Serah Wamaitha wangui Team leader foster care


I am a single mother aged 31,years of two lovely girls having being brought up in a humble background by a single mother,, I am a passionate person who has passion for children, when I am at home and not busy I go to a nearby children’s home and help in some casual jobs like washing their clothes prapering food and playing around with them hence to show love to them we go with my kids learn the kids there new games and new singing games and church songs,, I am kindly requesting you to offer me the job to be able to maintain my family of 5, members me my kids and my mother since we live in a farm where I too help in milking and farming, I would like to get a greener pasture to fulfill my dreams of being a mother of many kids and show them love like my own kids. Kindly consider my request. Thank you in advance 


2003-2006 Attained my O level at Murinduko secondary school

I did not manage to go to a college since my mother could not afford fee to college so I choose to stay at home and help in our farm as I do manual jobs here and there around my home to sustain my family.