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Sufyan Abed


Oakville, ON, L6H 0N7 nCell: +16479818050 n E-mail: [email protected]




·         Dedicated and result oriented Transmission Engineer with over 17 years of extensive experience in planning, developing, integrating, optimizing, and operating large-scale transmission networks starting from scratch

·         Familiar with Canadian Codes and Standards, Health and Safety Regulations and WHIMS

·         Strong technical experience in TDM (E1/T1 to E3), SDH (STM-1 to STM-64), EoSDH, Multiplexing, MPLS, Ethernet, LAN, VLAN, MSSP, RSSP, SNCP, TCP/IP, IP/MPLS, Virtual Routing, SNMP, and operation and control of networks

·         Hands-on experience and management of multivendor microwave and optical networks from Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, and ALU

·         Experience in developing transmission networks to provide mobile and internet services starting from small companies and up to covering entire cities

·         Capable of analysing traffic and optimizing network accordingly

·         Experience in network planning tools like Pathloss, TemsLinkPlanner, and Mapinfo

·         Capable of managing both access and backbone networks

·         Familiar with two radio communication and trunking systems

·         Good team player with strong interpersonal skills and ability to work to tight deadlines

·         Core competencies includes:

Ø  Project Management

Ø  Transmission/Transport

Ø  System Integration

Ø  Network Planning

Ø  Network Management

Ø  Technical proposals

Ø  Microwave networks

Ø  Trunking radio systems

Ø  Change Management

Integrated and migrated traffic to 40 optical OSN nodes in two years resulting in 50% increase in quality of service
Integrated and migrated traffic to 80 IP routers in two years increasing internet data rates from 10Mb to 70Mb
Provided transmission and data services for 320 LTE and 1500x3G nodes in three years which increased subscribers by 240%
Expanded transmission network resulting in 50% annual increase of mobile coverage area
Established new transmission networks in two cities within five months to provide more than 700k subscribers with data and voice services
Optimized network in one month resulting in dismantling of old network, 90% increase of customer satisfaction, adding 500 users, and saving 5M AED cost of next projects
Developed excel software tools that increased accuracy of technical proposals to 90% and reduced time 60%
Integrated 16 BSCs and three RNCs in four years that served 2million subscribers
Provided geo-redundancy protection of core elements increasing network availability to 95%
Project Support Engineer at Experteers Company in Mississauga                                                      Apr-Aug – 2016

Supporting project team to provide implementation documents requested by Nokia/Wind mobile for projects like LTE overlay, 3G modules relocation/cascading, antenna swap, 3G modernization, and installation preparation.
Documents include bill of material, site readiness report, technical site survey report, and site closeout package.
Site survey and allocation of new equipment.
Testing of RF antennas reflections, fiber connectivity, and license upgrade of Nokia 3G radios.

Backbone Transmission Manager, DU Company (2nd largest UAE operator)                                       2013 – 2015

Managed all transmission activities for backbone networks in Abu Dhabi and AAN cities
Optimized and balanced traffic at RAN nodes to prepare for expansion/redundancy protection
Optimized access traffic routing to resolve congestion and LOS issues for MW access links
Expanded transmission of RAN nodes to cater for special events capacity requirements
Completed successfully all traffic rehoming activities
Senior Transmission Engineer, DU Company (2nd largest UAE operator)                                            2008 – 2013

Extensive swap of multiple complex networks/services to new technologies at strict timelines
Selected optical POP sites based on network topology and traffic planning priorities
Resolved required space and power issues for integration of new equipment
Completed rehoming between existing BSCs and RNCs, or to new ones
Balanced traffic between local interfaces within same RNC/BSC
Migrated regional full access and core services from microwave to Ethernet optical network
Migrated services in SE region from Ethernet to fully IP network
Optimized Nera microwave backhaul network by adding repeaters and upgrading capacity
Optimized traffic distribution between parallel links and different POP nodes leading to better bandwidth utilization and higher reliability of existing links
Added optical backhaul links to avoid overflow and optimize performance of core nodes
Supported full swap of initial access network in two cities using hybrid microwave
Implemented QoS function for enhancing customers experience and match with that of RAN
Used adaptive modulation to increase capacities during good weather conditions
Optimized access network topology by increasing number of hubs to reduce traffic dependency per hub, meet with continuous RF coverage extension plans, allow for higher traffic per site, and reduce tower loads
Completed initial 2G network for Western Region using Ericsson SNCP protected SDH Microwave radios
Swapped Ericsson TDM microwave network in Western region with Hybrid TDM/Ethernet NSN network
Senior Transmission Engineer, Ericsson AB, Saudi Arabia                                                                2005 – 2008

Backbone Network

Planned and routed SDH/Ethernet traffic over optical links between media gateway routers
Cross connected STM-1s between different MSC and BSC nodes at remote core data centres
Supervised a contractor to interconnect core elements and supported with trouble-shooting
Designed and applied ATM aggregation and switching using AAU cards to optimize 3G traffic over microwave links
Obtained training on Ericsson AXX and OMS multiplexers, traffic nodes, PDH and SDH microwave of several frequencies, MLM for network management, and TEMS Link Planner
Access Network

Involved actively in bidding which lead to winning many expansion and optimization projects
Planned for capacity, network connectivity, and initial links design resulting in customer approval of BoQ
Followed up projects from planning to acceptance ahead of schedule
Developed and executed several IP plans for DCN network management of thousands of nodes
Designed links using TEMS, Path-loss, and MapInfo software packages
Coordinated with customer on daily basis to obtain approval for designs, resolving technical issues at sites, and to prepare for proposals of new projects.
Optimized link designs as per feedback from implementation or operation teams
Radio Engineer, Saudi Ericsson, Saudi Arabia                                                                                    1999 – 2005

Trained on Nera Microwave radios named Citylink, NL29x and NL182 and their NMS application, communication analyser, Ericsson TEMS link-planner, and on supervisory skills
Used RAPTR and TAP tools for Radio coverage predictions
Used WEDIG, ML-Perf, and TEMS tools for microwave planning of Ericsson/Nera links
Designed and surveyed a number of long SDH and PDH microwave links exceeding 50 hops for Saudi National Guard SANG. Several frequency bands were used for Nera SDH and Ericsson PDH radios. Configurations were hot standby, frequency, space and hybrid diversity
Prepared and conducted site acceptance tests and installation procedures for SANG project
Supervised equipment and antenna/waveguide installations in one region of the same project
Configured, tested, and commissioned all microwave links in central region for SANG
Prepared mobile and portable radio coverage plots for various customers in KSA
Designed a VHF radio system for Saudi Electric Company in Baha city including selection of 9 repeater sites with planning of coverage area, and frequency for each site using RAPTR tool
Conducted system integration acceptance test for an EDACS (Enhanced Digital Access Communication System) trunking radio system for a petrochemical plant called SADAF
Surveyed, designed, and prepared BOQ for a wireless data network of a residential compound using Ericsson high capacity Point to Multipoint microwave radio named MiniLink-Bas
Installed and commissioned a 45km PDH microwave link between a remote cement factory and a telephone exchange using Ericsson Mini-Link radios and UMUX multiplexers
Experienced with test instruments like: Spectrum Analysers, Oscilloscopes, Power Meters, Traffic Analyser, etc. These were used during testing/commissioning and for  maintenance
Designed and provided detailed Bill of Quantity files for MODA, Saudi Airlines, and Border Guards projects in addition to a large number of hops for Air Defence KSA. Designs included hardware configurations, system drawings and coverage plots to optimize performance
Rectified several faults of an EDACS trunking network for Signal Corps during critical times


Telecommunication Engineer, Nour Telecom, Saudia Arabia                                                    1996-1999
Trained on Motorola Smartzone radio trunking system, Harris microwave radios like Microstart and Quadralink and their management system named FARSCAN
Successfully installed, tested and commissioned several microwave links together with their network supervision systems for National Guard in Central and Western Regions of Saudi
Provided Saudi National Guard two weeks training about microwave and fibre equipment
Repaired a transmission system for Arabic Oil Company in Eastern Region
Maintained National Guard Smartzone UHF trunking system made including microwave
Worked in a radio shop at customer facility to repair faulty portables and mobiles and to change and track their configurations. Also conducted routine maintenance tasks for the network.

Harvard ManageMentor Management Certificate
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
(GPA of 3.64 out of 4 and 7 papers published in several periodicals, journals, and conferences)

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Cisco CCNA Certificate
Familiar with C-Language. Used it in graduate studies to build software filters for image digital processing.
Engineering Connection Bridging Program, Access Employment,Mississauga                  Feb – Mar 2016
General Engineering Codes and Standards, Humber College, Toronto                               Feb – Mar 2016
Project Management Professional Training in Mississauga (12 hours)                             2016
Enhanced Language Training at Peel Multicultural Center in Mississauga (2 months)     2015 – 2016
Motorola Trunking System                                                                                                1998
Training on several microwave radios and associated multiplexers and NMS applications from Harris, Nera, Ericsson, and Huawei.


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1993/1997 master of science at kfupm


2016/2016 Project support Engineer at Experteers