Seif Abdeljalil Translator, Interpreter and Researcher

Nablus, Palestine Seif Abdeljalil
CONDUCTING different kinds of researchesSPEAKING several languagesTRANSLATING all kinds of texts

Seif Abdeljalil
Albayader st, Beit Dajan, Nablus, Palestine  •  +970592515188  •  [email protected]





  • 3+ years of experience in Translation, Interpretation and Researching
  • Solid background in management, Human Resources and Public Relations
  • Achieved the IELTS exam with a modest level
  • Proficient in MS Office, Flash, HTML and Adobe Photoshop
  • Multilingual: Fluent in Arabic, English, Spanish and Italian



Translation and Interpretation

  • Translate formal documents, letters and scripts
  • Make connections with translators and interpreters who helped the council that I worked in
  • Edit the work of all translators who worked before me in the establishment
  • Monitor the projects and distribution of the scholarships for poor people
  • Interpret the meetings and communications with foreign contacts
  • Give guides to the foreign people who came to visit the council for several reasons


  • Conduct scientific researches to help the engineers who supervised the granted projects
  • Hold seminars and conferences that teach and advise students and researchers how to research, what should be included in a
  • research and explain the reasons of researching



  • Translator and Interpreter                                                                                       2016 – 2019
    Beit Dajan Council, Nablus, Palestine
  • Tour Guide                                                                                                                 2015 – 2018
    Project Hope, Nablus, Palestine


  • Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature                                                     2018
    An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine


References Available Upon Request


2003-2015 Speaking fluent English, Good computer user and programmer, and Excellent football player. at Beit Dajan High School

I have been a diligent student in high school, seeking the best marks and impressions.

2015-2018 Speaking several languages in different accents, Translating and writing researches, and Analyzing literary and non-literary texts. at An-Najah National University

I have been a diligent student in university, seeking the best marks and impressions.


2016-2019 Translator, Interpreter and Reseacher at Beit Dajan Council

My job was to translate all the received documents and the documents that were expected to be sent, interpret all the meetings and conduct scientific researches about the projects and scholarships supervised by the council.

2015-2018 Part-Time Tour Guide at Project Hope

My tasks were based on giving tours to the tourists/volunteers who came to teach certain subjects in the institution and help them sightseeing.