Vasil Dimitrov Judicial Clerk


Re: Judicial Clerk

To whom it may concern:

I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate with a major in Law and Society and a minor in Italian Studies, looking to apply for the Judicial Clerk in Calgary. I am passionate about working in the legal sphere and am enthusiastic to find an opening which would allow me to work in the professional and empowering environment of Calgary Court Center.

My knowledge of legal terminology and practices has been developed through my Bachelor Degree in Law and Society and was strengthened through my volunteer and employment roles at the Pro Bono Law Alberta (PBLA). I exhibit the ability to listen for content, meaning and insight, to problem-solve and apply critical thinking in connecting and providing a bridge between accused youth, their families, service providers, lawyers, court clerks and other professionals. I further exemplify the ability to work independently and show high attention to detail in reading the docket and other relevant court documents. In my roles at PBLA and as a President at two University of Calgary’s student clubs I also recruited, trained, supervised and provided feedback to volunteers with the programs. I exhibit familiarity with the courthouse and additional court and community based services.

You can see from my enclosed resume that I have gained exceptional computer experience as a Student Navigator/ Night Assistant and Computer Help Coach. My effective communication and advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Office, show in my ability to listen, dissect, and find a solution to various computer issues that patrons bring to me; but also in teaching patrons of the libraries how to use the appropriate software. I have further gained the experience to communicate with patrons of the library and deal with difficult customers both in person and on the phone. Furthermore, I apply my thinking outside the box and inventiveness to take on the challenges to develop new ways to present and explain the solution to the clients in a simple manner using examples, analogies, and paraphrasing.

I have developed the ability to work well under pressure. I exhibit strong organizational skills in my ability to evaluate work for complexity and estimate time to complete and prioritize tasks in stressful situations, while fulfilling my duties within the assigned deadlines. My flexibility is further exhibited in being able to manage between data entry tasks and respond to clients’ questions and concerns. My excellent attention to detail shows in fulfilling data entry tasks, copy typing, converting styles, scanning, performing mail merges, inserting media into presentations, cross referencing, creating tables and working with graphs and objects and teaching patrons how to do the above in my positions.

In addition, my participation in triathlons and marathons has taught me important skills of commitment, high motivation, self-discipline and dedication. I believe that these skills will serve me well as a Judicial Clerk. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss further my skills and suitability for the position. I can be reached at (403) 890-8802 or [email protected]

(403) 890 8802      [email protected]


A highly organized and strategic, culturally inclusive graduate from the University of Calgary with strong commitment to leadership. An innovative, self-motivated learner, who possesses problem solving skills and can adjust to fast-paced and stressful situations. Ability to deal with difficult customers, multi-task, and show a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Experienced in typing on a computer and proficient in Microsoft Office and Windows. Able to work independently or in a team environment. Fluent in English, Bulgarian, and has basic Italian. Has a driver’s license and is willing to be First Aid certified. Can type 50 – 60 words per minute. Available to work evenings and weekends on need basis.


Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society with Minor in Italian Studies                                                                     2015

University of Calgary, Alberta



Program Coordinator

Pro Bono Law Alberta, Calgary, AB
JUL 2017 – Present
·        Law firm, volunteer lawyer and law student management and coordination (scheduling; general communications; dealing with incidents; providing on-going training; volunteer survey and feedback. and assisting with volunteer appreciation events, among other activities).

·        Court liaison management (court clerks, courthouse security and other court-based services).

·        Attends the courthouse, to facilitate and administer both programs.

·        Developing and reviewing program and volunteer, handbooks, manuals and guidelines.

·        Monitoring program policy, procedures and protocols.

·        Working with PBLA staff to develop a volunteer recognition plan and organize volunteer recognition events throughout the year.

·        Responsibility for the collection and collation of program statistics, outputs, and qualitative feedback from volunteers and members of the public assisted through the programs.

·        Assist with the development and implementation of project evaluations for the Court-Based Programs;

·        Provides support to the Deputy Director of Programs and Operations for PBLA events, initiatives, and partnerships


Youth Legal Information Specialist

(Contract substituting for full time staff)

Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary (EFry), Calgary, AB
MAR/2016 – APR/2016
·        Provided client-focused legal information delivery to accused youth individuals appearing in court.

·        Provided one-on-one assistance with youth clients to provide additional support through referrals and by providing information on additional legal resources such as Mental Health Diversion Program, Native Counseling Services, and Legal Aid.

·        Created lists to facilitate the procedure of linking clients with their legal representatives.

·        Trained, supervised, evaluated, provided feedback and recognized volunteers with the program. Ensured volunteer policies are implemented and followed.

·        Collected, filed, and reported court service statistics.

·        Developed networks by organizing and presenting information about EFry’s programs to organizations.


Night Assistant

University of Calgary Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL), Calgary, AB
SEP/2016 – APR/2017
·        Provides security for Learning Commons facility and communicates problems to campus security officers and/or supervisors as necessary.

·        Provide trouble-shooting assistance to students and patrons of the library with equipment problems with printers, wireless access and use of scanners.

·        Assists students with questions on the use of all web browsers, MS Office and Acrobat.

·        Ensures users are complying with library and Learning Commons policies

·        Provides access assistance to disabled users, as requested.

·        As a member of the Learning Commons team, works with others to complete special assignments – including creating charts, tables and  Excel spreadsheets.




Computer Help (Volunteer)

Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Alberta
AUG/2010 – Present
·        Exhibit excellent customer service skills in helping customers understand principles on which computers and software work;

·        Demonstrate strong communication skills in assisting customers in the use of Internet and software applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat;

·        Demonstrate high degree of attention to detail, problem solving skills and ability to think outside the box in trouble-shooting various computer related issues and setting up email and social network accounts;


United Nations Online Volunteer
MAR/2014 – Present
·        Translate legal and community documents;

·        Projects worked on: CEV (European Volunteer Centre); Surfrider Foundation Europe – translated documents from English to Bulgarian;


Youth Court Volunteer

Adult Court Volunteer at Case Management Office

Elizabeth Fry (EFry) Society of Calgary
NOV/2015 – APR/2016 NOV/2013 – NOV/2015
·        Linked youth patrons and/or their representatives to their lawyers;

·        Provided legal information to Case Management Office patrons, appearing in First and Second Appearance at the Calgary Courts Centre;

·        Aided patrons in completing necessary legal forms;

·        Demonstrated excellent communication skills in familiarize patrons with the legal system and how it operates;

·        Provided accurate and timely information to self-represented litigants and introduce patrons to their options and expectations they should have before they enter a plea;

·        Assisted Crown Prosecutors, defense lawyers, clerks, and clients by analyzing the docket for accused individuals who qualify for Extrajudicial Measures/ Alternative Measures and Mental Health Diversion Programs;

·        Exhibited high attention to detail in reading the docket and other legal documents;

·        Provided legal referrals and information on legal resources including the Mental Health Diversion Program, Native Counseling Services, and Extrajudicial Sanctions Program, Alternative Measures, Student Legal Assistance, Calgary Legal Guidance, and Legal Aid.

·        Embodied values of the Alberta Public Service of Integrity, Respect, Accountability, and Excellence;

·        Recorded court statistics;



University of Calgary Bulgarian Association (BGA)
JAN/2014 – APR/2015


University of Calgary Undergraduate Law and Society Association (UOFC ULSA) Currently Pre-Law Society (PLS)
SEP/2011 – APR/2014
·        Exhibited strong leadership and communication skills in managing the responsibilities and tasks of the Vice Presidents, while also working in a team environment with them;

·        Demonstrated innovativeness and networked with other organizations and student clubs to  brainstorm, approve, and manage new projects and events;

·        Networked with companies in the cultural sphere in Calgary and facilitated talks for future partnerships;

·        Showed high degree of accuracy and attention to detail in creating databases with members’ information;

·        Helped in the planning and development of a Volunteer Program in accordance with the needs of the agency ad student community;

·        Worked together with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and screen volunteers;

·        Trained and provided feedback to volunteers on different events;

·        Researched legal issues and topics to be discussed within the club;

·        Demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills in successfully raising the number of members and subscribers from none to more than three hundred individuals at UOFC ULSA;


·           Victoria Marathon – Finisher’s Medal 2017

·           Dino Dash (10k) – Finisher’s Medal 2017

·           Steps for Stem (10k) – Finisher’s Medal 2017

·           Calgary Scotiabank Marathon – Finisher’s Medal 2017

·           Surfrider Foundation Europe – Two (2) Certificates of Appreciation 2017

·           Dashing Through the Glow – Spruce Meadows Run Series, 5K Finisher’s Medal 2016

·           Niagara Falls Full Marathon – Finisher’s Medal 2016

·           Airdrie Triathlon – Finisher’s Medal 2016

·           Calgary Public Library – Awarded a bookplate for 5 of volunteering 2016

·           Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary –Most Committed Volunteer Award 2015

·           United Nations – Certificate for volunteer contribution to the translation of P.A.V.E. 2014

·           University of Calgary – Certificate in Team Leadership 2011