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Walter Flores Yap
Istanbul ,Riyadh
Saudi Arabia , Saudi Arabia 11
Cellphone No.: +966-535128070
Alternate Cellphone No.: +639368373041
Email Add: [email protected]
Skype ID:walter.yap2
Current Location: Philippines
Availability: I can start for work as soon as possible.

Age: 40
Date of Birth: May 5, 1978
Gender: Male
Civil Status: Married
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 69.09 kg
Nationality: Filipino
Religion: Christianity – Catholic
Permanent Address:
Dalahikan , Samboan
Cebu, Philippines 6000

I have been working for 18.5 year(s).
1. Position: Overhead Crane Operator
Duration: Feb 2015 – Dec 2019 (4.8 yrs)
Company: Ajial aluminum factory
Company Industry: Manufacturing / Production
Location Riyadh city
Country Saudi Arabia
Department: Chemical treatment process
Job Description:
Duties / responsibilities :- the operator must ensure safe movement as well as loading and unloading of large or bulky equipment with the use of overhead crane. and the operator also are responsible in leading the team which participate in the moving such as spotters . They operate stationary or traveling the overhead crane to move , lift and position loads which include products like aluminum profile or heavy materials. the operator manipulate or depress overhead crane control which include levers , pedals and buttons in order to regulate direction and speed of hoist and crane movement base on the instructions. The operator also clean and maintain hoisting and crane mechanism and inspect crane for any defective parts and notify their supervisor about this malfunction and defects.

2. Position: Factory Worker
Duration: Aug 2011 – Aug 2014 (3 yrs)
Company: Chen – I Chemical Industry CO., LTD.,
Company Industry: Chemical / Fertilizers / Pesticides
Location Taipei Taiwan
Country Taiwan
Department: Chemical Department
Job Description:
Operating machinery :

Feeding product into the production line, they monitor the machines ,raising any issues with their manager and as well, control and adjust machine setting , such as the speed .

Sorting and packing products:

Once the product have been produced , factory worker sort and pack them, loading them into crates ready for dispatch .

Cleaning and maintaining work areas :

Maintain a clean workplace to uphold health and safety compliance, as well as making sure that the machines are operating properly.

3. Position: Anodizing Technician / Assistant Process Engineer
Duration: May 2007 – May 2010 (3 yrs)
Company: Local Basic Sdn. Bhd. / Johor Malaysia
Company Industry: Manufacturing / Production
Location Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Country Malaysia
Department: Anodizing Department
Job Description:
Job description:

1, control anodizing equipment to provide corrosion resistant surface to aluminum object. Select holding rack according to size, shape and number of object to anodized.

2, wire or clips object to anodizing rack and immerses rack in series of cleaning, etching and rinsing bath.

3, position object in anodizing tank by suspending them from anode.

4, estimate amount of electric current and time required to anodized materials.

5, turns rheostat to regulate flow of current .

6. Remove object from tank after specific time , rinses object immerses them in bath of hot water or dichromate solution to seal oxide coating .

7, hangs object of rack to air-dry .

8, may immerses object in dye bath to color them for decorative or identification purposes.

9, may ano workplace with corrosion resistant materials using automated equipment that automatically cleans rinses and coating.

4. Position: Spraypainting Operator
Duration: Aug 1999 – Apr 2007 (7.7 yrs)
Company: Halsangz Plating Cebu Corp.
Company Industry: Manufacturing / Production
Location MEPZ-1 Lapu-lapu City Cebu Philippines
Country Philippines
Department: Spraypainting Department
Job Description:

– responsible for applying a layer or paint or coating to a product to protect it from the elements and or make it more aesthetically apearrance, prepares surface , clean , product and applies coating .

Description :

1, apply coating such as paint, varnish or some other type of coating solution to various products such as car , reflector or electronic.

2, prepare surface using metal , wood or plastic parts to sand or ground surface .

3, carefully clean product to remove dust and dirt.

4, cover portion of products with tape and paper .

5, spray product with paint solution .

6, use spray guns to coat metal .

7, fill the machine tank with mixture of paint adding prescribe amount of solution .

8, adjust nozzles on spray gun to obtain the proper dispersion of the spray.

9, hold or position the guns to direct spray onto the article .

10, check the flow and viscosity of paint.

11, check product for flaws bubles imperfections.

12, regulate the temperature and air circulation in drying oven.

Highest Education Second Highest Education
Education Level: College Level (Undergraduate) High School Diploma
Education Field: Others Others
Course: Automotive Mechanic High School Grad
School/University: College Of Technological Sciences Cebu Don Serio Osmena National High School
Location: Cebu City Labangon Bliss Cebu City
Date: Jun 1997 – Mar 1998 Jun 1990 – Mar 1996

Certification License/
Certification No. Date
1. Spray Application Techniques Aug 10, 2003

Skill Level of Proficiency Remarks
1 Spray Painting / Sprayman 5 – Expert I been expert to operate or to spray by using a Spraygun almost 7 years, at the time I working in Halsangz Plating Company.
2 Driving forklift 4 – Advanced 1. presently drive a forklift on my company.
3 Overhead crane operator 4 – Advanced I been working/experience to operate the overhead crane from the day I starting to work Feb 2015 up to present.
4 Computer Skills : 4 – Advanced in my present job.

Date Topic/Course Title
Oct 17, 2007- Oct 18, 2007 Rohs Awareness, Understanding & Implementation Training .
Local Basic Sdn. Bhd. company / Johor Malaysia
Aug 10, 2003- Aug 15, 2003 Industrial Paint Seminar ( Spray Application Techniques )
Senior Engineer Mrs. Rachel Pasco
Jul 12, 2002- Jul 16, 2002 First Aid Training ( Basic).
Halsangz Plating, company/ Cebu Philippines

Language Proficiency Level
(5=Excellent; 1=Poor)
1. Filipino 5
2. English 4

Number: P8771586A Expiry Date: Sep 16, 2028
Place of Issue: PE Riyadh Date of Issue: Sep 17, 2018
Number: 1 Expiry Date:
Type: Abroad

Mrs. Edna B. Nagasaka General Maneger
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Email: [email protected]
Relationship: Superior
Edgar Arobang Supervisor
Ajial Aluminum Factory
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