Yathirajula Vamshi Krishna Cook

Hyderabad India




Y. Vamshi Krishna,

Email:                                                                                                                     Cell No: +919849478396





To be associated with a progressive organization that gives me scope to develop and update my knowledge and skill and be part of the team that dynamically works towards the growth of the company.




Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Osmania University M.V.S. Degree College, Mahabubnagar.


P.G Diploma of Business Management from Ballarat University, Australia.


Intermediate with Takshashila Jr College M.P.C. Mahabubnagar.


S.S.C. With an aggregate from St. Mary’s Vidyaniketan High. School, Mahabubnagar.




Packages                                 : MS-Office.

Accounting Packages               : Tally ERP9




Worked for Spotless Agency as an event supervisor in NAB bank in north Sydney. Australia, Since 2011- 2015


To ensure all venues in which events will be held (internal and external) are set up in a timely manner with the correct furniture, equipment and catering stations, as stipulated by clients and Events & Venues / Food and Beverage Management.
To ensure all equipment, including audio visual, tables and chairs, lights and other                fixtures and fittings are correctly positioned, in good working order, and in a clean and well-maintained condition.
To ensure that clients are greeted and briefed in a friendly, professional manner and that clients are supported throughout their event including attention to changing or last minute requirements.
To execute events as per ‘Event Order’ and communicate any changes or last minute requests to all related parties.
To ensure that the delivery of food and beverage service is carried out to customer and client satisfaction and as described within such UniCentre Policies and Procedures as are distributed and amended from time to time.
To ensure that team members adhere to standard operating procedures in the delivery of service within Events and Venues operations.
To receive and report feedback from customers and clients and to actively make efforts to address any issues, seeking to identify continuous improvement opportunities wherever possible

2.     Worked as an assistant cook in Oliveto Ristorante & Bar (Sydney, Australia) from 13th may 2012 to 15th august 2015



Basic Food Preparation


·       Cutting fruit & vegetables in different shapes (Brunoise, Macedoine, Julienne)

·       Slicing cold meat (such as Ham and different types of Salami)

·       Roast Poultry, Potato and other vegetables

·       Cutting seafood such as Squid, Tuna, Scallops, Scampi, Balmain Bugs, Lobster

·       Portioning meat and fish

·       Making dressings and sauces such as salad dressing, balsamic vinegar dressing, Caesar dressing

·       Dressing- Mayonnaise, Hollandaise sauce, Cocktail sauce, béchamel sauce, Aioli, Pine nut dressing

·       Cutting different types of cheese such as Parmesan, Bocconcini, Pecorino and Provolone

·       Wash salads such as rocket, Radicchio and mix leaves.


Cooking Stock, Sauces and Soups:


Cooking beef stock with beef bones mixed with mirepoix of vegetables and herbs cooked in a slow cooking process.
Cooking fresh chicken stock with chicken bones, vegetables and herbs.
Cooking vegetarian stock with mirepoix of mixed vegetables.
Cooking of fish stock in a similar process.
Making of tomato sauce following standard recipe.
Cooking food using grill, convection oven, pan & deep fryer:


All the following menus are made using a variety of cookery methods such as grilling, baking, roasting, stir frying, deep frying, braising, etc. Mr. Vamshi Krishna is well trained to do most of the cooking. Some of those are:

Grilling beef and veal steak.
Cooking pasta.
Cooking risotto.
Cooking veal dishes.
Roast chicken, lamb.
Making of various salads including seafood salad.
Cooking antipasto and pizza.
Deep frying of potato, chips, fish, calamari, wings.
Dessert making, etc.


Mixed pan-fried olives, garlic, chilli, rosemary
Baccala house cured salt cod polpetti & basil mayonnaise
Half shell scallops, salsa Verde, tomato, pancetta & olive tapenade
Oliveto antipasto plate



Fresh natural oysters & salmon roe
Mushroom, eggplant, spinach, fontina & red capsicum
White bait & crab fritters, cucumber & aioli
Fried whole baby calamari, semi dried tomato & basil
Italian sausages, braised fennel, rocket & semi – dried tomatoes
Smoked salmon, swordfish tartare, prawns & avocado
Garlic king prawns, extra virgin olive oil & parsley
Main Course:



Pappardelle, tomato, beef cheeks
Gnocchi arrabiata,tomato, basil & chilli
Penne, blue swimmer crab, cherry tomatoes, chilli & cream
Linguine, tuna, bottarga & lemon zezt
Agnollotti, scallops, pencil leeks & asparagus
Risotto of the day: refer to specials of the day
Gnocchi, pappardelle & tortellini are all house made

Wood – fired marinated spatchcock & rosemary potatoes
Pan roasted duck breast, mustard fruits, radicchio & Limon cello salsa
Tagliata, grain – fed sirloin, golden beetroot & rocket
Char- grilled lamb cutlets, cherry tomatoes goat’s cheese & olives
Roasted pork fillet, prosciutto & brandied apples
Mixed seafood grill
Fish of the day: refer to specials of the day

Rosemary potatoes
Radicchio, fennel & olive salad
Mixed leaf, olives, tomato & red onion
Rocket, walnut, apple & gorgonzola salad
Green beans, peanuts, red onions & ruby grapefruit

Pizza crust, selection of salsa
Tomato, buffalo bocconcini & fresh basil
·       Ham, mushroom, artichokes, bocconcini & olives

·       Eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomato & goats cheese

·       Hot salami, onion, capsicum, black olives & scarmoza

Prosciutto, semi dried tomatoes, black olives, rocket & shaved parmesan
Prawn, calamari, eggplant, olives & rocket

Trio of sorbet & gelato
Cassata & maraschino cherries
White chocolate crème Brule & fresh summer berries
Mango plate, fresh mango, mango gelato & mango jelly
Chocolate mille foglie & strawberry cream
Poached peaches in amaretto & zabaglione ice cream
Apple galette, toffee glaze & vanilla bean gelato
Cheese platter
Regulating Temperature of fridges, oven, fryer & other equipment.


Monitor Fridge Temperature and report to chef anything wrong.
Monitor deep fryer temperature oil quality.
Dessert making following standard recipe card:

Custard baking.
Making Triamisu.
Making cakes
Making of special wedding cake.
Serving responsibilities:

·       Proper portioning of various meals as per standard.

·       Use of appropriate plate i.e. hot plate for hot food and cold plate for cold food.

·       Ensuring food hygiene and prevention of cross contamination.

·       Appropriate garnish accompanying meal.

·       Present food in a tasteful and appetizing manner.

·       Ensure timely preparation of dishes and present in correct order.



Ordering, Receiving and storing food:


Order the needed goods such as meat, seafood, vegetables, grocery, dairy and cleaning products from our suppliers.
Only receive the ordered goods when it is perfect in terms of quantity, quality, used by date and required temperature.
Store the goods in appropriate place.
Maintain food storage area with proper hygiene, cleanness and required temperature.
Cautious Storage of food with proper labeling, shelving use of product by strictly maintaining ‘FIFO policy’ (First in First out)
Discard any spoiled food or wherever use by date is over.
Follow health and safety regulations at every step.
Other roles and responsibilities:


Knowledge of and maintaining personal hygiene.
Teamwork approach.
Proper dress standard.
Helping junior and co-staffs.
Clean and sanitize working area, kitchen equipment’s and utensils.
Knowledge of chemical handling.
Sound knowledge of kitchen equipment and safety measures.
Understand and ensure the required food quality which is the highest possible quality we try to deliver.
Regular participation in training session such as occupational health and safety training.
In addition, I have gained experience by using the following equipment:


·       Combo oven

·       Food processor

·       Slicer

·       Salamander

·       Bain-Marie

·       Electric mixture

·       Blender

·       Juicer

·       Whisk

·       Char – grill

·       Blow torch

·       Pasta machine

·       Large fixed equipment such as fridges, cool room, freezers etc.

·       Kitchen utensils

·       Kitchen scales, sharpening tools, meat thermometer

·       Dishwasher, etc.



3, Worked as a Sandwich Hand and Kitchen Hand in Café Bello (Sydney, Australia) From July 2008 to April 2010

As a kitchen hand and sandwich hand, he has performed a wide range of duties which were: –


Duties and Responsibilities
·       setting up all utensils equipment and food items.

·       Cleaning, tidying and general assistant of kitchen, food preparation, including the cleaning of equipment, crockery and general utensils.

·       Assembly and preparation for ingredients for cooking.

·       Preparing all kinds of sauces, dressing and salads.

·       Preparing all meats, seafood and vegetables for cooking by washing, peeling, chopping and cutting.

·       Preparing garnishes for all main dishes.

·       Setting and wiping the tables, removing food plates, emptying ashtrays and picking up glasses

·       Maintain acceptable standard of hygiene in café by ensuring that tables are cleaned promptly and floor and bins are kept clean and assisting in dishwashing area.

·       Assist in other areas if required.

·       Attend staff meeting as requested.

·       General cleaning duties.



Other General Responsibilities.
·       Ensuring food is stored and handled correctly according to the standards.

·       Maintaining the record of food inventory and other supplies.

·       Ensuring proper sanitation of all cooking equipment’s.

·       Maintaining kitchen and personal hygiene.


June 2001 to April 2004 Bachelor of Commerce at Osmaina University