Venessa brown Haughton Dining room supervisor

Jamaica Tamara Brown Tamara Brown
communication skillsTime Managementtyping

Most of the information given by me is the content of my resume, a few details which were left out, My address my phone number an my references etc.  If I am contacted all the necessary information will be given upon request.  Thank You


6 months course Certification at Heart trust/Kenilworth

Data entry

1990-1994 None at Little London high

Went to school up to the tenth grade/ went back to Kenilworth to get a skill


2000/2002 Children department at Ritz Carlton

Resigned had other plans

2006/2012 Dining room supervisor at Beaches negril

Resigned was planning on traveling but it didnt work out so i started my family

2017/2018 Dining room supervisor at Sea gardens beach resort

Still currently working with the company