Snezana Rafailovic Civil engineering technician

Serbia snezana-rafailovic

Experienced Civil engineering technician with a demonstrated history of working in the civil engineering industry. Skilled in AutoCAD, Construction, Concrete, Engineering, and Road. Strong professional graduated with experience in the design of large buildings in Serbia and abroad ( Vietnam, Qatar, Russia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). As a Civil engineering technician, I gained experience in numerous projects (preliminary, main and constructional design) and on projects for electricity facilities, all these objects have different design techniques. From high-rise buildings I was working on the following projects: Residential and business building, Sports Halls, Museums, Hospitals, Hotels, Aqua Park, Embassies, Banks, etc. and objects for Energy and Transport of electricity and gas. My greatest strength is my ability to stay focused on my work and finish tasks in advance of a deadline. I pay careful attention to what I am being told including current projects and details about future projects. My ability to work effectively with many different people because this job involves a lot of team projects, communication very important. I am a very methodical and organized individual. I’m capable of following multiple projects at the same time.