Segundino M Godoy Jr. sales, marketing and business development


Hi Sir/ Madame,


I would like to apply for a sales, marketing and business development position that you may found my credentials suitable

for your job requirements.

I have a wide number of years of experience when it comes to above mentioned jobs.


Thank you,


Segundino M. Godoy Jr.


1980 to 1986 Primary Level at Rizal Elementary School
1986 - 1990 Secondary Level at North Davao Colleges
March 1990 to October 1996 Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at University of Mindanao - Bolton Street, Davao City 8000 Philippines


Feb. 03, 2017 to May 15, 2018 Account Executive - Business Unit Technology for Mindanao at DKSH Philippines, Incorporated

 Develop the laboratory instrument business in the area of Mindanao (North and South Mindanao)
 Maintain existing customers and possibly develop in the area of Mindanao.
 Manage the logistics and after sales support of service engineers with customers in the area.

March 08, 2014 to Jan. 31, 2017 Area Sales Manager - Mindanao Operations at ITS Science (Phils.), Incorporated

 Manage sales operations in the region which includes logistics, promotions, admin and finance,
clientele demands and relationships, competitor’s activities etc.

January 15, 2013 to Feb. 15, 2014 Key Account Manager - Mining Mindanao at Le Price International Incorporated

 Extensive promotion of company’s products for mining industries towards industrial solutions.
 Coordination and supervision of service engineers when implementing projects at the mine site.
 Offer consultations to mining engineers and mechanical engineers at mine site for the betterment of their continuous safety and productive operations.
 Closely monitoring of competitor’s activities especially with respect to pricing.
 Continuity of business development in the area as far as mining industries is concerned.
 Maintain clientele relationships especially with key clients.

August 2006 to Janya Technical Sales Representative at Guill - Bern Corporation

 Promotion of laboratory equipment (both general equipment and analytical equipment) to be used and for the field of Quality Assurance/ Control and Research Developments to various field of industries such as pharmaceuticals, academe, government regulatory agencies, food manufacturing, agriculture companies, mining industries etc.
 Promote enhance sales activity to different clientele industries through product presentation, seminars, participation on technical trainings etc.
 Constant monitoring of competitor’s activities in the market with respect to its technology, price and or product competitiveness.
 Proper coordination of the concerned application specialist for a particular product with respect to the following concerns;
o when instrument is said to be not operational during installation and commissioning of the unit
o when there is in need of an in – depth technical presentation to an end user for a particular area of concern of the product for a specific parameter or group of parameters
o when there is a need to do methodological development for a specific parameter as a compromise to the end user prior to its decision on buying the equipment

Achievements Received:
 Sales rookie of the year with an achievement of 196.40% above quota for the year 2007.
 Nominee for salesman of the year 2008.
 Senior salesman of the year with an achievement of 118% above the target quota of
P 15,000,000.00 for the year 2009.

August 2005 to March 2006 Financial Executive - Bancassurance Department at New York Life Insurance (Phils.), Incorporated

 Promote Life Insurance policies (bancassurance) to Allied Bank potential depositors in the area of concerns.
 Assist prospective clients to obtain medical examination prior to his/her approval for life insurance policy. This happens when a client is 40 years old above and who applies for a life insurance policy coverage of 1.0 Million.
 Assist clients of processing insured’s claims when there is a need to do so.
 Coordination of the Branch Manager and staff for the number of policy generated each month as a precautionary measure for their production requirement on bancassurance products set by the management.

April 1999 to June 2003 Professional Area Manager at The Professional Group Incorporated

 Extensive recruitment of potential sales agents and designate a quota for each of them.
 Assist and work with sales team whenever there is a need to do sales presentation.
 Personal couching through sales clinics such as prospecting, conceptualizing the sales scenario and closing the sales process.
Achievements Received:
 2nd Place for the Area Manager Category for AFPSLAI – PNL Division for the year 2001.
 5th Place for the Area Manager Category for AFPSLAI – PNL Division for the year 2002.
 3rd Place for the Area Manager Category for Regular Accounts Division for the year 2002.

May 1996 to February 1999 District Sales Supervisor at J.M. Tollmann Laboratories Incorporated

Job Description:
 Conduct coordination meeting with sales team per month to ensure the target of 95% to 100% quota for the month.
 Supervision of three Medical Representatives in the Northern and Western Mindanao area.
 On time submission of sales monthly and quarterly reports and collection reports to the District Sales Manager.
 Frequent monitoring of the MSR’s daily, weekly and monthly sales and collection reports to ensure the timely submission of their reports which shall be submitted to head office and so that proper evaluation of their sales activities had to be done in a given time.
 Work with the MSR to ensure reliable output sales and collection performance.

November 1994 to April 1996 Medical Sales Representative at J.M. Tollmann Laboratories, Incorporated

Job Description:
 Promotion of generic medicines to dispensing doctors and resident doctors in hospitals with which medicines are applicable to their field of applications and owners of pharmacies.
 Ensure the quota target of P 500,000/month and collection target of at least 80% of the quota per month.
 Have a sense of awareness of the competitors’ activities in the assigned territory.