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Network Planner / FIBER /GIS.



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To hold a challenging and an interesting position in a well-established organization, with an environment conductive for continued personal and professional growth.


Professional Experience:


Company      : Swed Tel Arabia limited, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia


Period                        : Since December 2014

Project            :  STC NETWORK PLANNING – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Prepare plan to serve neighborhood for FTTH services / serving commercial street for business customers. Planning require to analyzing survey data, compiling the customer types, calculating the bandwidth requirement of different types of customers, and link budget calculation to serve the services. Plan also include; proposing the civil work and cable requirement for distribution/drop cables and backhauling cable to POP.


Prepare plan to develop metro network to connect all exchanges within a city limits. Study require to select the best and practical routes, propose type of civil installations, number of ducts, and cable installations details.


Prepare plan to connect Key Account customers with fiber. Plan require to study the existing infrastructure and propose the new route up to customer buildings. Also propose the equipment in customer side as per bandwidth requirement and backhaul connectivity up to exchange.


Prepare plan for the long distance network connecting different cities. Plan require to study and analyze the survey reports for terrain condition, different utilities along the route, road structures like bridges, culverts, and built-up area crossing. Plan the routes proposing different types of civil work as per terrain conditions, proposing solutions for underground utilities crossing etc. Also proposing cable and installation details.

All activities are done using ARC/GIS platform. Using NE tool.



Company      : Network-5 Company limited, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Designation  : GIS Specialist/ GIS Supervisor

Period                        : Nov 2013 – December 2014.

Project-I         : FTTH – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Worked in MOBILY for FTTH Project. Upload MOBILY telecom design data in ArcGIS.  Update FTTx Design, Civil Design according to MOBILY standard using FM for all Saudi Arabia. Data is updated according to the Survey report submitted by the N-5 Company).


Company      : Jazeera Access Company limited, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Designation  : GIS Specialist

Period                        :  June 2013- Oct 2013

Project-I         : Saudi Electricity – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Worked as a GIS Specialist in JA Company on Saudi Electric Project.

Making Presentation of Data and Submits in SEC-Offices like (Baha, Riyadh, & Durma).Train to New Operators and Handling IT Issues like GIS Installation, Troubleshooting, Server Maintenance & other things.





Company      : DARMOJA (GARMIN), Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Designation  : GIS Specialist

Period                        :  June 2010- May 2013

Project-I         : NAVIGATION – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Project aim to create new map for Darmoja for its navigation devices more than 70 cities digitized with routing with desert roads. Also make all kinds of cities & deserts POI’s on Arc GIS Software.






Company      : System Domain Establishment (SDE), Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Designation  : GIS Supervisor/Surveyor

Period                        :  March 2006- June 2010

Project-I         : LBS

Project-II       : TELEATLAS

Project-III      : NAVIGATION


Project aim to create user interested POIs like big Shopping Malls, Gov.-Buildings, Petrol Stations, and ATMs (etc.) using GPS Devices and ARC GIS software to make easier for user to reach his interested Destination.


Project aim to create digital Road Maps using the latest GPS devices on TA-Mapper Software  to use with the latest GPS systems which are being applied in the latest models cars and mobiles now a days.


Project aim to create Navigate all KSA cities Using Arc GIS software & also using IKONOS images which are being applied for Saudi Government departments.



Company      : Aero map Delta Planning (MOMRA), Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Designation  : Micro station Operator

Period                        :  JAN 2005- Oct 2005

Project-I         : NAVIGATION – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


To make the compiled sheets presentable, perform extended responsibilities of cartography time by time. Corrections after field verification & Placement of Street names. Include line styles, Contour Smoothing, Spikes removing, Patterning, Capping, etc.


Environment                        :  Arc GIS 9.3.1, Arc GIS 10.2 & Arc FM. Arc GIS NE.


GIS Exposure            :

Arc GIS 9x ,10,10.1 & 10.2
Arc View GIS 3.2
Auto CAD 2012 ,2014 , 2015

Computer Skills:



Educational Qualifications:


Intermediate in Science.
Personal details:


Father’s Name                                  :            Muhammad Ahmad Ansari

D.O.B                                                 :           5th September 1981

Nationality                                        :           Pakistani

Sex                                                      :           Male

Marital status                                    :           Married

Languages known                           :           English & Arabic