functions were used to generate state space representation and matrices that were plugged in a MATLAB code, showing the behavior of the distance between the tractor and trailer over time and of the velocity.

Sky swimmer

Designed, with a group, a vehicle that floats indoors by means of helium, and moves using thrust generated by 8 helium filled sails in a gaseous atmosphere. Was responsible for designing, using SolidWorks, a CAD model of the linkage system between the body and the sails which created the motion of the sails needed for propulsion

Organ Transporter

A device that helps the lung maintain its physiological values during a 10-hour transportation from donor to patient. Blood substitute perfusion, air ventilation and compositions were all taken into consideration to ensure keeping the lungs alive. The project was designed with group of four people. A lot of research was done for this project in order to know what the physiological values of the lungs are and what are the methods to maintain it.

Lower Limb Passive Exoskeleton
This consisted if the final year CADCAM project. Three mechanisms of a lower limb passive exoskeleton were designed: hip, knee, and ankle mechanism. 3D models were designed using SolidWorks, a failure analysis was conducted on all components, and the system was parametrized via a MatLab code.


06/2016 – 09/2017                   Driver

09/2014 – 01/2015                   Sous chef

04/2014 – 05/2014                   Mover

Independent – Self-employed
01/2018 – present                     Sales associate, watch and jewelry repairs

The Time Shop

Volunteering Experience

·      Participated in a mission trip to Syria for 2 weeks and could work in different groups to bring donated clothes to people in need.


2014-2018 Mechanical Engineering at University Of Ottawa

Biomedical mechanical engineering