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Yasmin Shahid

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Objective:                  To obtain a cardiac research position


Employment:             Cardiac Safety Specialist, Biotelemetry (2016-Present)                                                 Evaluating 12- leads ECGs including measurement of PR ,QRS ,QT/  QTc  intervals. Determining and confirming interpretations for ECG.Scanning and digitizing paper ECGs.Analyzing Holter data for arrhythmias, ischemia, conduction disorders or heart rate variability for cardiac safety data collected for clinical trials.


Respiratory Therapist, Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital (2012-2014)

Currently performing respiratory care related treatments.  Drawing CBG’s and                                     analyzing blood gases along with reporting the panic values to the authorized personnel.         Documenting respiratory treatments in the hospital’s software while following hospital                           protocols.  Setting up and operating mechanical ventilators and also BIPAP’s and                                 CPAP’s.  Conducting suctioning and inline treatments as well as providing chest physical        therapy and cough assist.  Assuring continuation of therapeutic plans while following                            discharge instructions and designing home exercise programs.  Instructing patients,                             families, and caregivers and recommending outpatient or home health follow-up.


Respiratory Clinicals [720 hours], Frederick Memorial Hospital (2009-2011)

Assessed, treated, and cared for patients with breathing disorders.  Monitored the                                oxygen levels and administered the proper amounts of oxygen to patients.  Provided                                      artificial breathing through ventilators, blenders, and high flows to patients who could not                     breathe on their own.  Drew ABG’s and analyzed the amount of carbon dioxide and ph                                   levels.  Provided emergency care with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and assisted in                                      intubations and extubation.  Taught asthma patients how to properly inhale the aerosols.


Cardiac Monitor Technician, Washington Adventist Hospital (2006-present)

Responsible for monitoring cardiac rhythms in the centralized station including critical care, cardiac cath, and also regular cardiac patients.  Maintained hourly records of any significant changes in the patient’s rhythm and clinical status.  Reviewed full disclosures and prepared full reports at the end of each shift.  Notified authorized personnel about lethal arrhythmias.


Cardiac Monitor Technician, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (2004-2006)

Monitored the patient’s heart rhythms and recorded the findings in their medical records.                                      Was responsible for reviewing as many as 50-60 patients per shift.  Mainitained a 1 hour                                      log for heart rate and rhythm patterns.  Also responsible for cleaning equipment such as                                       the box, the battery, and the leads.


Clinical Lab Assistant, Tristar Medical Lab, USA, 1999-2003

Performed tasks to support the laboratory staff in areas of specimen procurement, specimen processing, labeling, and accessing.  Collected blood and specimen samples along with clinical data and processed into software.  Reported any critical values to responsible party.


Medical Officer, Sughrabai hospital, pakistan,1995-1998

Diagnose and treat diseases, prepare and reviewing case histories  and clinical records; College blood samples for chemical studies;  Perform direct diagnostic procedure including X-ray examination,  Clinical laboratory test, interpret test results, and evaluate  Examination findings and prescribe treatment accordingly


Medical Officer, Abbasi Shaheed hospital,Pakistan, 1988-1994

Skill in finding, treating, and preventing disease in gynecology and  Perform surgery in labor and other women’s disease


Resident Intern, Liaquat Medical College Hospital, 1988

Learned clinical skills to be able to diagnose and manage common  diseases; Oversaw patients and treated for ailments as a student  intern studying to be a general practitioner of medicine


Certifications             RRT- Registered Respiratory Therapist

CRT- Certified Respiratory Therapist

ACLS- Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

BLS- Basic Life Support

PALS- Pediatric Advanced Life Support

CCMA- Certified Medical Assistance

EKG- Electrocardiogram


Education                  Associate Degree in Respiratory Care, Independence University US

Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine (M.B.BS) Liaquat Medical College.


10/17/2016/present Cardiovascular research scientist at Bio Tel