Selma Zilic Biochemist/Chemistry teacher/Operation data analyst

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Pasana Kovacevica 15

75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cell: + 387 61 451401

Email: [email protected]

Citizenship and passport: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marritial status: Single

Driver licence: B (car)

Criminal record: Clean

Medical record: Clean





Research  u Teaching u Analysis uTraining & Development

6+ years of experience operating, administrating laboratory operations, research and education in Faculty of Science, 5+ years of experience in Projects delivery,  Logistics, Materials, Operations, Human Resource, Documents Control and Administration (LogCap Project, Afghanistan).



A professional graduated as biochemist seeking a position commensurate with my experiences and education. Demonstrated ability to meet and exceed mission requirements, proven problem solver and decision maker, skilled in laboratory work, education, operations and logistics, data mining and analysis processes. Highly organized, efficient and skilled in a variety of laboratory and  office support tasks. During my studing and work, I gained  multiple practical skills.


___________________FINAL YEAR INDIVIDUAL PROJECT__________________


My final project (Master thesis) the expression and purification of the enzyme cytokinin dehydrogenase (CKX, EC was studied. The work was about the selection of the best purification procedure and best expressing Pichia pastoris clones with multiple gene integration. This utilised independent and variable research skills, studing demanding and rare researching papers, usage of different laboratory methods and procedures, with computer programes and applications, problem solving, math skills and lot of improvisations. My thesis were defended during a presentation in front of Faculty board, in a conference style discussion.


___________________________EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS_______________________________


2007-2010 Palacky University Olomouc, Faculty of Science – Czech Republic

Master of Science (Biochemistry)

Awarded by Czech Republic Government Scholarship Program for Master studies


2000-2005 University of Tuzla, Faculty of Science – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bachelor in General Chemistry – Secondary School Chemistry Teacher Certificate

Graduate with Honors (Invited to teach as assistant at University level during bachelor studies, Molecular

Modeling and Information science subjects)


1996-2000 School of Medicine, Physical Therapy department – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Associate in General Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

Graduate with honors as Class President (3 years)



Operations Data Analyst (Apr 2011-Aug 2014)

DynCorp International, Kandahar (Afghanistan)

LOGCAP IV Afghanistan: a cost-plus, award free contract with the U.S. Army w/an annual value of $1.4B

Engineering & Construction Department

§  Utilizing various Microsoft databases to track and identify trends in accordance to LOGCAP IV Task Order (Materials Job Control Numbers – JCN – Data Base, material requisitions, material order status, personnel, cost, construction and schedule tracking)

§  Maintaining Project team’s records in written and electronic reports

§  Reviewing and maintain outgoing Project team’s materials in written and electronic forms, and correspondence for internal consistency and conformity with established Company’s procedures

§  Supporting and coordinating functional Project Leads and Project Delivery Managers, Contract Managers, Engineers, Resource Planning Coordinators and Project Control Specialists

§  Coordinating procedures and reports related to projects between different departments (Logistic, Project Controls, Human Resources, Operations & Maintenance, Document Control, Contracts, Suplier Management)

§  Weekly Project Review Board presentation lead creator and coordinator, reviewed by Project Manager, Senior Directors and Department’s Managers

§  Working on daily assignments as given by Planning&Engineering Services Director and Project Delivery Managers (US Government Delay notice procedures, documentation collection)

§  Training process for new Project team’s administrators, Project Leads, Data Analysts and Data Entry Clerks (DynCorp Share Point & Dyninsight, DynMRO, PCM 12 & PCM 13, Excel spreadsheets, Visio Charts, Share Drive, reports, documentation, coordination, data tracking)

§  Problem solver of MS Office/Data Base issues

§  Human resource coordination and admin staff  training, badging processes, demobilization, escorting, documentation, field orientation, team coordination, billeting issues, transfer forms, travels and transfers coordination, material cargo transport.


Professor’s Assistant & Researcher (2009 – 2011)

University of Tuzla, Faculty of Science (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


§  Department and Laboratory administration support

§  Chemistry Department and Organic chemistry laboratory work

§  Part of Development and implementation Team for Department’s projects (planning, scheduling, estimating, conduction and delivery)

§  Provision of daily and weekly Department’s cost, expenses, accidents and schedule reports

§  Lectures, practices and exams management (organization, provision, evaluation) in several subjects – Organic chemistry, Synthesis of organic compounds, Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions, Documentation and Informing, Methodology in Teaching Chemistry

§  Weekly students practices reports, schedules and final reports management

§  Daily Reporting to direct Supervisors – Head of the Department, Subject’s professors

§  Daily Research and teaching process according to Ministry of Education annually plan

§  Daily consultations with students related to practices, exams, studying and thesis processes

§  Daily pedagogical consultations with students related to personal and professional issues

§  Preliminary exams preparations – audits, laboratory work and computation

§  Supervising of Laboratory procedures – Health, safety and environmental standards

§  Assistance to other research associates if needed

§  Coordination between several different departments and Faculties – Pharmaceutical Faculty, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Science – related to management of laboratories (property, staff issues, accidents, procedures following, safety, inspections, scopes of works)

§  Organization, conduction and supervision of Industrial facilities visits on the field






Researcher (2007 – 2009)

Palacky University Olomouc, Faculty of Science  (Czech Republic)


§  Research in Plant Biochemistry (Molecular biology), plant growth hormones (Cytokinin Dehydrogenase)

§  Performing laboratory tests in order to produce reliable and precise data

§  Daily sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analyzing results

§  Following and ensuring strict safety procedures for work with GMO samples

§  Preparation of research papers, seminar work, master thesis preparation, exams


Other work experience:

Administrative Assistant (2005 – 2006) , Carnival Cruise Lines (USA)

Internships: Student-assistant (2000 – 2004), University of Tuzla, Faculty of Science (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Physical therapist (1998 – 2000), Center for Rehabilitation and Physical therapy, Medical Center Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

________________________________SKILLS and abilities________________________________

Technical skills and competencies – Different Laboratory research methods and procedures: colorimetry and UV, visible and IR spectroscopy, chromatography methods (GC, LC, HPLC, ion chromatography, affinity chromatography); mass spectrometry ( MALDI-TOF) ; electrophoresis (native, SDS, agarose); DNA isolation and PCR; turbitimetry and potentiometry; protein quantification and activity measuring (Libreros-Minotta &Tipton method, Bradford method, optical density); immunoblotting; pH metric methods; microscopy; organic and inorganic synthetic techniques; gravimetry and volumetry; fuel analysis (distillation of diesel fuel, fuel quality testing, diesel fuel’s sulfur content, biodiesel content, measure of the volatility of fuels, composition); water analysis (chemical analysis: dissolved oxygen, hardness, alkalinity, present of metals, pollution, bicarbonates, ammonium, pesticides, organic substances; physical analysis: temperature, pH, presence of suspensions, sediments; Microbiological analysis (E.Coli presence); food analysis (chemical and microbiological); air quality analysis (pollution).


Management, operations and supervisory – Responsible for training numerous new employees in several situations, scheduled and coordinated appointments for administrative assistants, analysts, project leads, project delivery managers, cooperated in the planning and development.


Communication – Deals with internal and external customers at all levels via telephone and email, to ensure successful communication via actively listening and probing questions.


Problem solving – Resolves in-depth queries in a methodical manner independently and with internal and external partners to find appropriate resolutions, efficiencies and high level of quality.


Planning and organizing – Refined planning and organizational skills that balance work, team support and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.
Team player – Enjoys sharing knowledge and encouraging development of others to achieve team goals.


I.T. – Proficient in Microsoft Office software. Chemistry and lab related softwares. Internet. Data Bases.


Languages – English (excellent, writen and spoken), Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian (mother tongues).


Flexible – Willing to try new things and am interested in improving efficiency on assigned tasks


Health and safety – Exceptional knowledge and understanding of domestic and international safety procedures. Significant exposure in ensuring optimum working condition of equipment while dealing with maintenance planning of vehicles and handling damaged vehicles or accident situation while ensuring safety.


Team management – Endeavoring to inspire, motivate, train, and guide multiethnic personnel towards a goal. Actively encouraging and facilitating cooperative and collaborative working relations. Realigning work groups and work roles to foster and develop teamwork and increase staff productivity.


Interpersonal and communication Skills – Excellent communicator and top negotiator with an ability to work under pressure in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Proven ability to interact effectively with people of diverse nationalities; comfortable working in a multicultural setting.


Recommendations per request.