Zailym N. Beronio Web Developer

Computer litterate and Xray operator

Zailyn N. Beronio

Blk. 250 Lot 16, Friendship St., Signal Village, Taguig City

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact Number: 09166626408


Personal  Background:

Age                              :26 yr. old

Date of Birth                :MAY 12, 1992

Place of Birth               :Balasan Iloilo City

Marital Status               :Single

Citizenship                   :Filipino

Height                          :5’4”

Weight                         :110lbs.

Religion                       :Roman Catholic



To be part of your prestigious property and also to enhance my ability in performing high standards of security procedures and deliver total guest satisfaction as a lady security personnel.



Primary Education

Salvacion Elementary School

Balasan, Iloilo City

SY: 2001-SY: 2006


Secondary Education

Cabalic National High School

Balasan, Iloilo City

SY: 2006-SY: 2010


Vocational Course

Alternative Learning System (ALS)

Fontsmart Computer Arts and Training Services (FCATS)

“Computer IT”

November 2015- February 2016



Lady Security Personnel at SM Cubao

(Nov. 4 2016-March 28 2017)

·         Conducting Bag Searching, Body Frisking with applying Customer Service

·         Recording/Monitoring and Patrolling in my Area of Responsibility

·          Wallet Control


Lady Security personnel at Okada Manila

(April 10, 2017 up to present)

·         X-ray Operator

·         Conducting Body Frisking w/ applying Customer Services

·         Recording/Monitoring and Patrolling in my Area of  Responsibilities.



ü  Security Personnel under SM Trained Guard

ü  Certificate of Completion  under FCATS



·         Proficient in Microsoft Office (dBase III  plus, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Print Shop Deluxe).

·         X-Ray Operator





·         I have a quality/state of being pledged to make certain the fulfilment of an obligation that is something given me task to secure people/facilities. I measures taken to guard against espionage, sabotage, crime, attack, or escape of some properties. And have a commitment and passionate to the organization  or department that my task is secured.


·           Computer literate in dBase III Plus, Microsoft Word,  Microsoft  Power Point,  Microsoft Excel and Print Shop Deluxe.


·         X-ray Operator





Mr. Merdion “Oxford” Obediente

Detachment Commander of Right Eight Security Agency Inc.

SM Cubao



Miss. Kristine Joyce Blanco

Surplus Supervisor

SM Cubao



Col. Lao A. Lucas PA (Ret.)

Resort Security Supervisor

Okada Manila

0906511 8911




I hereby to certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.