2020 is here, have you already made your resolutions for this New Year?

Professional Resolutions

2020 is here, have you already made your resolutions for this New Year? Have you thought about having professional resolutions this New Year? Most people tend to neglect coming up with professional resolutions and only focus on personal, health, or financial. You should know that having professional resolutions can be vital to you achieving your other resolutions.

Additionally, it can help you break your professional glass ceiling and get to levels that you have never thought of before. Here are some tips on how you can improve professionally this 2020.

Attend more networking events

No matter what field you are in professionally, numerous sector events will happen throughout 2020. It would be best if you went all out on attending as many sector events as you can. It is at these sector events where all the greatest of your sector meet and exchange ideas. Maybe you, too, have a brilliant idea that you would like to share. There is no better platform than your sector networking events.

Therefore, apart from learning new things, you will also be able to network with other industry players. Talk about opening numerous windows of opportunity, and there is no better way to do this than through networking.

Request for a raise

You aren’t that ballsy, are you? You should be. An eye-opening survey by Payscale revealed that 43 % of 30,000 workers interviewed had asked for a raise. Of these, 44 % got the raise they had requested. You see, it’s not an uncommon thing to ask for a raise, and you have nothing to fear. Before you ask for a raise, it’s crucial that you do your research. Also, request the raise at a time when your company is flourishing for the best outcome.

Invite fresh minds to your passion project

Fresh minds equal fresh ideas and new perspectives, and you could use all of these for your passion project. This 2020, do not be timid about inviting fresh minds to collaborate and offer new perspectives on your pet project. This might be what you need to get your professional breakthrough this 2020. Yes, you might have a brilliant idea, and it can be much better when you get fresh eyes on it.

Share your ideas on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has built a solid reputation as a social network for professionals. This New Year, you should embrace sharing your ideas on LinkedIn. You can write an article or two – it’s not as hard as you might think. You can start by finding an interesting topic in your profession and sharing your expert thoughts on it.

This will help you learn about the subject of your article while putting you out to the world as a guru in your field. You can even go as far as discussing the article with interested parties in the comments section.

Invite your boss for lunch

It seems intimidating, but it’s the most natural thing that friends do – eat together. If lunch is too much for you, maybe you can start with a coffee and work your way up. Sharing a meal with your boss will open a natural channel of communication with them where you can get to know about them as a person. Such a gesture can help build a strong professional relationship with your boss and help you advance your career.

This 2020 all you got to do is put these tips on professional resolutions into practice, and you will shine. Break the glass ceiling and go for being the best.