Vlahandreas Helen Educator

Fluent English and FrenchMicrosoft OfficeOnline Learning PlatformsSalesSocial media Marketing


·      Five years of combined experience teaching Humanities and English.

·      Experience developing student-centered lesson plans, assignments and exams.

·      M.A. Sociology graduate with extensive knowledge conducting qualitative and quantitative sociological research.

·      Proven abilities in problem solving, classroom management and motivation in a multicultural and diverse setting.

·      Experience managing an education centre and ensuring the quality of education standards are met.
·      Fluent English and French, Intermediate Greek

·      Knowledge of Microsoft Office

·      Online learning platforms

·      Knowledge of Omnivox and Minerva


Education Manager                                                                    September 2018 – Present

Oxford Learning Centre; Montreal, Quebec

·      Administers standardized assessments to customize academic programs.

·      Trains, supports and hires new teachers.

·      Teaches post-secondary students college and university level courses.

·      Works with students with special needs and learning disabilities.

·      Responsible for preparing staff schedule, marketing material and payroll.

·      Meets with parents to keep them informed on their child’s progress.



ESL Teacher                                                                              September 2018 – Present

Dawson College; Montreal, Quebec

·      Teaches English as a second language courses.

o   Designs lesson plans and interactive activities that provide students with the opportunity to practice all aspects of the English language.

o   Assesses and evaluates students through formative and summative assessments to ensure they are placed in the correct level.

o   Holds writing workshops for students


·      Courses taught:

o   English as a Second Language – Level 1

o   English as a Second Language – Level 2




ESL and Humanities Teacher                                              May 2017 – September 2018

Centre de langues Universel – Téluq University

Department of Languages/Humanities; Montreal, Quebec

·      Taught University level Humanities, English, and Linguistics courses.

o   Designed lesson plans and interactive activities that provide students with the opportunity to practice all aspects of the English language, as well as its cultural variations.

o   Taught Humanities courses regarding sociological worldviews.

o   Assessed and evaluated students through formative and summative assessment.

o   Offered tutorial sessions.


·      Courses taught:

o   ANG 1100 – First level English

o   ANG 2001 – General Communication

o   ANG 3001 – Listening and Speaking

o   ANG 4005 – Effective Written Communication

o   ANG 4008 – English for Computing

o   ANG 4017 – Business English

o   LIN 4002 – Contemporary Language and Culture

o   LIN 4003 – Language Varieties and Cultures

o   LIN 4015 – Second Language Learning and Teaching


·      Presented orientation sessions for new and returning students.

o   Created Power Point Presentations to welcome students.

o   Explained the curriculum to students and their families.


ESL and FSL Teacher                                                     December 2013 – January 2018                                                                                      Ecole de langues Shakespeare; Montreal, Quebec

·      Taught English as a second language, French as a second language, as well as Business English writing in corporate settings and through online platforms.

o   Designed lesson plans that center on helping students clarify, develop and present their ideas in written format.


·      Courses taught:

o   English Beginner Level 1 – Introduction to English

o   English Beginner Level 2 – Introduction to English

o   English Intermediate Level – Speaking and Listening

o   English Advanced Level 1 – Writing

o   English Advanced Level 2 – Business Writing and Correspondence


English and French Tutor                                                 September 2011 – August 2015

Centre Pedagogique de La Renaissance; Laval, Quebec

·      Taught the homework program at Sir Wilfred Laurier elementary schools.