Waheed Abiodun Salawu Engineer

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Ability to travelChange Order ManagementDeadline oriented & Multicultural sensitivityEnvironmental Remediation ProjectsFabrication & Arc WeldingInfrastructure Improvement ProjectsMulti task supervisoryOrganization & CommunicationPre & Construction Operations/Demolition ProjectsPrioritization of multiple projects and time linesProject supervision & SchedulingQA/QC/Field EngineeringSite inspection & Project managementSite Safety/OSHA ComplianceSubcontractor/Crew SupervisionTeam leadership & Conflict resolutionsVendor/Material managements

Results-driven, quality-focused well rounded Construction manager with a 15-year record of success overseeing all phases of multi million-dollar construction, infrastructures, Cell sites and environmental projects for government and private-sector. Experience includes management of highway improvements, road reconstruction, land reclamation, landfills, heavy civil building projects proven track record of achievement in concurrently directing multiple projects through to successful completion including managing crews in highway/road improvements,Conflicts resolution initiatives and a variety of other construction/demolition projects. Backed by strong credentials and a proven history of on-time, on-budget and high-quality project completions


04/1994-04/2000 B.Eng(Civil) at University of Ado-Ekiti,ekiti State,nigeria
2012-2014 MPM(Master of Project Management) at University of Lagos,Nigeria


09/11/2009 Construction Manager/Project Lead Engineer at Globacom Limited

Delivering high standards in efficiency, quality and team management of engineering projects. Coordinating, scheduling, directing and motivating, personnel and subcontractors. Successfully supervised construction projects of cell sites with operational budgets of up to $30M, closely monitoring costs to ensure that budgetary targets were maintained, consistently delivering completed projects on time.
• Pre-start process including Site acquisition, negotiation, review of the initial site appraisals, site layouts, site preparation details and budgets and statutory approval documentation. Programs organization, monitor progress and proactively
• Proficiently supervise construction of BTS/CELL site Projects, including utility grading and access road paving
• Establishing a communication schedule and attending meetings with the client to update internal and external stakeholders on the progress of the project
• Collaborate closely with contractors/ engineers to review schedules and support resolution of challenges to ensure milestones were achieved on time.
• Managing and providing technical leadership to a multi-cultural team, including Engineers, Government Field Monitoring team, Analytical Laboratory and Support Staff
• Oversee implementation and adherence to operational and work environment health and safety policies and procedures, consistently monitoring sites to assess additional potential risks and proactively implement risk reduction strategies.
• Partner successfully with departments, government, managements and hosting communities to achieve positive results. Manages the allocated scope of the project from inception to completion through
commissioning. Liaised and coordinate with relevant agencies to secure permits pertaining to projects.
• On-site work planning and organization, site instructions and site inspections, work certification; on-site trouble shooting and problem solving, handover and project shut down Plan, coordinate and supervise on-site functions (scheduling, engineering, material control, and may provide day-to-day direction of on-site administrative staff).
• Supervise construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, Quality Plan, Procedures, EHS Plan budget and schedule.
• Document all violations, notify project management, recommend/implement corrective actions as required.
• Assume responsibility for productivity of crafts, efficient use of materials and equipment, and contractual performance of the project.
• Resolution of problems involving labor disputes, material delivery and contract administration.

02/2008-09/2009 Construction Project Engineer at Total E&P Nigeria Limited (TEPNG), (External) CSP & Estate Dept. Lagos –, Nigeria

Led field teams including 4 contractors in the construction of civil engineering projects viz-a-viz power generating base, Fabrication, Welding and paving of community development road, Parking slots, office buildings and access road up to $10M. Competently and efficiently managed Project budgets of $20M – $40M. Proficiently liaised between Construction Manager, Project Manager, contractors and inspectors during inspection process.
• Reviewed and monitored building schedules and priorities to ensure projects progressed at expected pace.
• Ensured all materials, installations and constructions met specifications by competently managing inspection of materials and quality of work, promptly identifying issues, and present reports and recommendations to senior project managers.
• Worked alongside Site Engineer, General Contractor and Architect on inspection of projects and assist architect in preparing reports on areas requiring attention.
• Liaised and coordinate with relevant agencies to secure permits pertaining to projects. Managed scheduling of labor, material and equipment deliveries to ensure optimal productivity and cost efficiency.
• Competently completed all relevant paperwork and administration, such as contracts, and change orders.
• Planned, coordinate and supervise on-site functions (scheduling, engineering, material control, and sometimes provided day-to-day direction of on-site in accordance to the company directives).
• Supervised construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule Including interfacing with client representatives, A/E representatives, other contractors, etc. Under supervision of project Engineer, Construction Manager and Project Manager.
• Managed all aspects of HSE and quality issues on the project during the construction achievement of ‘Goal Zero’ objective of zero fatality and zero significant spill from project engineering activities

02/2004-01/2008 Construction Project Engineer at Loricamp Engineers & Consultants –Lagos, Nigeria

Supervised state and public roadway project sites including operations such as demolition, grading, demarcating, paving and concrete work/operations, overseeing budgets of $10M. Personally managed project budgets averaging $20M awarded to 5 subcontractors under my purview.
• Managed the interface and communication processes between parties on all project activities
• Review work schedules/plans, identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs,
maximize use of resources, etc.
• Carried out various reconnaissance surveys, pre- design plans of road construction project supervised.
• Monitored the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams. Maintained construction schedule, identified and solves problems
• Coordinated project specific engineering activities and monitored the quality of the engineering deliverables
• Coordinated specific procurement and fabrications activities of contractor’s personnel on projects.
• Monitored and verified engineering and procurement (EP) progress and ensure actions are taken to achieve the project objectives. Coordinated project specific regulatory applications and approvals.
• Regular liaison with the client and overall project manager to update on progress. Coordinated, organized, planned and Prioritized Work (Developed specific goals and plans to prioritized, organized, and accomplished the assigned work).
• Continually identified cost and schedule reduction initiatives in all aspects of project execution – design & engineering, procurement & contracting, construction, commissioning and start-up
• Coordinated and supervised all construction activities
• Demonstrated work safety and environmental protection knowledge & experiences and travelled extensively across the construction sites. Directed all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with quality workmanship that conforms to original plans and specifications.

09/2001-02/2004 Civil/Site Engineer at Corporate Telecomm & Engineering Service Limited – Lagos, Nigeria

Managed and supervised private telecommunication project sites including operations such as demolition, building of cell sites, rigging of towers, construction, paving of community access road and concrete work/operations, overseen budgets of several million of Naira cut across Nigeria states.
• Managed the project within the defined time and quality framework. Planned and supervised various
designated BTS Cell site work across Nigeria. Procured required materials at an early stage according
company procurement rules.
• Ensured all materials procured, equipment required are checked, secured and properly harnessed.
assigned people, equipment, and tasks to meet project goals. Lead a team of junior staffs to deliver various projects on time, on budget and to the highest quality.
• Coordinated the successful simultaneous development of several projects. Rigorously monitored the performance of the subcontractors, conducted timely escalation (in the event of qualitative shortfalls and problems in cooperation) and, where there are any discrepancies, initiates timely suitable actions.
• Liaised with the client in all aspects related to the contracts administration from award stage till
• contract close-out including maintaining proper contractual records and follow-up system,
• Complied with company values of our clients always and represented the company in a professional and respectful manner. Maintained vehicles, equipment, and tools managements.
• Prepared weekly project status, Monitored materials & quality control testing.
• Managed the project within the defined financial targets (budget, target costing, and target profit).

08/2000-08/2001 Graduate Engineer at Task Force on construction of National Stadium, F.C.T Abuja (Presidency) – FCT Abuja, Nigeria

• Participated in supervision of main complex, gymnasium & Games Village. Taken of Inventory and record keeping of equipment and material present on the sites. Ensured quality control is strictly adhered to by the contractors, analyzed project performance. Produced regular reports and communications both internally and externally.
• Travelled to project locations, assisted project coordinator in site set-up, accommodation sourcing etc.
• Set up site office and welfare facilities, run site office, ensured operational line of communication between site office and site based contractors, attended on-site meetings. Champion on-site safety awareness and safe performance with contractor and among Project Team members