Shineequa Stewart Currently a student and unemployed


Lot 311, 2 North,

Greater Portmre,






Phone:     876–796-8070

E-mail:    [email protected]


Shineequa C.  Stewart
Career Objective:

I am seeking an interesting job which would allow me to utilise my organisational skills and gain more experience and opportunities in the work force.



Time management:

I have had to learn to manage my time, This have enabled me to be prompt with meeting school work deadlines and continue my participation in other activities by organising myself well. I believe these organisational and time management skills will prove useful in the workplace.


People skills:

Communication is one of the prime attributes needed for this establishment and I do believe I am an effectively communicable person, both friendly and professionally. This skill has not only helped me to  talk effectively, I am also able to understand myself and moderate a response, being enabling to empathy, which encourages the accurate building of relationships of trust, respect and productive interactions.



Subjects                     Grades

Human & Social Biology                    I

Food & Nutrition                                              II

Geography                                          II

Mathematics                                     III

English Literature                           III

English Language                                             III

Physics                                              III

Chemistry                                          III





Merl Grove High……. 2005-2010



Employment History:


July 2010- Kingston Wharves

Data Entry (Part-Time)


September – January 2010 – UWI, Open Campus

Data Entry (Part-Time)


July – August 2009 – Ministry of Labour

Clerical Assistant (Part-Time)


Interests and Activities:

I am a keen volleyball and netball player. I am very interested in reading, music and cooking.






Dr. Wayne Myrie                                                                                Mr. Howard Morrison

Research Scientist,                                                                               Office Manager

Coconut Industry                                                                                UWI, Open Campus

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